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100 years ago - 1913

? Frank DeBoth started action against the city in circuit court, demanding that the Main Avenue paving assessment be set aside and that an order be issued directing a new assessment to be made.

? St. Francis church, with the payment of a note of $500, was pronounced free of debt.

? Assemblyman John Schnitzler of De Pere introduced a bill that would give aid to needy mothers.

? Deaths - Mrs. Sophie Laubarch; Patrick Bracken; Michael Morgan, formerly of Morrison, at Carney, Mich.; Mrs. James Larson, Glenmore; Mrs. Herman Raduchel, Wayside.

95 years ago - 1918

? The federal fuel administrator declared that Mondays should be heatless and workless days until further notice.

? The government promulgated wheat-less meals rules and ordered millers to seal equal amounts of flour and flour substitutes.

? The Home Guard was holding regular drills.

? Little pigs sold for $3 to $7 at the monthly stock fair.

? Batteries B and E, Brown County, left Waco, Texas, for overseas duty.

? Deaths - Mrs. John Francken; John Ebeling, Green Bay.

90 years ago - 1923

? The City Council was notified that the late A.G. Wells had bequeathed $2,000 for a public library building.

? The Union Oil and Supply Co. organized in De Pere.

? The City Council increased the salary of the clerk and street commissioner to $100 per month.

? Brown County won second place in the state grain show at Milwaukee.

? Jimmy Nuss, pride of De Pere fight fans, was knocked out at Milwaukee by Billy Ehmke of St. Paul in the sixth round.

? The Altar Society of St. Francis church elected the following officers: Mrs. M. Walsh, president; Mrs. E.A. Lee, vice president; Mrs. W. Altmayer, secretary; and Mrs. M. Dillon, treasurer.

? Death - John Minahan.

? Marriages - Edward Keidatz and Lillian Nelson; Charles De Noble and Delora E. Murray; Frank Christianson and Louise Wheelock.

85 years ago - 1928

? Mrs. George Van Dyck sold her property and soft drinks business on George Street to Henry Hendricks.

? The council abolished the office of poor commissioner and returned to the two-assessors system.

? Deaths - John Shea; Lt. Edward F. Savageau, at Manilla.

? Marriage - Clayton Patton and Mrs. Mary Berken.

80 years ago - 1933

? Six days of subzero temperatures with a blizzard gripped the county in the worst storm of the winter season.

? Plans were being made for a weeklong celebration of the dedication of the Claude Allouez Bridge.

? Deaths - Dr. R.H. Rice, formerly of De Pere; Mrs. Henry Schinke, pioneer resident of Rockland; Ormsby Ash, formerly of De Pere, at Portland Ore.; Alex Besaw Jr.

75 years ago - 1938

? Boy Scouts in De Pere and throughout the United States were observing their 28th birthday.

? The City Council voted to purchase a new fire truck.

? Pneumonia ranked fifth in Wisconsin deaths, exceeded by heart disease, cancer, deaths by violence and cerebral hemorrhage.

? Local prices included Sunday dinner at the Columbus Club Grill, 50 cents; coke, $10.85 per ton; beef pot roast, 14 to 16 cents per pound; sirloin steak, 121/2 cents per pound; chopped beef, 11 cents per pound; flour, 49-pound bag, $1.79; oranges, two dozen for 23 cents; coffee, 25 cents per pound, 3 pounds for 69 cents; head lettuce, two large heads, 11 cents; and celery, two stalks, 11 cents.

? Deaths - Frank Kolb; Mrs. Samantha Vose; Banjamin Turriff; Dan F. Connor, at Illinois; Frank Vander Bloomen.

70 years ago - 1943

? The City Council voted pay increases to $160 per month for the city nurse, $180 for the city clerk, $140 for the street foreman and $120 for drivers and graders.

? The Chamber of Commerce held a businessman's clinic.

? Deaths - Mary DeJong; Miss Harriet Davis; Mrs. Jerome Russell.

? Marriages - David Peters and Delores Vande Walle; Griffith Evans and Leona Smith; Joseph L. Vande Walle and Ethelyn Liebman.

65 years ago - 1948

? E.A. Seymour announced he would be a candidate for mayor, opposing the incumbent, August Voelker, who hadn't announced whether he would be a candidate.

? Deaths - Jacob E. Kettenhofen, formerly of Wrightstown, at Milwaukee; Dunn M. Healy, Glenmore; Mrs. Edward Finnegan, Hollandtown; Cora Maes; Mrs. Mary DeFrance; Mrs. L.J. Flanigan; John Kleuskens.

? Marriages - Merlin Buchanan and Geneva Johanski; Artley Skenandore and Dorothy Wheelock; Myron Vande Hey and Murilla Walton.

60 years ago - 1953

? Brown County was blanketed by a 10-inch snowfall. Many power lines were down as a result of the blizzard.

? Five hundred students registered for the second semester at St. Norbert College.

? The Police and Fire Commission authorized the police chief to wear plain clothes when he chose to do so.

? Horace Dickey, De Pere telephone company manager, was transferred to Milwaukee. Frank Shekore was named manager in his place.

? Deaths - Herbert Borchardt, Morrison; Mrs. Mary Haen, Greenleaf; Mrs. Peter J. Goemans; Anthony Ruby; Mrs. Carolina Peterman; Mrs. Rose Stutzka, formerly of De Pere, at Racine; Mrs. Henry P. Coenen; Mrs. Minnie Vieau.

? Marriages - James Hooyman and Donna Schaus; William S. Collins and Patricia Miswald.

55 years ago - 1958

? The Presbyterian Church building committee approved plans for a new church building. The plans were being presented to each church organization for discussion and later were to be presented to the entire congregation for approval.

? A total of $2,278 was collected in the March of Dimes Mothers' March Band Toll Bridge.

? Deaths - William Kane, Morrison; Leonard Seidl; Otto Treichel, Morrison; Dr. F.A. Stauber; Arthur Hilgenberg; Mrs. Fred Meyer; Ben Drewiske; Mrs. Fred Nack.

? Marriages - Neil Posey and Norma Jane Aerts; John J. Van Kauwenberg and Mary Lou Manders.

50 years ago - 1963

? The City Council requested a study of increasing the number of wards in the city.

? Contracts were awarded for the new St. John Lutheran Church and education building. The total cost was estimated at $215,000.

? Diane Wagner was selected to play the lead in the St. Norbert College production of "Connecticut Yankee."

? Local stores advertised ground chuck for 59 cents per pound; pork shoulder roast, 37 cents per pound; McIntosh apples, $1.98 per bushel; and boneless chuck roast, 69 cents per pound.

? Deaths - William J. Schmelter, Lark; Carl Strenn, Greenleaf; Bernard Runge; Mrs. Eva Achten; Mrs. John G. Smits; Fred W. Cormier; Donald J. Vande Walle; Nicholas Prevost.

? Marriages - Robert Vickman and Patricia Janssen; Gerald Albers and Dorothy Allen.

45 years ago - 1968

? Lawrence N. Stangel, 20, a 1965 graduate of De Pere High School and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Stangel of Allouez, was killed in action in Vietnam.

? Vince Lombardi announced he would resign as head coach of the Green Bay Packers and turned his duties over to Phil Bengston, his longtime assistant. Lombardi was to remain as general manager.

? Richard Nixon, former vice president, announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president at a press conference held in Green Bay.

? Deaths - Mrs. Anna Vercauteren; Charles H. Aland; Mrs. Donald Dery, formerly of De Pere, at Neenah; Mrs. Herman Lemmen; Mrs. Arthur Van Sistine; Major Vera H. Fink, Hollandtown; Clara Kettenhofen Ziercher, formerly of Wrightstown, at Chicago.

? Marriage - Michael Danen and Linda Leininger.

40 years ago - 1973

? More than 300 people attended a special meeting to discuss the proposed closing of the Wisconsin State Reformatory. Gov. Patrick Lucey had proposed that the reformatory be closed and inmates be transferred to the state prison in Waupun.

? A special meeting of residents of School District No. 1 was called to discuss the possibility of a split-shift schedule of classes.

? The Abbot Pennings High School Squires grabbed their fourth straight Fox Valley Christian Conference championship by beating Fond du Lac Springs. Their season record was 16-0.

? Deaths - Herman Meulemans, Wrightstown; Mrs. Ed Van Wie, Wrightstown; Henry De Valk; Mrs. Harvey Maresch; Charles Baker; Louis E. Gonyo.

? Marriages - Dennis Dantoin and Mary Sue Kocken; Arlan De Beir and Mary Ann Woodke; Richard Christensen and Linda Gilson; Charles Tscharner Jr. and Carol Van Sistine, at California; Robert Yecks, Wrightstown, and Christine Verbeten.

35 years ago - 1978

? Douglas La Follette, secretary of state, spoke to the De Pere Rotary Club.

? The City Council raised the price of a building permit in the city by $1 per 1,000 cubic feet. Six new houses were begun during January, when building totaled $230,600.

? Shirley Bowman was named general chairman of the Miss De Pere Pageant.

? The Wisconsin Telephone Co. advertised a 10-minute, long-distance weekend call from Wisconsin to anywhere in the continental United States for less than $1.65.

? Deaths - Mrs. Laura Kluender, Morrison; John K. LeRoy, Wrightstown; Miss Dorothy Wendels; Mrs. Wilbert Maes.

30 years ago - 1983

? Building permits issued during January totaled $267,300 and included a $100,000 permit issued to Fox River Development Corp. to remodel the building at 125 S. Broadway.

? Max Franc was honored by the Brown County Historical Society for his service to the preservation of history in the area.

? Deaths - Lester F. Carter; Mrs. Gertrude Goemans; Dorothy May.

? Marriage - Robert T. Carlson and Elaine Loppnow, at Wayside.

25 years ago - 1988

? City of De Pere employees were given a 4.5 percent wage increase.

? Badger Wood Products was one of seven Brown County small businesses recognized by the Green Bay Area Small Business Council.

? A kickoff breakfast was scheduled for a campaign to raise funds for new Christmas lights in the downtown area.

? Paul's Pantry reported that food baskets had been provided for 9,860 households during 1988.

? Deaths - Earl Rasmussen; John F. De Nell; Erlin G. Pischke; Anthony Francken; Donald M. Butz, former president of Royal Cleaners; Bernard Nies.

20 years ago - 1993

? A new fire truck was delivered to the Greenleaf volunteer fire department. The truck had a life expectancy of 25 years and was valued at $90,000.

? Building permits issued during January totaled $1,637,593. The largest permit issued went to Hillcrest Lumber for $300,000 for commercial alterations to the former Lee Store building.

? Deaths - Margaret Coenen; Mrs. Margarete J. Sander; Paul C. Hutjens; Walter Falck, Morrison; Paul Beyer, Glenmore.

? Marriages - Mike Yezierski, Greenleaf, and Diane Lemke; Jeffry Geurts and Julie Arndt; Curt Johnson and Peggy Michulsky.

15 years ago - 1998

? De Pere fireman Richard L. Kalous, 50, died Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 10, at the site of a car fire at 875 Heritage Road. City Administrator Kevin Brunner reported Kalous, a 26-year veteran of the De Pere Fire Department, collapsed at the scene after the fire had been extinguished. The cause of death wasn't known at press time, but Brunner said Kalous wasn't burned in the fire. No other injuries were reported. A fire mechanic and an emergency medical technician, Kalous is survived by two children, Courtney and Ryan. Kalous is believed to be the first firefighter to die while on duty in De Pere.

? Future plans to revamp the Van Dyke gymnasium at St. Norbert College in De Pere have been outlined for members of the school's alumni association. The entire interior of the building will be transformed into a new campus center. The work will commence when the necessary funding has been completed.

? A special permit for the construction of the new Our Lady of Lourdes church was approved by the board of appeals after holding a pubic hearing.

? The Rev. Robert Kabat, pastor of St. Mary parish in Greenleaf, was named judicial vicar of the tribunal for the Diocese of Green Bay.

? Deaths - Roy Holzner, Green Bay; Florence Welter; Marie M. Turriff, 93, formerly of De Pere; Richard T. Scray, a former De Pere resident; Clement M. (Clem) Schuh, 92, Pulaski; Allen O'Harrow; Rosalie Rathke, 91, Wayside; Pearl S. Hafemann, 96, a former Wayside resident.

10 years ago - 2003

? Former Ledgeview Fire Chief Dave Guns died Jan. 27. He was involved with the planning and implementation of the fire department when it was established in 1983. Shortly thereafter, department members elected him as the first fire chief. He served in that position until he retired in December 2000.

? Deaths - Corey J. Calaway, at Florence County; Roy A. Coenen; Genevieve P. Coenen, 91; Karl W. Falck, 93, formerly of Morrison, at Little Chute; Gilbert C. Salm Sr.; Joseph M. Scray.

? Marriage - Ben L. Bader and Faye M. Hoffman (announcement for 2002 wedding).

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