Post-practice McCarthy: Cobb a go for Saturday night

Jan. 10, 2013

Packers coach Mike McCarhty spoke to the media following practice on Thursday. Here are some highlights from his news conference:

Jarrett Boykin had his helmet and jersey but was a DNP along with Jerel Worthy. Cobb was limited with illness. Nelson limited with ankle

On Randall Cobb's status:
"Randall Cobbís still under the weather. Heís going to go. I donít have any question about that."

On importance of getting him out there?
I think it was important for Randall to get out there and practice. I think it was real important for our football team to get outside today. So, it was nice to see the sun this week. It was a beautiful day, it was a good practice, very spirited practice. Randall took the reps that we had set up for him and I think by game time, heíll be fine.

On Vernon Davis:
"I think Vernon Davis is an excellent football player. Heís played very well in our stadium the number of times the 49ers have come here. So heís definitely someone that you focus on with the gameplan. He has a unique set of skills, just the power and speed that heís able to play with. He runs better than most receivers, so I think heís an outstanding football player."

On practicing outside:
"It was a good practice today. It was good to be back on a seven-day work week. It was very spirited to say the least, even once we got outside. They have too much energy and I think thatís common for this time of year. So I feel very good the way the last three days of practice have gone.

On Jordy Nelson:
"Jordy Nelson we had a period of the last eight plays of the game, in particular vertical routes and the down and distance drives, the third downs, the fourth downs and all those types of things. And then we had the one period where you work on some of your vertical game and he had two vertical balls. So I thought he looked pretty good."

On James Jones:
"I think itís like anything. I think James Jones is a year better in the system and a year better in the relationship with Aaron. I think you definitely have to point to his opportunities as the primary reason heís been able to have so much production. Heís obviously been getting a lot more opportunities this year. And I just love it when a player is given that chance and they step up. This is obviously Jamesí best year."

On how handles playbook this time of year:
"You know, when you go through an offseason you have a blueprint, a composite of plans, particularly by concept that enables us to play a doubleheader every week if needed. You stay in tune with the concepts, the variations, you continue to exercise those throughout the year. As far as how you change the face and the different personnel groups, thatís what self scout is for. At the end of the day, you have to do
the things that you best. This is not the time of year to try to go out and trick a football team. I donít believe thatís the way you go about it. You have plays and concepts within your offensive scheme that are part of taking advantage of a particular scheme or a matchup. So that partís not changed. This weekís no different than any week that weíve prepared for a game. We look at what they do, we look at the things we feel are strengths versus their schemes and their particular players and you go play football."

On Marshall Newhouse:
"I think Marshall has played good football. I thought he played very well up in the dome. The second half of the game was not our best game on offense. But Iím pleased with the way Marshall has played. Heís got a big challenge obviously this week and being the second time around, I look for him to perform better.

On Candlestick Park:
"I would think the noise is pretty high. As far as the atmosphere thatís created there, playoff game, youíre obviously going to take that to probably another level. I think we handled the noise very well offensively and thatís a credit to our players. But as far as the field, I have positive memories of the field. I know itís the time of year, and like
a lot of fields in the NFL itís a little different outside the numbers because they re-do the middle of the field. Weíre not concerned about it. Weíre going to go out there pre-game and make sure we get the right shoes. Our equipment guys, I think theyíre the best in the business and theyíll have everything we need for our players and weíll go out and play. They have to play on the same surface, so itís not a major concern for me."

Is DuJuan Harris still somewhat of an unscouted player?
"I would say DuJuan Harris has played enough football that Iím sure the 49ers have an opinion on him. But I hope he is still an unscouted player. Thatíd be good. Heís played particularly more and more each week and heís been above 10-plus carries. So Iím sure his running style is pretty apparent to them.

Biggest reason defense has improved?
"Well, the biggest improvement for the defense is really just the utilization of personnel. The fact weíve been able to play so many different players throughout the
course of the year, I mean that was part of our plan coming out of training camp, coincide that also with the injuries that weíve had. So for like our depth, our defense is a lot better and I think the younger guys are further along as far as theyíre experience level."

On Jarrett Boykin's ankle:
"Heís getting better. Obviously we saw the injury at Minnesota and we felt fortunate that he didnít sustain a very serious injury based on the position of his body. But heís getting better. Heís not going to be ready this week."

On Jeremy Ross:
"Jeremy Ross is a football player. Weíve been banged up this week at the receiver position so heís able to get some reps because of that, so thatís good for his experience. But his primary role is on special teams and it comes very natural to him."

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If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

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