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Checking in from afar

Since moving to Las Cruces from the town of Jacksonport, I have from time to time checked up on the goings-on in Door County. I recently saw state Rep. Garey Bies' "Notes From a Former Television Show" regarding funding for technical colleges.

All I will say about that is this problem has not been fixed in Mr. Bies' numerous terms in office and his latest solution advocates a tax increase that always falls hardest on those least able to pay. He also cooks the books a bit. He mentions an increase in sales tax from 5 percent to 6 percent, but everyone knows that in Door County there is an extra half-percentage added to that.

But, another article, in the Sheboygan Press, really caught my eye. This dealt with a proposal from Mr. Bies that he did not see fit to mention in his column. It appears Mr. Bies wants to draft a law making it illegal to "attack or harass" a member of the Legislature.

Well, given the recent actions of the Wisconsin Legislature, we can hardly blame him for wanting some added protection. After all, if the citizens of Wisconsin had drafted bills gutting union protection, stripping pensions, gutting the environment, ad nauseum, and all of that directed at legislators, somebody somewhere would surely decide that it might in their self-interest to do something in the way of self-defense.

I always thought this country operated under the rule of law and that the law applied equally to all, even "citizen legislators." I guess Mr. Bies feels the need for special laws that protect his ilk. Pardon me if I find that more than a bit elitist and fatuous. After all, a glass of beer dumped over a legislator's head isn't any wetter than one dumped over yours. Perhaps the real crime in the legislator's case is the waste of a perfectly good glass of beer.

Personally, I think the demonstrators the filled the Capital Square and Capital Building a while back missed a perfectly good opportunity. There they were, about 100,000 of them, and not one legislator was defenestrated. What a pathetic waste of manpower.

It makes me glad I now live in New Mexico. Here we have a part-time legislature. Of course, New Mexico is said to have a corrupt political system and I guess that is true. But our legislators only get a per diem for serving in a couple of very short sessions. After that they have to go back home to a real job.

You can bet that if they passed the kind of stuff Mr. Bies and his fellows have passed they would have a damned hard time making a living at their honest jobs as lawyers, real estate developers, and used-car salesmen. The citizens would just take their business elsewhere.

Tom Hermann

Las Cruces, N.M.

Johnson gave just the facts

I sat through a presentation by U.S. Senator Ron Johnson who spoke at N.E.W. Industries here in Sturgeon Bay on May 1 (and by the way, everyone should listen to politicians in person and not what the TV or radio has to say about them and their ideas).

Ron Johnson discussed our nation's economic condition. I did not feel that the senator was speaking to us with some hidden political agenda because he still has over three years of a six-year term left. I believe he just wanted the public to know how bad the state of our economy is. It was not pretty. Many like myself, left feeling helpless, hopeless, and having no recourse/power to help this nation move in a different direction.

As I listened to the facts, YES, we were assured they were facts, he prefaced his presentation with the statement that the data was taken from the Treasury Department and the staff had verified and re-verified the numbers. Like I said earlier, his presentation was overwhelming and I wouldn't even know how to share that information with you, only suggest that you look him up. But I wanted to say publicly that we need to pay a lot more attention to who we elect.

I once heard an ideology that went like this: Most Republicans are like parents and most Democrats are like children. I know that this statement will offend some, and I have not used it for many years. But Ron Johnson's presentation made reference to the fact that people would not run their households or businesses the way government is running the country. So it made me think about it all over again and wondered if perhaps there is some truth to it. Let's just use the parents versus kids as a theory.

If we ran government like running a household and raising kids or a business, then perhaps what needs to happen is, we find a way to get more parents in Washington. Have parents who can make those hard decisions and tell the kids no - parents who sometimes are not liked, are not popular, who the kids don't always agree with, but know that they are doing what is best for the family. Parents who don't spend more than they make.

What scares me most about this ideology is that we seem to have more kids than parents in Washington, spending and not being responsible. It also seems like we have more kids voting than parents. I'm not sure how to get more parents in Washington or at least kids who want to become parents. I only know that everyone needs to care more about who is being voted in.

I would also like to publicly thank Chris Moore, owner of N.E.W. Industries, for supporting such a venue.

Paddy Elliott

Sturgeon Bay

Thank you for successful reunion

I had the pleasure of helping on the committee for the Emerson/Doerr Electric Reunion on April 13 with Trudy Berkhahn, Alison LeCloux, Bob Delebreau, Dick Klotz and Sue Paschke. We had a great turnout - more than 200 people were in attendance. Everyone had a great time. A lot of laughs and hugs were had by all.

We would like to thank everyone that attended and helped us get in touch with some of the people that are not on Facebook. It was wonderful to connect with old friends. We would also like to thank the Draft Haus for having us. It was the perfect place to have this reunion, and thanks for all of your help when we needed it.

We will probably do it again in five years, so start planning, As soon as we get a date set for 2018, we will post it on FB. By then everyone should be on it!

Thanks again to the committee: Trudy, Alison, Bob, Dick and Sue, for all of your hard work! We did have fun doing it though.

Barb Richards

Sturgeon Bay

Pay attention to AB 34

In regard to Assembly Bill 34 that state Sen. Frank Lasee, Rep. Garey Bies and others have introduced, which would allow an electric utility or cooperative to consider electricity derived from nuclear power to count towards a renewable portfolio standard: I would suggest they ask the survivors of Three Mile Island, Fukushima and Chernobyl, a virtual ghost town, if they think it's a renewable energy source.

To put nuclear power in the same category as solar, wind, geothermal and biomass energy is mind-boggling.

Regulations for nuclear power are in place for a reason - safety. What am I missing here?

Carol Schmidt

Baileys Harbor

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