Column: Beware the atheists and satanists

6:35 PM, Mar. 6, 2013  |  Comments
Steven Schrodi
Steven Schrodi
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It was with tremendous affirmation and approval that I read the recent letter from Mr. James M. Roehrborn titled "Removing God allowed Satan in."

The well-crafted arguments put forth in the letter are as lucid as they are keenly perceptive. It is abundantly clear to the most casual of observers that the departure from strict interpretation of biblical passages opens a brimstone-lined, sulfurous passage of satanic worship and violence into our public schools.

Equally apparent is that anyone shown the Ten Commandments would be deterred from murderous acts as Mr. Roehrborn persuasively argues. Sure, atheists may claim that the devout participants of the Thirty Years' War, the practitioners of the Inquisition, Crusades or the various Christian witch burnings had ample access to the violence-dissuading powers wielded by the Bible, but that is neither here nor there - certainly Lucifer has co-conspired on such diabolical rhetoric.

I'm confident that Mr. Roehrborn stands with me in knowing that deceptive tactics underlie claims these evil nonbelievers present as "evidence" such as the fact that 91 percent of death row inmates identify themselves as Christians compared to 0.2 percent as atheists (Science of Liberty, 2011).

Surely those at the Roman Catholic church that Adam Lanza frequently attended and worshiped also would agree with Mr. Roehrborn and me that it is the lack of the religion in our classrooms that drive people to perform "Satan's crimes" as Mr. Roehrborn explains in his Sandy Hook example. No doubt this reasoning will aid in the prevention of future horrific tragedies.

May I also forewarn the reader to withhold acceptance of the statistical correlation (Pearson coefficient of 0.3) between atheism rates and lower rates of homicide across countries (UNODC, 2011), for it is simply the work of Mephistopheles and his secular humanist minions. While this would seem to indicate that atheism is strongly associated with lower rates of extreme violence, I suspect the academic Karl Pearson, originator of that statistic, was a Satanist. Is it accidental that both "statistics" and "Satanist" share six letters and that "666" is the number of the beast?

Tread cautiously dear reader and abandon reason in your embrace of sophistry with us. Indeed, living by all biblical laws will provide the much-needed guideline for us as a society to reduce violence: Kill all witches ("Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live"; Exodus 22:18); Drought is God's punishment for sins (Deuteronomy 28:22-24); Do not forget the Sabbath day or God will blind you and send wild beasts to take your children (Leviticus 26:14-22); Do not visit Egypt or you will die by the hand of God through a sword, famine or pestilence (Jeremiah 42:15-17); And do not worship any God other than the biblical God or he will "dash your infants in pieces, and women with child shall be ripped up" (Hosea 13:16). It is only through imposing these virtuous laws on our children that we have any hope of abrogating both rationality and intrinsic morality.

Steven Schrodi is a Marshfield resident.

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