Economic development cornerstone of 2020 vision

May 4, 2013
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The following ideas emerged from a two-day conference in 2012 outlining a vision for Brown County in 2020.

By the year 2020, our vision is that:

We consistently seek, promote and create a sustainable economy and livable community — financially, physically, socially and environmentally.

Details of the vision:

Stable economic base

We have a stable economic base, built on existing strengths, with a solid core of sustainable opportunities for employment, wealth creation and reinvestment.

• Sustainability is measured on a long-term basis, avoiding quick fixes in favor of sowing the seeds of positive multigenerational outcomes.

• We leverage our existing resources, including water and agricultural byproducts. We maintain a balance of clean water and green space, incorporate Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design in new and repurposed buildings and recycle materials.

• Green Bay and Brown County become the center for pollution-free paper manufacturing.

• We identify and achieve measurable positive differentials over state and national metrics of economic activity, including use of alternative and renewable fuels, self-sufficiency in food production, energy footprint, economic growth, standard of living and costs of doing business.

• Employers work with health providers on developing wellness in the workplace, including addressing obesity and substance abuse.

• Employers are engaged with health providers and insurers to bring down the cost and improve the quality of health care to make this a positive cost differential in doing business here.

• We have a swimmable Bay of Green Bay.

Magnet for economic development

We are a magnet for economic development, attracting young professionals, families, entrepreneurs, innovators, corporate offices and investors, who fuel growth and renewal of an evolving economy.

• We are a community nationally recognized as a great place to raise children.

• We are a community with a high percentage of citizens involved in charitable giving, volunteering and collaborative mentoring, both on a neighborhood and faith-community basis.

• We build on existing strengths (e.g. papermaking and converting, nonwovens and their derivative products, wind turbines, insurance, health care, recreation, agriculture) to innovate and move from good to better to best.

• We foster venture capital funding support and mentoring by businesses.

• We have locally sponsored enterprise zones.

• Brown County is a sought-after destination because it provides support services, an entrepreneurial infrastructure and a reputation for diversity of ideas and innovation.

• There is a Brown County Council for Sustainability, for developing new business ideas — a think tank that makes its ideas public.

• Urban areas and contemporary housing are created for diverse, affluent young professionals.

Education and training

We have an education and training system built around integration of life and learning.

• We have an integrated education and career training system, secondary and post secondary

system that promotes: Lifelong learning, career service, wellness, and civic engagement.

• Our learning system is designed to foster leadership in people through mentoring, exposure to management practices and integration with and throughout the system and the workforce.

• Employees and employers partner to meet the evolving needs of labor markets.

• Our education system is innovative and offers lifelong learning beginning at birth, including cooperation between schools and businesses to provide meaningful exposure and training in the workplace for secondary and post secondary students; apprenticeships and internship opportunities for secondary school and post secondary students in the workplace; education beyond high school; parenting classes; interpersonal relationship education; education of voters; harnessing of technology for industry and individual advancement; and help for schools with low graduation rates by providing incentives for students to go to school for job training that leads to employment.

• Our education and training system: Develops a more highly skilled workforce to supply new businesses, sees each student graduating from high school with a job skill, makes sure that all students earn credentials beyond the high school diploma, and sees more community service involvement.

• We see the education of the haves as an opportunity and an obligation to build relationships and partner for progress with the have-nots.

• A medical school based on low cost, superior-outcome health care is located in Brown County and is a part of a focus on innovation across the community and the business sector in particular.

Local pride

We are recognized beyond our borders as much for our local pride in creating a livable community with a vibrant economy, as we are for our community ownership of the Packers.

• We are recognized as an All-American City and use our national recognition in reclaiming Broadway as a model for planning further downtown renewal.

• We encourage and support our diversity and inclusiveness.

• We maintain our state and national leadership in providing early childhood services.

• We put the “green” into Green Bay with our sustainability efforts.

• We regionalize our cultural centers, mass transit systems and tourism opportunities.

• We revitalize the Weidner Center, expand the arts in our community and attract persons associated with the arts.

• We use the Neville Public museum to promote our unique local image, both current and historical.

Regional community

We have a consistent and unified approach to local and regional government which supports our economy and its drivers and the building of a sustainable regional community.

• Our citizens elect public officials who treat each other with respect in common efforts to better the community.

• Government resources and services are consolidated in order to better leverage limited funds to promote development, reduce competition among communities and improve regional transit

• Regional tax sharing is used when services provided benefit the region as a whole.

• A high percentage of voters turnout for elections.

• There is a robust pool of candidates for public office who have diversity of thought and background as well as understanding of the role of government in promoting a healthy economy.

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Football fans

If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

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