Anti-Capers fans have their say

Jan. 15, 2013

In a poll currently being conducted, 41% of the nearly 3,600 respondents so far believe Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers should be fired.

But 47% believe personnel is the Packersí biggest problem regarding the defense and that the onus falls on general manager Ted Thompson to upgrade the roster.

Another 12% believe the scheme is the problem and itís time to scrap the 3-4.

Itís possible that some in that latter category are also anti-Capers, since he was the one that brought the 3-4 defense to Green Bay.

So generally speaking, nearly half of our readers want a change at defensive coordinator.

In the email response to my column ( saying the Packers should keep Capers, the toll is running roughly 2 to 1 against Capers. (Thatís not surprising, since readers are more likely to respond if they disagree with a particular point of view).

Here is what some of the anti-Capers emailers are saying in response to my column, in which I said it would be a mistake to fire Capers:

Adam Bray

First you note that Capers' defense has failed miserably (sometimes to epic, historic levels) in 3 out of the last 4 playoff years, and then you go on to say he should be judged on his entire body of work. Wouldn't that include 3 miserable playoff duds in the last 4 years? I'd agree that he should be judged on the entire body of work, but it's hard to ignore the playoff failures -- 11th in total defense doesn't mean much when you look like the 32nd in January.

Also, suggesting he get a raise for improving from the 32nd ranked defense to the 11th when he was the one responsible for the unit that plummeted to the 32nd ranked defense in the first place doesn't make a whole lot of sense. That's like me having an atrocious year at work in 2012 and demanding a raise when I improve on that with a mediocre one in 2013.

Judging that entire body of work is not a knee jerk reaction when you consider the bigger picture. I don't think nearly as many people would be calling for Capers to be fired if this had been the first time this disaster happened in January. Also, you can note that the players play, but that's a tired argument that can be used to defend any coach or manager in any sport. We don't have the same players on defense as the disaster last year, or the one in 2009. The common denominator in those years -- Capers.

Jim Hanamann

If you truthfully believe that the Packers can win " the big play-off " games with Capers, I dont see it at all. Dont give me the rookie or the injury report, I donít buy that or the all-pro players on other teams. Change needs to take place, & I truthfully believe they wonít be made, as long as you have MM & TT, they are afraid to take a chance, you got to change things, this is 2013. I donít for see the Packers to be in another Super Bowl. Change has to be made. I'm so sick of stats. The game has changed so fast & Capers & MM &TT better wake up. You can call me a "loud mouth" or whatever, BUT change needs to be made.

Gary Van Ess

I disagree with your defense of Dom Capers. Besides being too conservative for today's rapidly changing game, especially the young running qb's, and being too stubborn to make necessary changes during games, my biggest beef with our defensive coaching is this: I remember starting to learn basic football in grade school back in the 60's at St. Joes. The number one thing we were taught was to tackle the legs, and the body will follow. Never, ever tackle high. Go back and watch tape of any game over the past two years, and watch various Packers hit a guy high and bounce off, while the runner keeps going ( cough... Hawk... cough ). So many times a simple low tackle would have stopped the guy on a dime. Tackle the legs, the body has to follow. This is why No. 21 is so effective; the man knows how to tackle low. And this is my biggest beef with Capers... too stubborn, set in his ways that used to work, unable or unwilling to change, way too conservative to use excellent talent in different ways. And that damn sloppy, maddening high "tackling"... which isn't really tackling at all.

We need fresh, flexible coaching to keep up with a changing pro game... and keeping a guy around who has really had terrible defenses for the last two years won't help the team.

So let us say thanks and goodbye to Capers, who just can't or won't change... and does not know how to coach basic tackling. These are the pros, the Green Bay Packers.... you must be able to take a guy down on initial contact. Even A.P.

Bill Denney

Mike, I often agree with you in your column but this time, sorry, Capers has to go. I expected the Pack to lose in San Fran, but my expectation was it would be a last second field goal. The final score was misleading because the game was not that close. By the way, Clements and the offense were not much better than the defense which didnít even show up.

The games that count in this city are championships not the regular season where there are crappy teams. My developing impression over the last 2 years is the NFC North is somewhat weak. The Packers have been a dreadful disgrace each of the last 2 years in the divisional round of the playoffs. They are simply not ready to play football at advanced stages of the playoffs. In 2009 the defense gave up 51 points in the playoffs, but the offense showed up that day, so the score was at least close. The last 2 years the offense has been better than the defense but not much better....while the defense just sucked.

SB wins are not going to happen every year. But a dreadful disgrace in advanced stages of the playoffs is simply not acceptable and I would expect everyone on the football side of the Packers organization to agree.

Dr. Fred D. Klug

You are right. The Packers shouldn't fire Capers because of the defensive play last Saturday night. They should fire him for the poor defenses he's fielded since his first year. Looking at his record, we see that he does fine, even great in his first year at a place, then the other teams figure him out, and it's downhill after that. I agree that the Packers have other issues, including the offensive line, but they need a more balanced attack (i.e. running game). The pundits try to make us believe it's balanced by saying our screen passes are actually part of the running game. How absurd is that? McCarthy's idea of a balanced attack is screen pass, slant pass, post pattern. I doubt that he will change, which will make it tougher on Aaron Rodgers. Oh well, at least we beat the woeful Bears twice this year.

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