Capers on Jones: He'll be able to give us rush inside

Apr. 26, 2013
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Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers spoke with the media after the Packers drafted UCLA defensive end Datone Jones with the 26th pick.

Opening statement:
Add Datone Jones to our defense. As we watched Datone, you could see him do a lot of the things that we ask our defensive linemen to do. We feel he brings versatility from the standpoint that he brings very good length. He has the ability to play either outside at defensive end and obviously we play an awful lot of sub packages today in defending the offenses that we have to defend. So, he can move inside and play inside. He’s an athletic player, has some basketball background. I think he’s a high-character guy with a very good work ethic. Again, as we watched him play, it was easy to project him playing in our defense because they play a very similar defense at UCLA.

On being an inside rusher
He’s athletic and he’s long, so he moves with ease. I think that he’ll be able to give us rush inside. In our 3-4, he can play out at defensive end and he can be an inside player and do a good job against both the run and the pass inside.

On importance of height:
It’s important. If you’re drawing up a defensive end, you’d like to have a guy with his kind of height and length. It was one of the things that was appealing to us.

Can he put on more weight:
I think he has a big frame. He’s a very lean guy when you see him. I don’t know what his percent body fat is but he didn’t have a lot of excess. I think he’s one of those guys that, just the natural progression, that he’ll be able to put on weight.

On scout:
I’ve always felt the more versatility a guy has, the number of different schemes you play, you’d like to have a guy that can potentially play all three downs for us, and we think he has those type of abilities.

On how fast he is:
Obviously you’d like to have as much speed as you can. I think the way the offenses are heading – we work against our offense every day on the practice field and you’re going to be spread out. It’s become more of a space game. Any time you’re spread out and you have to cover space, the quicker and faster you are, the better you’re going to be probably.

On Datone Jones vs Sylvester Williams:
I think they’re different style of players. Obviously, Sylvester Williams is bigger but Datone is longer. With that, I think he can play all the positions that we would ask him to play.

On playing outside:
If we’re in a four-down look and he’s playing outside and you want to stem into a defense where he could go outside, I think he very well could go outside and be one of those guys to where he can play down over a guard and then all of a sudden you stem and move him. We have a number of things that we do that way, so you like those athletic guys that can go out into space and rush from the outside. It just gives you more flexibility if a guy can rush both inside and outside because you can move him around. We do that with Clay a lot from a standpoint of when Clay lines up on the right side and then you’ll see Clay stem and he’ll be inside or he might be on the other side. If you have a guy who can replace him out there when you move him around, it helps.

Surprised he was still there?
Oh, I never know where these guys are going to go. We’ve had a good feel – we had a good interview at the Combine. He has a good presence about himself. The things you hear from UCLA – they like his character, his leadership, his work ethic and all those things that I think are important to be able to move forward and make the transition.

On how he compares to Cullen Jenkins:
He’s taller than Cullen. One of Cullen’s strengths was his ability to move around and play different spots. These guys that have that size and they can play at times like a big linebacker and that type of thing. Again, you like the basketball background because, obviously, he has to be able to move around and have some lateral movement. His testing was good.

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Football fans

If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

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