Glimpses of the Past: May 2

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100 years ago - 1913

? The old Valley Telephone Company's offices were dismantled.

? William Van Sustern purchased the agricultural implement business of Ben Liest and Sons.

? Heavy rains recently damaged blacktop roads, bridges and culverts in Brown County.

? Deaths - Benjamin C. Woods; J.F. Hopkins; Mrs. Fred Meyer.

? Marriages - Wilbert Kempen and Hattie De Bruin; Louis Pantzlaff and Lena Krahn, at Lark.

95 years ago - 1918

? R.R. Risdon was elected president of the De Pere Civic Association; John L. Schnitzler, secretary; and E.A. Lee, treasurer.

? The Rev. C.H. Evans resigned as pastor of the Presbyterian church to go to southern Idaho to take charge of the orchard lands.

? The Lange Company bought out the Griffin Company at Fort Wayne, Ind., and transferred the latter company's business here.

? Deaths - Lawrence W. Vandeburg; Gerald Martens; Mrs. Irvin Bissell, at Grand Rapids, Mich.

90 years ago - 1923

? At the first meeting of the new council, Carl Scott was elected president; M.J. Maes, clerk; Fred M. Smith, city attorney; C.H. Phelps, poor commissioner; and H. Berg, bridge tender.

? Lewis Knuth was re-elected chairman of the Brown County Board with Louis Hansen as vice chairman.

? Deaths - Milan Casterline, 2, at Long Beach, Calif.; Norbert DeLoye, 2 ; Hart Stowe, formerly of Lawrence, in Idaho; Fred McCarthy, 3.

85 years ago - 1928

? Lewis Knuth was appointed chairman of the county board of supervisors for a ninth term.

? The De Pere Athletic Association was organized.

? Deaths - Mrs. Mary Hobbins; Mrs. William Nelson, formerly Sophia Boyea, at Milford, N.Y.; Miss Lillimae Pahl; Mrs. Joseph Williams of Kimberly, the former Ethel Wobke.

? Marriages - Wellington Nuss and Myrtle Everette; Wilbur Grover and Philomena Kaye.

80 years ago - 1933

? William Klaus was elected president of the council at its organizational meeting. Dr. H.W. Doyle was the only new member.

? The De Pere High School band presented its annual pre-tournament concert.

? State inspectors gave their official permission for the opening of the new bridge to all traffic.

? The recently completed Nicolet Theater opened its doors for the first time.

? Twenty thousand dollars' worth of script was delivered to city officials. Miss Lillian Dillon, city treasurer, used the script to pay city bills.

? Deaths - Peter DeCleene; Mrs. A.J. Coopmans; Barney Lassee; Mrs. Francis Hoskens.

75 years ago - 1938

? The City Council purchased a four-wheel-drive fire truck with a 500-gallon booster tank.

? Water bills were raised 60 percent to generate $18,000 a year for maintenance, payment of interest and retirement of the debt on the disposal plant. Many citizens complained about the increase.

? Easter hams were selling for 25, 28 and 29 cents per pound. Radishes were two bunches for 5 cents; cucumbers, 5 cents each; tomatoes, 2 pounds for 25 cents; and sirloin steak, 20 cents per pound.

70 years ago - 1943

? Easter was being celebrated.

? Henry, Norbert and Aelred Jacobs purchased the John Steckart farm comprised of 197 acres.

? Deaths - Mrs. John Johnson; Adolph Meyer, Greenleaf.

65 years ago - 1948

? Smits clothes shop was gutted by the city's worst fire in three years.

? The De Pere Journal-Democrat was the subject of the monthly magazine of the Wisconsin Anti-Tuberculosis Association.

? Deaths - Mrs. W.L. Zentmeyer; William Bruss, 3-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Bruss; John Van Abel; Mrs. George Ellis.

? Marriages - Robert M. Tetzlaff and Mary Louise Hessel; Thomas Jensen and Lorraine Giese; Wilbert Tappa and Rosemary Vondracek; Joseph Smet and Cecilia Schuh.

60 years ago - 1953

? Everson Zelten was re-elected vice mayor at the council's organizational meeting.

? Deaths - Felix Matzke, Glenmore; Marilyn Ann Metz, 2-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Metz, Wrightstown; John Hagens; Theodore Berken; Charles Potvin; Maurice Ryan, Rockland.

? Marriage - Ronald J. Verber and Eunice Lenss.

55 years ago - 1958

? Deaths - Joseph E. Garvey, Freedom; Ervin Hameister, Freedom; Mrs. Thomas Brick, Askeaton; Mrs. Jacob Holub; Martin Francken; Edwin R. Bruss, formerly of De Pere, at Scottsdale, Ariz.; Clyde J. Ninham; Mrs. Henry Zeamer.

? Marriages - John R. Zambrowicz and Alice Van Den Heuvel; Donald Randerson and Joyce Lewins; Dean Delahaut and Doris Berg; John J. Bougie and Patricia Vanden Berg, at Freedom.

50 years ago - 1963

? School petitions seeking detachment from the Wrightstown School District were denied. A referendum election to vote on a $675,000 bond for a new high school was set for May 16.

? Judith Schink and Gary Griepentrog were named valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively, of De Pere High School's senior class.

? Kay Lieuwen and Dan Van Gheem were named queen and king of the West De Pere High School junior prom.

? Deaths - Nickolas B. Remmel, Wrightstown; Mrs. Chris Rottier; Walter La Frombois; William Gossen; Walter Whitman; John Stiltjes.

? Marriages - Melvin Hockers and Mary Nella Cavil; F. Ronald Nelson and Audrey Snow; Francis Van Remortel and Jean Lasee.

45 years ago - 1968

? The Rev. D.M. Burke, O. Praem., resigned as president of St. Norbert College to assume the duties of chancellor.

? The new vestibule of St. Paul Catholic Church was blessed at special ceremonies.

? Jeanne Ann Ullmer was awarded the Rotary Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship.

? Cheri Schroeder and Larry Edinger were queen and king of the Wrightstown High School junior prom. "Love Me Forever" was the theme.

? Deaths - Elmer J. Brown, Kaukauna; Miss Helena Colwell, Askeaton; Mrs. Albert Treichel; Mrs. John D. Janssen; William Sausen; Andrew Hecker; Mrs. Ben Reignier.

? Marriages - Paul Schuette and Barbara Ann Hutjens; Daniel Stencil and Mary Wilmet; George Hockers and Carol Dombeck; Ronald Van Lanen and Donna Mae Theunis, at Wrightstown.

40 years ago - 1973

? Fire destroyed the Pub in Greenleaf, a tavern owned by Joseph Bowers.

? Abbot Pennings High School students were presenting the play "Li'l Abner," starring Phil Arant and Cindy Freeman in the leading roles of Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae.

? Deaths - Emmett Clancy, Askeaton; George Lamine; Daniel Ferrigan, 19; Mrs. Hattie Gauthier; Randall Coenen, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Coenen; Mrs. Leslie Stowe; Mrs. William Mennen; Ernst Bornemann.

? Marriages - Gerald Van Lanen and Patsy Robinson; Mark Schumacher, Wayside, and Janet Boeder.

35 years ago - 1978

? Connie Marchant was queen and Ben Bruin king of the annual De Pere High School junior prom.

? "Oliver" was chosen as their musical by the Abbot Pennings High School students. Brian Fleming was cast as Oliver. Greg Reinhart, Al Sweney, Fred Kaftan and Kathy Kiedinger were playing other major roles.

? Richard McDonough, son of Mr. and Mrs. John McDonough, placed 1,217th out of 5,000 runners in the Boston Marathon.

? Deaths - Frank A. Haanen; Mrs. Edward Hall; Mrs. Joseph Maufort; Mrs. Rose Davison; John Ganter Sr.; Floyd Jones; William Moudry; Mrs. John (Clara) Cornelissen; Elmer Wierschke, Wrightstown.

? Marriages - David Coenen and Lu Ann De Ruyter; Daniel Van Den Elzen and Kathleen Van Camp.

30 years ago - 1983

? White Pillars, the De Pere Historical Society museum, was reopened after being closed for a year for renovation of the building. The project was funded by a grant from the Byron Walter Family Trust.

? Becky Pokel and Pat Ferron were queen and king of the De Pere High School junior prom. Court of honor members were Tim Smits, Sandy Brown, Kurt Van Remortel, Kay Huxford, Andy Kuschel, Melody Abraham, Randy De Cleene, Liz Van Laanen, Joe Smits, Ann Langer, Dan Devroy, Betsy Bell, John Haney and Laura De Baker.

? Deaths - Chester P. Skaleski; Mrs. Fred Demske; Theodora C. Jenkel; Mrs. Marcella Stevens; Mrs. Peter Van Der Wettering; Mrs. Herman Hendricks; Milo Cotts; Albert Mommaerts; Victor F. Moss; Esther Keating, Askeaton; Mrs. Leonard Detrie, formerly of Morrison, at Green Bay; Frank Rahn, Morrison.

? Marriages - Jeffrey Lewins and Jane Jacobs; Daryl Gerrits and Patricia Van Hoof, at Freedom.

25 years ago - 1988

? Donation of a gift of $1.5 million from Fort Howard Foundation Inc. and Dr. David Cofrin to St. Norbert College for construction of a new classroom building was announced. The building was to be named in honor of Austin E. Cofrin, founder of Fort Howard Paper Corporation.

? Ground was broken for a new education building by members of Hope Lutheran Church.

? Morrison residents agreed to continue a wastewater-treatment plant study. An informal survey was conducted by mail.

? De Pere High School junior prom court members were Sean Sanders, Scott Heimerl, Bob Marchant, Craig Wagner, Jean Canadeo, Chris Mason, Joe Van Bogart, Phil Mattern, Jenni Baeten, Holly Vande Hei, Jessie Vanden Hogen, Gwen Austin, Mary Martinson and Mary De Moulin.

? Members of the West De Pere High School junior prom court were Jill Staszak, Heidi Hawk, Troy Zastrow, Gary Lieuwen, Amie Hendricks, Chad Thomson, Jim Secor, Theresas Linskens, Greg Feltheim, Joy Alger, Jason Schweitzer, Jennifer Albers, Jody Jaracezewski and Brandell Petras.

? Deaths - Ira Roy "Duke" Bakken; Jeanne Hart Luebke, formerly of De Pere, in Holland, Mich.; Ernest J. Janssen; Lawrence A. Kane; Anna Gossen Meulemans, formerly of Wrightstown, at Kaukauna.

? Marriages - Dale Demske and Nancy Henrigillis; Joseph Coenen, Greenleaf, and Lisa Mancoske; Dennis Gilson, Greenleaf, and Mary Ropson.

20 years ago - 1993

? Deaths - Melvin Kleuskens, formerly of De Pere, at Waupun; John Zirbel, formerly of De Pere, at Pardeeville; Wilbert H. Treichel, Greenleaf.

? Marriage - James Cygan and Lori Hronek.

15 years ago - 1998

? More than $18 million of public and private funds have been reinvested in downtown De Pere since the creation of the Main Street Program, president Nancy Friebel announced at the annual meeting April 22. Friebel reported 372 new jobs were created and 179 buildings have been improved. Ninety-five new businesses opened, and 39 businesses expanded. The estimated fair market value of property within the Main Street boundaries increased 59.3 percent since 1990, the first year of the program.

? A recommendation is expected in August for the location of a new downtown bridge across the Fox River in De Pere. Until then three sites will be analyzed by the ad hoc Claude Allouez Bridge study committee and its consulting firm, Rust Environmental and Infrastructure Inc. of Sheboygan. A new river crossing is tentatively scheduled for construction in 2006. The unofficial favored choice is an option to construct a new eastbound river crossing that would connect Reid Street and Main Avenue to Charles Street, just south of the existing bridge.

? De Pere Middle School will be dedicated during a 3 p.m. ceremony Sunday, May 3, in the school's auditeria. Principal Bonnie Emrick said Joe Seroogy, a middle school parent and a member of the original facilities planning committee, will be the featured speaker. De Pere School Board President Ken Peters will accept the building for the school district from a representative of Dana Larsen Roubel, the architect for the project. The new school building at 700 Swan Road opened in January.

? Deaths - Mildred E. Leaman; Russell E. (Chief) Williams Sr.; Robert M. Briggs, in Arizona; Brianna Angeline Malke, infant daughter of Clayton and Lisa Malke; Robert J. Beckers; Mrs. Theodore (Ann) Keyser, 92; Donald V. Simoens, formerly of De Pere, at Menomonee Falls; Dan P. Wicker, Wrightstown.

? Marriage - Gary T. Poels and Jodi L. Minten (listing for 1997 wedding).

10 years ago - 2003

? Brown County Sheriff's Department investigators are considering the disappearance of a 32-year-old Allouez woman suspicious. Investigators were searching for Areerat Chuprevich, a housewife and student at St. Norbert College in De Pere. Chuprevich was reported missing by her husband, Thomas Chuprevich, at 11:40 a.m. Monday, April 28. He last saw her about noon Saturday, April 26, when he left to spend the weekend in northern Wisconsin, according to sheriff's department spokesman Capt. John Gossage. Chuprevich discovered his wife was missing when he returned home Sunday night. Gossage said Thomas Chuprevich isn't a suspect in Areerat's disappearance.

? The Rt. Rev. Gary Neville was elected the sixth abbot in the 110-year history of St. Norbert Abbey in De Pere in a vote of his peers. Neville replaces Abbot E. Thomas De Wane, who had reached the end of his nine-year term. Neville, 52, is a Green Bay native and a 1973 graduate of St. Norbert College.

? De Pere business Ambrosius Sales and Service is celebrating its 50th year in operation. Ambrosius has been a part of the community since 1953, when it was established by Bill and Marie Ambrosius as Ambrosius Feed and Seed. The business expanded from a feed and seed store to take on more of a commercial face with lawn and garden supplies and commercial name-brand grounds equipment.

? Deaths - Don Gerarden; Thomas J. Willems; Lorna R. Smith; Kathleen "Kitty" Thomson; Wilford P. Van Lanen.

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If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

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