Donald Driver's Q&A transcript

Feb. 6, 2013

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Donald Driver took questions from the media about his career after giving his opening statement.

On when he knew he could be the player he was:

ďI have to say I had the work ethic. When I walked in here in 1999, I felt like I could do anything if I believed that anything was possible. So when I stood up there and I think Mike McCarthy said it better, my work ethic is unbelievable. I work out and I continue to work out because I knew there was always someone out there coming to take my job and I was trying to take someoneís job. All the great guys who played before me, it was truly an honor to stand up there and play with those guys. I had the work ethic and I wasnít going to let it slip away. Look at me now, Iím the all-time Packersí receiver in history.Ē

On laying in the bedroom with his brother, wanting to be something special:

ďWow, thatís a long time ago. I think that was the thing laying in the bed 24 years ago with my brother. I told my brother that, ĎIím going to take our family out of the struggles Ė the trials and tribulations to have a better life for us,í and Iíve done it. Iíve seen the success in my family. I see the success in my kids, my wife. God has been truly a blessing for us. All the things weíve faced in our life, if we didnít have God it wouldnít be there. The road I was going down as a kid, God found a way to get me out of it. Iím just blessed to be able to stand up here today and say Iíve reached all the milestones I can reach.Ē

On if heíd be interested in coaching:

ďThey spend too many hours at the building. Iím more of a family guy. I love to be with my family. I love to spend as much time as I can with my family. I think what those guys do is an amazing job. I donít know if I want to coach. I donít think E.B. is ready give up his job quite yet. Iíll give him another 5-6 years when he became a head coach, then weíll see.Ē

On Favre and Rodgers:

ďI guess weíll start with Brett. When I first walked in here in 1999, Brett kind of just took me under his wing. He threw his first ball to me and I ran it back to him. I was so excited, I was like, ĎYouíre Brett Favre.í He was like, ĎDonít worry thereís many more to come.í He instilled in me that donít ever let anyone know that youíre hurt. Every time Iíd get knocked out across the middle, Iíd get up and smile. Even though I was hurt, Iíd just show that beautiful smile and then get back to the huddle, and I didnít know whatís going on, but I knew it was a run play. He instilled in me the toughness of this game.

ďAaron Rodgers, Iíve seen this guy grow up a little kid to a grown man. Heís instilled in me as an older man than he is, the love for the game. The way he stepped in and he knew that no one can be better than Aaron Rodgers. He had that chip on his shoulder that I loved. I saw him go through training camp and he fought and fought and fought. When it was all said and done, he stood among and now heís one of the best to ever play this game. One thing I continue to learn from Aaron is you can continue to believe. People are going to doubt you, but if you continue to believe you could be anything, youíre going to be that and thatís what he did.Ē

On his favorite memory:

ďAll of them. If you had to pick one, I would say the moment I ran out that tunnel at the Super Bowl. Thatís a moment Iíll never forget. Thatís one memory Ė as an NFL player, we always say thatís the greatest milestone is to make it to the National Football League and win a Super Bowl ring. Iíll never forget that moment running out that tunnel and holding up that trophy at the end of the game, and knowing Iíd already reached the greatest milestone. Now, I have a Super Bowl ring.Ē

On the 61-yard touchdown catch against San Francisco:
ďWhat I remember about the play is the defense didnít care about me because I was old. It kind of worked out in my favor because they jumped Greg Jennings and they left me wide open. After that, I just said I wasnít going to be not denied. I wanted to get to the end zone. To shake off all those tackles and for Drew (Andrew Quarless) to make a block after that, and then it was just me trying to carry the rest to the end zone. I have to say if I look at one play of my career that stands alone, thatís the best one of my career.Ē

On his change:

ďI was the same guy who walked in 1999 and Iím the same guy who walks out in 2013. Sometimes people say that sometimes success changes who you are Ė success has not changed me. Iím the same skinny little kid who walked in 1999. Iíll be the same skinny kid Ė well, grown man Ė who walked out in 2013. Nothing changes for me. Iím the same person and never will change.Ē

On transition to retire:

ďI think the most thing Iím going to miss is running out that tunnel and 70,000 cheering you on every time you catch a ball, you make a ball, and theyíre screaming your name. Thatís what Iím going to miss. As far as struggling part after football, I wonít struggle. Iíve got so many things Iíve prepared myself for after football. Within the next week, Iíll be hosting ďThe Katie Couric Show.Ē Iíll be co-hosting the show with her. Itíll be a nice little show, itís going to be a wedding edition Ė something I like to do. Iím going to play your wedding if you decide to get married. But no, I have my life story, my book coming out in September. Iím also doing Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition with Chris Paul, so Iím ready. Iím ready for whatever comes next. I think God has a plan for me. Football was just a starting point. Iím ready to follow whatever God has next.Ē

On Driver statue:

ďItís going to mean the world. There are so many things we go through and we donít know what to expect at the end of the day. To be honored with my own street and a statue is truly something special. Thatís shows you the love. That shows you the support. That shows you the dedication of what Iíve done for this organization and this community that the community will honor me the same way. Itís truly something special. I love you guys. Itís been an awesome, awesome ride. Now, itís time for the next chapter.Ē

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Football fans

If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

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