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"Big Black Bear," a picture book by Wong Herbert Yee, offers parents a fun way to reinforce basic lessons on manners before holiday visits with relatives. Big Black Bear comes "shuffling along on four furry feet/ to a Brown Brick House on Sycamore Street," where he whines, refuses to wipe his paws, demands a soft chair, sticks his nose in the jellybean jar, sneezes without covering his snout, and even threatens to eat the little girl who lets him in. But in a surprising twist, little girl is saved and the bear apologizes. This delightful read-aloud for ages 3-6 delivers its message on politeness with humor, rhythmic verse and bold, simple illustrations.

Board books and picture books

(Mostly for toddlers through kindergarteners)

"Excuse Me!: A Little Book of Manners"; "No biting!"; "No Hitting!"; "I Can Share"

Bright and simple books with flaps and thick pages to get toddlers off to a polite start on life. By Karen Katz (Ages 1-3)

"Bear Says 'Thank You'"; "Penguin says 'Please'"; "Mouse says 'Sorry'"; "Hippo says 'Excuse me'"

"Hello Genius" series. With bright colors, appealing toddler-like animals, and simple repetitive texts, these board books are sized for reading one-on-one or with a small group. By Michael Dahl (Ages 2-4)

"How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? /

Como comen los dinosaurios?"

In rollicking rhyme, dinosaurs comically demonstrate mealtime "don'ts" as well as correct table manners. By Jane Yolen (Ages 3-5)

"Dora's Book of Manners"
By Christine Ricci
(Ages 3-5)

"Mind Your Manners"

Winnie-the-Pooh picture book. By Samantha Brooke
(Ages 3-5)

"Emily's Out and About Book"
By Cindy Post Senning and Peggy Post
(Ages 3-5)

"Please Pass the Manners! Mealtime Tips for Everyone"

A simple "bad manners/good manners" board book with flaps and illustrations large enough for group sharing. By Lola M. Schaefer
(Ages 3-6)

"Milo's Special Words: A Well-Behaved Little Book with Wheels to Turn and Flaps to Lift"

This humorous book about "please and "thank you" features flaps and wheels that offer word and picture choices. By Charise Mericle Harper
(Ages 3-6)

"Please Say Please!: Penguin's Guide to Manners" - Margery Cuyler

Penguin's animal friends demonstrate party and table manners, bad and good. A question-and-answer refrain and clear illustrations make this a fun read-aloud for groups. (Ages 3-6)

Picture books

(Ages 4 - Elementary)

"Tumford's Rude Noises"
By Nancy Tillman (Ages 4-6)

"May I Please have a Cookie?"

Mommy encourages Alfie to think up a better way to get a cookie. Simple sentences and bright illustrations suit both beginning readers and a younger read-to-me audience. By J.E. Morris (Ages 4-7)

"Fancy Nancy Tea Parties"
By Jane O'Connor
(Ages 4-7)

"Richard Scarry's Please and Thank You Book"
By Richard Scarry
(Ages 4-7)

"Clifford's Manners"
By Norman Bridwell
(Ages 4-8)

"Manners on the Playground"; "Manners on the Telephone"; "Manners on the School Bus; "Manners at the Table"; "Manners in Public"; "Manners at School"; "Manners in the Library"

"Way To Be!" non-fiction picture book series. Each title offers nine examples of good manners with straight-forward writing and illustrations. By Carrie Finn
(Ages 4-8)

"Mind Your Manners, B.B. Wolf" -

An elderly B.B. (Big Bad) Wolf attends a storybook tea at the library. Parental warning: Burp Alert! By Judy Sierra
(Ages 5-8)

"Please Is a Good Word to Say"

With humor and insight, a pint-sized Miss Manners named Harriet goes beyond the basics in introducing good manners. By Barbara Joosse (Ages 5-9)

"Watch your tongue, Cecily Beasley"

A Suess-like cautionary picture book about what happens when rude Cecily sticks out her tongue. By Lane Fredrickson(Ages 5-7)

School-age Nonfiction

"Manners Mash-up: a Goofy Guide to Good Behavior"

Fourteen children's book illustrators each contribute a spread on good and bad etiquette. By Tedd Arnold(Ages 5-9)

"Are You Quite Polite?: Silly Dilly Manners Songs"
By Alan Katz
(Ages 5-10)

"Don't Forget Your Etiquette!: The Essential Guide to Misbehavior"

With 20 zany poems featuring "Miss Information," this book is both a subversive spoof on modern manners and an engaging starting point to discuss what's really proper. By David T. Greenberg(Ages 6-10)

"A Smart Girl's Guide to Manners : The Secrets to Grace, Confidence, and Being your Best"
By Nancy Holyoke
(Ages 8-12)

"Dude, That's Rude!"
By Pamela Espeland
(Ages 8-12)

"Emily Post's Table Manners for Kids"
By Peggy Post
(Ages 9-14)

For additional Brown County Library books for children (toddlers - elementary school), call 920-448-5846; search the library catalog with the keywords "manners" or "etiquette"; or go to the "Manners & Magic Words" book list at http://tinyurl.com/BCLreads .

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