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100 years ago - 1913

? Ben Carpenter, 63, a well-known west-side resident, was killed by a snowplow on the interurban line near Wrightstown.

? The council increased the city treasurer's salary to $600.

? Omer Kiley, messenger of the National Bank, was promoted to teller.

? Dr. E.A. Worden moved his dental office from the east side to the west side.

? The food administration prohibited the killing of hens or pullets because of a scarcity of eggs.

? Death - Joaquim Miller, aged "Poet of the Sierras," at Berkeley, Calif.

95 years ago - 1918

? Henry Moes was elected captain of the De Pere Home Guard Reserves. L.S. Wilcox was first lieutenant and P.J. Roffers second lieutenant.

? Clothes were being collected for the needy children and women in Belgium and the reconquered portion of France.

? Deaths - Mrs. Helen Jones; Charles Kosmosky; Arthur Priewe, formerly of De Pere, at Los Angeles; Mrs. Fred J. Klien, at Manistique, Mich.

90 years ago - 1923

? The new pipe organ at St. Joseph church was dedicated at special ceremonies.

? March 1923 was the coldest on record. There also were more snowstorms during March than at any time in the memory of De Pere's older residents. County highways were so badly drifted that farmers had difficulty getting out. Rural mail carriers were unable to deliver mail.

? Columbus Court 315 announced plans to celebrate its 30th anniversary in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the Catholic Order of Foresters.

85 years ago - 1928

? Iodine tablets for the prevention of goiter were introduced in the De Pere public schools.

? At a special session of the state legislature, a bill was passed allowing county judges to issue driver's licenses to children from 14 to 16 with the approval of their parents. The permits would be good from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset.

? Bergstrom Garage announced the new senior six Dodge for $875. The car was "beautifully designed and lacquered in a variety of smart and enduring colors."

? A local theater was featuring "40,000 Miles with Lindbergh."

? Deaths - Mrs. Mary Manders; Mrs. Sarah Kellog; Michael Garvey.

80 years ago - 1933

? Beaver's celebrated the 50th anniversary of the founding of the store.

? E.A. Seymour was seeking re-election as county superintendent of schools.

? A local store featured oranges at 10 cents per dozen; grapefruit, six for 25 cents; bananas, 5 pounds for 23 cents; sardines, three 1-pound cans for 14 cents; and radishes, two bunches for 5 cents.

75 years ago - 1938

? Wisconsin taxpayers paid $136 per capita on all taxes in 1936, according to a survey made by the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance, which referred to it as "the highest of any peace-time year in the state's history."

? Special meetings were being held by the City Council to explain the new proposed zoning ordinance.

? Locally advertised prices included grapefruit, 10 for 25 cents; celery, 5 cents per bunch; cauliflower, 15 cents per head; onion sets, 9 pounds for 25 cents; coffee, 3 pounds for 45 cents; tomato juice, four 14-ounce cans for 25 cents; beef roast, 12 cents per pound; T-bone steak, 18 cents per pound; and pork chops, 20 cents per pound.

? The Nicolet theater featured Will Rogers in "Hardy Andy," while Simone Simon, Walter Winchell and Ben Bernie were starring in "Love and Kisses" at the De Pere theater.

70 years ago - 1943

? Announcement of the nationwide butter "freeze" at midnight Sunday started people here on a buying spree. De Pere retailers practically sold out every ounce stocked on their shelves when the word was released that butter would be rationed.

? Miss Ann Wanek was appointed Brown County treasurer.

? Marriages - Lt. Roy Abig and Helen Gilson; James Olsen and Marian Bridgeman.

65 years ago - 1948

? Twenty candidates were seeking 10 offices in the city election.

? The board of education of School District No. 1 proposed adding an agriculture course at De Pere High School.

? Homes were being sought in Wisconsin for displaced European persons.

? Harold Stassen was seeking the presidential nomination.

? Building permits totaled $39,500 during March, when three new homes were built.

60 years ago - 1953

? "Bali Hi" was chosen as the theme of the West De Pere High School prom.

? Building permits totaled $158,050 during March. Six new homes, ranging in potential value from $5,800 to $20,000, were begun.

? Local stores featured standing rib roast, 59 cents per pound; lettuce, two heads for 23 cents; grapefruit, 10 for 49 cents; sugar, 10 pounds for 97 cents; chicken breasts, 69 cents per pound; and round or sirloin steak, 65 cents per pound.

55 years ago - 1958

? All incumbent aldermen were opposed on the ballot, and Mayor Von Maes was opposed by Clarence Verheyen.

? Building permits issued during March totaled $108,900 and included a new greenhouse and three new homes, as well as the permit for the city swimming pool at a cost of $57,000.

? Deaths - Henry Felten; Henry Vander Heiden; Mrs. Mary Vanderlin; Edward Kolb; Susan Jean, four-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Ambrosius Jr.

50 years ago - 1963

? Three people were trapped in a car when a large elm tree on William Street blew down during a storm.

? Jerome Smits was elected city clerk. Elected to the council were John Growt, First Ward; Kenneth Baumann, Second Ward; Horace Black, Third Ward; and Kelly Danen, Fourth Ward.

? Groundbreaking ceremonies were held by members of St. John Lutheran Church as construction of their new church at Third and Scheuring streets was begun.

? Members of the First Presbyterian church broke ground for their new church sanctuary, fellowship hall and kitchen.

? Deaths - Theodore Criel; Mary Jo Linders, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ignatius Linders; Ethel St. John; Bernard Vande Hey, Wrightstown.

45 years ago - 1968

? Two Greenleaf girls - Linda Benzschawel, 13, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Benzschawel, and Joanne Diny, 13, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Diny - were killed when a car struck the bicycles on which they were riding.

? The De Pere High School seniors presented the play "1984."

? Building permits issued during March totaled $205,000. They included permits for new homes ranging from $15,000 to $18,000.

? Gambles advertised a 14-cubic-foot, frost-free refrigerator freezer for $229.95.

? Deaths - Daryl Willems, formerly of De Pere, at San Jose, Calif.; Alvin J. Wilmet; Miss Bessie Donahus; Sister Christophora, the former Anna Felten, and Sister Loyola, the former Theresa Felten, at Jefferson; Joseph Brittnacher, Wrightstown.

40 years ago - 1973

? Fred Penrod defeated Barry Schumerth to be elected to the post of alderman in the Second Ward. Matt Galvin won the Third Ward race, beating incumbent Herman Stikl. Joan Mills, who was unopposed in the First Ward, became the first woman to be elected to the City Council.

? Alan Lasee was named town chairman of Rockland, defeating incumbent Omer Smits.

? Building permits totaled $306,700 during March, including a permit for a $55,000 restaurant issued to Ed Phillips at 1010 S. Broadway.

? Deaths - John J. Broeren, Hollandtown; Mrs. Merle Minor; August Delwiche; Frank Summers, Greenleaf rural mail carrier for 42 years.

? Marriage - James Lasee and Cynthia Coenen.

35 years ago - 1978

? Louis Leiberg was elected mayor, defeating incumbent Robert De Groot, 2,033 to 1,426.

? Ernie Christus was named supervisor of recreation programs with the De Pere Park and Recreation Department.

? Building permits issued during March totaled $625,600 and included one duplex and 11 new homes.

? Deaths - Philip J. Roshong; Charles A. House, formerly of De Pere.

? Marriages - Charles Kell and Barbara Hanney; Joseph Dudek Jr. and Catherine Beck; Hardy Brooks III and Anne Marie Gossen.

30 years ago - 1983

? In the only aldermanic race in the spring election, Darold De Tennis was returned to office as District 4 alderman. Gary Dilweg and Mary Fran Growt were re-elected to the De Pere school board, and Norma Norton was elected the third member. On the west side, Gerald Gerbers and Bonnie Rottier were re-elected to the school board. Donald Holloway was re-elected county executive, narrowly defeating Jerome Van Sistine.

? Students at Abbot Pennings High School presented the musical "Fiddler on the Roof."

? Building permits issued during March totaled more than $1 million.

25 years ago - 1988

? Nancy Nusbaum was elected mayor, the first woman in De Pere's history to hold that post. Also winning in the spring election were Theodore Penn, First District alderman; Jerry Daanen, Second District alderman; Richard Collette, Third District alderman; and David Catalano, Fourth District alderman.

? Deaths - Elaine Jagodzinski; Paul Felten; Gertrude Vande Hei; Mrs. Robert Johnson; Mrs. Ray Gonnering; John Burns; Tanya Magley, seven-month-old daughter of Rick and Colleen Schultz Magley; Mrs. William Just.

? Marriage - Kenneth Bastian and Julie Uitenbroek.

20 years ago - 1993

? Two new principals were named by the school board to serve the West De Pere School District. Mark Sheedy, assistant principal at Pulaski High School, was offered a contract to become the principal at West De Pere High School. Kathy Brockdorf will become the first principal of the new West De Pere Middle School.

? Veteran aldermen Dean Krause in District 1 and Victor De Cleene in District 3 were re-elected to the Common Council. Two other alderpersons, who did not face opposition, also were re-elected: Barbara Stenger in District 2 and Kathy Van Vonderen in District 4. - New school-board members were elected in the De Pere and the West De Pere school districts. Voters returned incumbent Dawn Pichard in the east-side district and elected newcomer Pamela Wilson. Elected in the West De Pere district were incumbent Janice Coenen and newcomer Rosa Coenen.

? Sophie Vaessen was awarded a queen's pin as an 80-year-old participant in the ladies' state bowling tournament at Beaver Dam. The tournament was for bowlers 55 and older.

? Deaths - Dorothy Koenig; Emil (Pinky) Pinkert, formerly of De Pere, at Suring; Bernard N. Carter; Gertrude "Trudy" Gallagher; Kenneth E. Matzke.

15 years ago - 1998

? All of De Pere's incumbent city officials were re-elected to office without opposition, including Mayor Michael Walsh; aldermen Theodore Penn in District 1, Jerome Daanen in District 2, Jim Hooyman in District 3 and Thomas Walsh in District 4; and Municipal Judge David Matyas. Three school-board members, including one incumbent, were elected in the De Pere School District. Successful candidates included incumbent Rose Hogan and new board members Cheryl Kalny and John Koser. In the West De Pere School District, incumbent board members Bob Heuvelmans and Christine Liebman returned to office.

? Immediately after viewing the architect's plan for a new $2,278,370 community center in De Pere, members of the Board of Park Commissioners asked for the price to be trimmed to $2 million. The two-story building, to be constructed at the east end of VFW Park, was generally well-received by the commissioners. With no budget for the facility, however, several members expressed concern about being able to pay for the building as presented.

? Deaths - Ann C. Brochtrup; Mrs. Charles (Dorothy) Baribeau; Ione E. Daugherty, formerly of De Pere, at Tomah; Raymond A. Smits; Francis W. Doeren, a former De Pere resident; Elmer De Groot; Harry Bolssen, Wrightstown; Irene F. Duescher, formerly of Wrightstown, at Manitowoc; Hugh J. Clancy, formerly of the town of Holland, at West Harrison, N.Y.

? Marriage - Christopher M. Coffey and Marcia A. De Wolfe, at Green Bay.

10 years ago - 2003

? Deaths - Leo J. Wagner, 91; Genevieve "Gen" Clusman, 97; Thomas J. Kabacinski.

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