Column: Coats - who needs them?

10:03 AM, Nov. 28, 2012  |  Comments
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Since I was a young child, I have always been extremely warm-blooded. Maybe it was because I was always moving around, but that was in the days before hyperactivity was diagnosed. Church services, especially, were always too hot for me, as I remember feeling faint during them, even when I was allowed to remove my jacket.

Today, my husband, Mark, tells me that people think I'm nuts because I never wear a coat, it looks like he can't afford to buy me a coat, it's winter for Pete's sake, what if the vehicle breaks down and I have no coat, etc.

OK, so there was one time I can recall wearing a coat. I was scheduled for a colonoscopy and after a night of the "prep" work (for those of you who ever had to drink the gallon of foul stuff, you know what I mean), that morning, I was very cold. I grabbed a coat to wear. When I came out of the procedure, my husband was waiting for me, and I guess was talking goofy - about my coat and where I left it and where my coat was and needing to find my coat ? over and over and over. There, that shows him what happens when I do take a coat somewhere!

Recently, there almost was another time I needed a coat. It was my son-in-law's birthday. On Sunday, my husband had gone to Wausau. Did he pick up a birthday card and gift cards for Eric? No.

Monday I worked a 12-hour day and came home. Did he pick up a card on the way home? No.

So on Tuesday, Britt and Eric were going to stop over on their way to Wausau to get the birthday card. I picked up gift cards at our church, and around noon, I hopped in the truck and made my way to Family Dollar. I parked the vehicle, clipped my keys to my purse as I always do, and locked the door. I went in, found the birthday card, looked around a little, checked out and reached for my keys. Hmmm ? my keys were not there. So, I backtracked through the store - still no keys. I went out to the truck. They were not on the ground, and I couldn't see them in the vehicle. Drats!

Since I only live about three blocks away, I decided to hoof it home, get the spare set of keys, and try not to let Mark notice the other set was gone. (He has key radar, however, and I knew I would not be able to hide the fact that I possibly lost the keys.)

I began walking. Did I mention that I had no coat along that day, and it was snowing? Also, my favorite foot wear are Nike sandals, and that is what I had on my feet. Fortunately, I had put socks on that day in honor of the snow.

I am walking through the road construction hoping no one I know will see and recognize me in my T-shirt and sandals trudging through the snow. Of course, that was the day everyone I knew seemed to pass by and wave!

I made it home, mumbling to myself about how if he had just picked up a card ... I found the other set of keys, put on shoes and started the trek back. I almost put on a jacket, but I was steamed up from my walk. I got back to the truck, unlocked it, and there on the truck floor were the keys. I breathed a sigh of relief.

An hour later, Eric's birthday card was ready to be picked up when they stopped in, and I was on my way to do other errands - without a coat!

Vicky Calmes lives in Colby and is director of the Colby Public Library.

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