Jennings unhappy with sister's anti-Rodgers tweets

Jan. 2, 2013

Greg Jennings says he’s unhappy with his sister’s tweets that criticized quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the Packers’ organization during last week’s game against Minnesota but that he didn’t ask her stop tweeting or take down her Twitter account.

During the game, Jennings’ sister, Valyncia Jennings, wrote a series of tweets saying that Rodgers was ignoring her brother and at one point called him “the most overrated QB in the league! He is no where near Peyton or Brady! It sickens me, Peyton would avg. 5 TD with this squad!!!”

By Monday, she’d taken down her Twitter account, though Jennings said today he wasn’t aware of that.

“I didn’t (ask her to take down her account),” Jennings said. “I just told her she should probably say these are (her) feelings’ and not mine. I kind of play both sides of it because as a person that’s on Twitter and people who are on Twitter, you feel like you can say whatever you want to say. She’s no different; she’s just my sister so it’s a big deal.

“There are people who are on Twitter that say whatever they want to say every single day and it’s no news. It’s only news because she’s my sister. There are probably more than her that are talking about Aaron, myself, the Green Bay Packers. It’s not news when it comes to that but because she’s my sister and my position and my situation, it can be news.”

Jennings will be a free agent after the season, and the Packers haven’t approached him about a contract extension, apparently because they’ve determined they can’t afford to re-sign him if they’re also going to re-sign several other key players over the next year.

Two of Valyncia Jennings’ tweets said her brother needs to leave what she called a "cheap" and unappreciative organization, and most of the rest criticized Rodgers for looking to other receivers, including one that ended, “if this idiot could see the coverage!!Then he holds on to the ball & fumbles!”

“I didn’t care for it, particularly, but everyone’s entitled to their own opinion,” Jennings said. “Social media’s like that. I look at my timeline sometimes and there aren’t too many Greg Jennings fans out there sometimes. You know, she’s entitled to her own opinion. I’m going to give her a call and let her see the playbook and maybe she’ll be more satisfied with the playbook this week and see if I’m implemented as much as she would like.”

Jennings said he learned of the tweets when a Packers public-relations staffer told him immediately after the game. He said he called her right after he left the locker room.

“I’m like, ‘C’mon, you can’t do that to me.’” He said. “Again, I’m not mad at her, I’m not saying it was right, I’m not saying it’s wrong. It’s her opinion. She puts me in a position where I have to answer to you guys, which, selfishly, that’s unfair. But, again, it happens every single day. I remember I saw something on the timeline that said, ‘I love Greg Jennings, but he has to control his family.’ My feelings about that is if we all controlled our loved ones, there would be no hate, no crime, no anything in the world. It would be a better place. Everyone can’t control that.”

Jennings said he’s talked to Rodgers about the tweets, and that the quarterback expressed no concern that she might be echoing statements she’d heard from Jennings.

“We’ve talked,” Jennings said. “His brother has done the same thing. We all have siblings. Our siblings are going to say some things sometimes. Hopefully they don’t, but we have to answer the questions for them because we’re in the spotlight. It’s just the nature of the game.”

When asked if everything was OK between him and Rodgers, Jennings said, “Yeah,” then added, “You would have to ask him.”

Rodgers held his weekly press conference Tuesday but was not asked about the issue.

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Football fans

If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

Special Reports