Reader Reaction Forum: What's your dream vacation destination?

5:59 PM, Mar. 22, 2013  |  Comments

FAR AWAY: I've always wanted to visit Easter Island. I love archeology and history, and it would be neat to be in such a remote location.

Jane Cops,


BOOKED: My dream vacation right now is Hawaii, the big island. That's because I'm going to be there on April 3, and every time I look at the snow and the temperature, I dream of being there.

Keith Murie,



HAS IT ALL: Savannah, Ga., is the place. Once you've been there, you want to go back again. The historic beauty is awesome. From 1733 to the Revolution through General Sherman's march from Atlanta to the sea at Savannah, will keep you occupied seeing the historic sites. Just don't talk about the fact that the north won the war. The people are wonderful, though being called "honey" every time you turn around can get on your nerves. The weather is nice except in July and August. If all this charm isn't enough, there are ethnic festivals. The Scottish games, the Greek and Jewish food extravaganzas, the Irish celebration that goes on all weekend. For those who like fried chicken, you got to go to the Afro/Amice celebration. Go in March - you'll be amazed at the azaleas in bloom all over town. Yes, Savannah, Ga., is my destination by the sea.

Kenneth Navine,

Grand Chute

ISLAND TIME: That's easy: Jamaica. I've been there twice and want to keep going back. Heck, on bad days I threaten to move there and open up a jerk chicken stand on the side of the road. Even though parts of the country are extremely crime-filled, most people there seem to have a genuine satisfaction with what little they do have. Everything truly is "irie" (total peace with your current state of being). Things run on island time, people are entertaining and the scenery is beautiful. I'll hopefully continue to visit and, if our political climate gets any worse, well, discounts on jerk chicken and a free Red Stripe if you mention you're from Wisconsin and/or wearing Packers attire!

Chad Nehring,


BEEN THERE: When and if you get to the stage of life I am in, and if you have not been able to enjoy that dream vacation, I would say your chances of accomplishment are pretty slim. Due to Uncle Sam (I was going to say "thanks to" but then thought about the entire picture) I have been just about all over the world. However back a few years, my wife and I enjoyed a 15-country guided tour. Actually we were in St. Peter's Square during the "white smoke, black smoke" episode in the election of Pope John Paul II. This, we feel, was as close to that dream vacation as possible. Thanks for the memories.

Walt Ziemke,


FAMILY FIRST: I don't know that we have a dream vacation destination since much of our travels in recent years have been to visit family. When it hasn't been for that reason, it would be to enjoy the weather, see some sights and play golf. These criteria have taken us as far as Sacramento, Calif.; Montpelier, Vt.; Fort Myers Beach, Fla.; and nearby Door County and Spirit lake, Iowa. Places like the Smokey Mountains, the Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky, Sedona, Ariz., and Lake of the Ozarks and Table Rock Lake in Missouri also have provided great scenery and relaxation. Family visits to Savannah, Ga.; Pocatello, Idaho; and Dubuque, Iowa, have taken us on routes that were new and exciting. With all that we haven't seen, any place in the U.S. could be that dream destination. Now, going to see someone is probably more the goal than going to see something.

Paul Breitbach,


RETURN TRIP: My dream vacation destination is Thailand, with a stopover in Tokyo, which is my wife's hometown. I first visited Thailand in July 1982, when I was working in Saudi Arabia. By the time I left Saudi Arabia in 1997, I had revisited Thailand a couple dozen times. Whatever you look for in a vacation destination, you will find it in Thailand: great climate, great food, great beaches, great shopping, great night life, you name it. I've been there with my wife and several friends. They all rave about the place. Several of my friends and I are considering setting up our own little retirement commune there, because one can enjoy an affluent lifestyle on a monthly Social Security check and the health care is top quality at very low cost. On second thought, don't go there! The fewer people who go there, the better it'll be for me.

Brian Farmer,


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Football fans

If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

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