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Remembering the fallen from Winnebago County

May 22, 2013
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Civil War

Abrams, George, Army
Adams, Aaron B.,Army
Alden, Charles,Army
Allen, David, Army
Allen, Edward, Army
Allen, George, Army
Allen, Richard, Army
Alley, James, Army
Althouse, Henry, Army
Anderson, John, Army
Anderson, William, Army
Apel, Michael, Army
Archer, James, Army
Armstrong, George, Army
Augur, Allen, Army
Avery, Amos, Army
Bainson, Ole, Army
Baird, Thomas, Army
Baldwin, Reuben, Army
Banderob, Henry, Army
Barber, William, Army
Barden, Henry, Army
Barker, William, Army
Barnes, Orrin, Army
Barnes, William, Army
Barnett, James, Army
Barron, Robert, Army
Bartlett, James, Army
Bartlett, Samuel, Army
Barton, John, Army
Bashford, Riley, Army
Batcham Eli, Army
Bayley, Orson, Army
Beach, Frederick, Army
Bederke, David, Army
Bedient, George, Army
Beeman, John, Army
Bell, Lewis, Army
Bellows, Charles, Army
Bemis, Henry, Army
Billings, Jonathan, Army
Bingham, Alfred, Army
Blake, Colburn, Army
Blazier, David, Army
Blinn, Noble, Army
Bly, Cyrus, Army
Boss, Herman, Army
Boyd, Edgar, Army
Bradish, Cyrus, Army
Bradley, Bigelow, Army
Bradley, William , Army
Brandes, John, Army
Brennan, John, Army
Bridge, Wellington, Army
Briggs, Samuel, Army
Britton, Henry, Army
Brockway, Reuben, Army
Brooks, Alden, Army
Brown, Henry, Army
Bushnell, Mathias, Army
Byrne, William, Army
Cameron, John, Army
Carlton, Benjamin, Army
Carpenter, Bennett, Army
Carpenter, Charles, Army
Carpenter, Giles, Gunboat Service
Carroll, John, Army
Carwardine, George, Army
Chamberlain, James, Army
Chase, George, Army
Chase, William, Army
Clark, James, Army
Clausen, Andrew, Army
Cleveland, Clark, Army
Clinton, Luman, Army
Clune, Patrick, Army
Colborne, Charles, Army
Cole, Henry, Army
Colwell, Moses, Army
Comley, John, Army
Comstock, William, Army
Conley, James, Army
Conley, William, Army
Connor, Timothy, Army
Cooley, Charles, Army
Cooley, Homer, Army
Coon, Albert, Army
Cooper, Edwin, Army
Coose, Peter, Army
Cotton, Otis, Army
Cottrell, Willett, Army
Coulson, George, Army
Cown, George, Army
Crandall, Asahel, Army
Cranmer, Abram, Army
Crittenden, Aretus, Army
Cross, Otis, Army
Cuneen, Michael, Army
Daily, William, Army
Dana, Josiah, Army
Dane, Henry, Army
Davis, James, Army
Davis, John, Army
Davis, Robert, Army
Davis, William, Army
Day, Thomas , Army
Dean, Jesse, Army
Dibble, Cyrus, Army
Dickson, James, Army
Dillon, William, Army
Doty, Henry, Army
Doughty, Samuel, Army
Douglass, Harvey, Army
Douglass, Philo, Army
Downie, Phillip, Army
Dunn, Alvin, Army
Dunn, Henry, Army
Durr, Israel, Army
Eames, William, Army
Eddy, Frederick, Army
Edwards, Henry, Army
Eldridge, Joshua, Army
Ellenwood, Sidney, Army
Elliott, Park, Army
Ellis, Edward, Army
Ellsworth, Nelson, Army
Elm, Isaac, Army
Emerick, John, Army
Farrow, William, Army
Fay, Carlos, Army
Fay, William, Army
Ferris, Addison , Army
Ferris, Richard, Army
Fifield, Jacob, Army
Filatreau, Paul, Army
Fink, Henry, Army
Fish, George, Army
Flanagan, Michael, Army
Flanagan, Vincent, Army
Foley, John, Army
Forrest, John, Army
Foster, Franklin, Army
Foster, William, Army
Frank, Dwight , Army
Freeman, Rollin, Army
Frees, John, Army
Frient, Martin, Army
Fugleburg, John, Army
Furman, Lotridge, Army
Gadbold, David, Army
Gallagher, Michael, Army
Gallup, Arthur, Army
Gansen, Mathias, Army
Gay, Eugene, Army
Giddings, Ira, Army
Gilman, Ira, Army
Goodrich, James, Army
Goodwin, Henry, Army
Grant, Howard, Army
Gray, William, Army
Greenwood, Samuel, Army
Griswold, John, Navy
Hackett, Samuel, Army
Hain, Edward, Army
Hale, A. Channing, Army
Hale, Amos, Army
Halvorson, Halvor, Army
Hamilton, William, Army
Hamm, Eugene, Army
Hammond, Charles, Army
Hammon, Nelson, Army
Hansen, Hans, Army
Hanson, Knud, Army
Hanson, Ole, Army
Harding, Wilson, Army
Hartshorn, Martin, Army
Hartung, Frederick, Army
Hartwell, Stephen, Army
Hawkins, David, Army
Hayes, Samuel, Army
Haywood, Franklin, Army
Henry, Andrew, Army
Henry, Charles, Army
Herriman, Louis , Army
Hess, Henry, Army
Hess, Stephen, Army
Hickman, Albert, Army
Hicks, Henry, Army
Hiliant, James, Army
Hill, Elias, Army
Hinman, Albert, Army
Hinman, David, Army
Hinman, George, Army
Hoffman, Albertus, Army
Holman, Andrew, Army
Hosley, Hascal, Army
Hough, Charles, Army
Hough, Nathan, Army
Hoveland, Christian, Army
Howell, John, Army
Howlett, James, Army
Holxie, Lucius, Army
Hughes, John, Army
Hull, Ezra, Army
Huntington, Almon, Army
Hutzell, George, Army
Hyatt, Frank, Army
Ingleson, Nels, Army
Jackman, Monroe, Army
Jenkins, Henry, Army
Jenkins, William, Army
Jennerjohn, Christian, Army
Jewett, John, Army
Johns, Andrew, Army
Johnson, Charles, Army
Johnson, Nelson, Army
Johnson, William, Army
Jones, Charles, Army
Jordan, John, Army
Kellett, John, Army
Kellogg, Hollis, Army
Kilborn, George, Army
Kirkland, Edward, Army
Knaggs, Charles, Army
Knapp, Charles, Army
Kniseley, George, Army
Knofsker, Reuben, Army
Kohnke, John, Army
Ladd, Malcomb, Army
Lake, Levi, Army
Larimore, James, Army
Leach, William, Army
Leachman, Frederick, Army
Lee, Jefferson, Army
Littlefield, Lucien, Army
Lloyd, Elias, Army
Loehr, Thomas, Army
Loper, Lorenzo, Army
Lord, Presbury, Army
Luhm, Fred, Army
Lull, Julius, Army
Lull, Marcus, Army
Lyng, Eugene, Army
Maglowski, Frederick, Army
Mann, Edward, Army
Mansfield, Solomon, Army
Marsten, Stephen, Army
Martin, Edwin, Army
Martin, Henry, Army
Martin, Thomas, Army
Mathews, Charles, Army
Mathews, William, Army
Maxwell, George, Army
Mccord, Thomas, Army
Mcintosh, Lochlin, Army
Mckillip, John, Army
Mcwilliams, Robert, Army
Millard, Wellington, Army
Miller, Colin, Army
Miller, Nelson, Army
Mills, George, Army
Minckler, Levi, Army
Morley, Harmon, Army
Morris, Benjamin, Army
Morris, Thomas, Army
Moscrip, William, Army
Mulaney, Thomas, Army
Mulaskey, Charles, Army
Narracong, Israel, Army
Nathan, John, Army
Neal, Alanson, Army
Nelson, Christian, Army
Nelson, Nels, Army
Nichols, John, Army
Niegenfind, Herman, Army
Nilson, Lars, Army
Northam, Eli, Army
Northam, Simon, Army
Nugent, William, Army
Nutter, George, Army
Oakley, James, Army
O’brien, Edward, Army
O’conner, Patrick, Army
Olson, Daniel, Army
Onderdonk, Harley, Army
Osborn, Charles, Army
Otis, Anson, Army
Owen, William, Army
Paine, Hosea, Army
Paine, Nathan, Army
Parcell, Melvin, Army
Parker, Richard, Army
Patrick, Francis, Army
Pearson, John, Army
Peck, Truman, Army
Pendleton, Jerome, Army
Phelps, Pliny, Army
Pierce, Albert, Army
Pillar, James, Army
Pingry, Gilman, Army
Plummer, Jefferson, Army
Pohlman, Hiram, Army
Pollack, Frederich, Army
Potter, Erwin, Army
Prouty, Warren, Army
Putnam, Ransom, Army
Ranney, Homer, Army
Raymond, Israel, Army
Raymond, Sidney, Army
Remington, Marshall, Army
Ripley, Smith, Army
Roach, Andrew, Army
Robbins, James, Army
Roberts, Edgar, Army
Robinson, Andrew, Army
Robinson, Cyrus, Army
Robinson, John, Army
Robinson, William, Army
Roblee, William, Army
Rogers, Daniel, Army
Rogers, Francis, Army
Rolph, Columbus, Army
Rolph, George, Army
Rouse, Walter, Army
Royer, James, Army
Russell, Willard, Army
Ryan, Patrick, Army
Sayles, Derius, Army
Schultz, Christian, Army
Scott, John , Army
Scoville, Henry, Army
Secor, James, Army
Sedgwick, George, Army
Shepard, Joseph, Army
Sherwood, Norman, Army
Sherwood, Ogden, Army
Showers, Elijah, Army
Shribe, John, Army
Simonds, Austin, Army
Simonsen, Simon, Army
Simpson, George, Army
Smith, Joseph, Army
Smith, Junius, Army
Somerset, Peter, Army
Spencer, Henry, Army
Stacy, Dwight, Army
Statler, Erastus, Army
Statler, Solomon, Army
Steigman, John, Army
Stever, Robert, Army
Stever, William, Army
Stone, John, Army
Strate, Squire, Army
Strong, Dewitt, Army
Sullivan, Patrick, Army
Tait, Henry, Army
Taplin, Osman, Army
Taunt, Stephen, Army
Tennan, James, Army
Teubner, Augustus, Army
Thompson, Archibald, Army
Thompson, C.S., Army
Thompson, Christian, Army
Thompson, Peter, Army
Tipler, John, Army
Tobin, William, Army
Todd, Henry, Army
Torrence, Elmer, Gunboat Service
Torrence, Wilber, Army
Torrey, Ira, Army
Trudell, James, Army
Turner, Charles, Army

World War I

Adams, George F., Army
Ahrens,Albert G., Navy
Anunson, John O., Army
Arneman, Rudolph, Army
Bach, James N., Army
Bamman, Fred W., Army
Barnard, Minor, Army
Barnett, Maurice E., Marine Corps
Beck, Harold J., Army
Beglinger, Henry, Army
Bergeron, Urban, Army
Brabazon, Bernon A., Army
Bradley, David L., Army
Brandow, Henry J., Army
Bryant, Clifford A., Army
Bullis, Elmer W., Army
Callies, Albert A., Navy
Casford, Earl E., Army
Conley, Fred S., Army
Cook, Atley H., Army
Daum, Harry J., Navy
Day, Harold S., Navy
Delorme, Thomas E., Army
Deyoung, Cornelius, Army
Durant, Leo F., Army
Fabrycki, Frank P.L, Army
Fahrbach, Clarence, Navy
Fauck, Paul, Army
Foth, Herman,Army
Foth, William F., Army
Friday, Fred W., Army
Fuller, Ralph T., Army
Gage, Harry R., Army
Garrow, William , Army
Gatza, Frank,, Army
Gertsch, Adolph, Army
Graf, Kurt, Army
Gruetzmacher, Richard W., Army
Gullickson, Harvey A., Army
Hannes, John, Army
Hawley, James P., Army
Heisinger, Charles R., Army
Holden, Vernon A., Army
Hubbard, Joseph J., Army
Ihrig, Lester H., Navy
Gurlbut, Charles E., Army
Jensen, Nels A., Army
Johnson, Peter,Army
Kaczor, Edward F., Army
Kalenofske, Leo, Army
Kellerman, John G., Army
Kevill,De Forrest, Army
Knoke, Harvey A., Army
Kosloxski, Paul A., Army
Kregel, Berthold F., Army
Kressig, Herman, Army
Kruse, Richard W., Army
Lampert, James G., Army
Lange, Edwin A., Army
Lasage, Floyd A., Army
Lemke, John W., Army
Lengenfeldt, John, Army
Lenz, Henry Jr., Army
Lorenz, Joseph, Army
Lothman, Louis, Army
Luedtke, Alfred P.,Army
Luker, Walter M., Army
Machtamann, Joseph J., Navy
Mand, Nicholas, Army
Marmes, Paul, Army
Melbourne, Harry, Army
Melchert, Arthur C, Army
Miller, Frank, Army
Nelson, Archie F., Army
Noe, Sebastian A., Army
Oaks, John H., Navy
Obersteiner, Frank, Army
Ogden, Burr H., Army
Olson, Edgar B., Army
Pechman, William, Army
Peterson, Chris, Army
Peterson, Louis A., Army
Pfeil, Henry Joseph, Army
Phillips, Frank, Army
Picard, Gerald J., Army
Priebe, Clarence S., Army
Procknow, Richard, Army
Provost, Addison J., Army
Pruchnofski, Frank, Army
Ream, Ward H., Army
Retelle, Rolland S., Army
Rhyner, George, Army
Romberg, John, Army
Romme, Thomas, Army
Russell, Arthur, Marine Corps
Ryan, James J., Army
Scholz,Arthur E., Army
Schroeder, Leonard H., Army
Schultz, Albert R., Army
Schultz, Arthur F., Army
Schumacher, William H., Army
Sczenski, Walter, Army
Sells, Otto B., Army
Sieberz, Peter A., Army
Skole, Walter C., Army
Smith, David A., Army
Smith, Earle A., Army
Smith, Harold, Army
Smith, Howard L., Army
Smolinski, Ignatius, Army
Spaedtke, Otto, Army
Speigelberg, Emil H., Army
Steckbauer, Edward C., Army
Stecker, Harold W., Army
Stich, Harvey, Army
Strehle, Carl A., Navy
Strieck, John H., Army
Stuhser, Frank H., Army
Suess, Louis, Army
Szylobrit, Alex S., Army
Terry, George E., Army
Thelen, Alfred A., Army
Thomas, Ruby A.,Army
Thompson, George D.,Army
Thompson, Isaac T., Army
Thorne, Walter, Army
Timm, John A., Army
Timmerman, John A., Army
Turner, James C., Army
Wells, Cooper D., Army
Williams, Morgan, Army
Wilson, Irving F., Army
Winchester, Glenn H., Army
Zarter, Karl, Army
Zindler, Edward, Army


Abraham, Marvin Clarence, Army Air Corps
Abraham, Walter A., Army Air Corps
Andersen, Gerald Ralph, Army Air Corps
Baldry, Darwin, W., Army
Barter, Leon Russell, Army
Bartlein, Leon Jr.
Bartow, Frank A., Marine Corps
Barwick, William E., Army Air Corps
Bauer, Robert W., Army
Beduhn, Marvin A., Navy
Beisenstein, Joe M., Army
Benderling, Frank L., Army
Berger, Normand Francis, Army
Bergstrom, John F., Army
Bidwell, Harvey P., Army
Blank, George Herman, Army
Blodgett, Maurice Franklin, Army
Bloedel, Donald E.
Boegh, Fred Peter, Army
Bojarski, Anthony, Army
Boller, Marvin K., Army
Boness, Erwin A., Army
Borenz, Robert E., Army
Bratz, Eugene George, Navy
Bremer, Fred, Army
Brown, Melvin F., Army
Brown, Raymond L., Army Air Corps
Brueske, Roger William, Army
Bunker, Allan, Army Air Corps
Burr, Elmer John, Army
Butzlaff, Donald Warren, Army
Buzanowski, Sylvester B., Army Air Corps
Cabot, Norman
Calkins, Robert, Army
Case, Gerald R., Army Air Corps
Chapleau, Eugene G., Coast Guard
Clark, Donald James, Navy
Clough, Ira H., Army
Craddock, Howard E., Navy
Crane, Frank Joseph, Army Air Corps
Crowe, Russell Weir, Marine Corps
Cumings, Charles F., Army Air Corps
Danks, Howard W., Army Air Corps
Davis, Melvin K., Army Air Corps
Darling, Laverne David, Marine Corps
De Groot, Leonard P., Army
Dempsey, George R., Army
De Witt, Robert Eugene, Army Air Corps
Dieckhoff, Douglas R., Navy
Dorow, Leslie H., Army Air Corps
Dowlaszewicz, John M., Army
Draheim, Louis August, Army
Du Bois, James L., Army Air Corps
Duncan, Homer S.
Dunsirn, Louis F., Army
Edminster, Earl Edwin, Navy
Eggers, Joseph M.
Ehrgott, Herbert B., Army
Engel, Erwin Wilbert, Navy
Erban, John Leo, Army
Erban, Richard Edgar, Army
Erickson, Edward, Jr., Army Air Corps
Evans, Vincent E., Army
Ewald, Norman William, Army
Farry, Harold Frank, Army
Feigel, Lawrence James, Navy
Felix, Darrell Clayton, Marine Corps
Felker, Harvey Edward, Army
Fenn, George Edward, Army Air Corps
Fenner, Wilbert G., Navy
Finan, Farrell Bernard, Navy Air Corps
Fitzpatrick, Walter F., Army
Flanigan, Russell James, Army
Flynn, John J, Army Air Corps
Forsythe, Harold P., Marine Corps
Friedland, F. Paul, Army
Fuller, Earl Brice, Navy Air Corps
Fuss, Herbert K.
Gear, Duane, Marine Corps
Genz, Edward G.
Gerard, Clarence N., Army
Getchius, William, Army
Girard, David N., Army
Goretzki, Marvin J., Army
Greeninger, Clarence C., Army
Grignon, Andrew Oramon, Army
Grimm, Elden W., Marine Corps
Grunska, Herbert E., Army Air Corps
Haas, Joseph H., Army
Hafemeister, Louis J., Army
Hafemeister, William J., Army Air Corps
Haley, Marion I.
Harness, Robert J., Marine Corps
Harper, Clarence Harold, Army Air Corps
Hartwig, Edward, Navy
Hayes, Donald W., Army Air Corps
Heisler, Raymond Joseph, Army
Hergert, Almond Henry, Army
Hochholzer, Edwin, Army
Hollub, Harold J., Army
Horn, Stanley J., Army
Hoyer, Bertram O., Marine Corps
Heuebner, Carl Jr., Army
Huebner, Milfred R., Army
Humski, Edmond S., Navy
Hyde, Arthur J., Army Air Corps
Hyland, Anthony, Army
Jacobs, Arlin, Army
Jersild, Howard F., Navy
Jerzykowski, Frank F., Army
Johnson, Charles, Army
Johnson, David Selby, Army
Johnson, Emery, Army
Johnson, Glenn Adolph, Army Air Corps
Johnson, Philip M., Army
Joos, Bennie W., Army
Josephson, Dewey C., Army
Jungen, Joseph Michael, Army
Karafotis, Frank George , Army
Karlson, Robert Edwin, Army Air Corps
Kempf, Vernet D., Marine Corps
Kessey, Clarence S., Army Air Corps
Kierszh, Francis Edmund, Army Air Corps
Kimball, James Henry, Marine Corps
Kenney, Norbert J.
Kirsch, Ralph, Army
Kiszewski, Norbert A., Army
Kitchin, Arnold J., Army Air Corps
Koehler, George M., Army
Koerwitz, Donald E., Army Air Corps
Kokonis, Frederick J., Army
Kolgen, Sylvester, Army
Kollath, Robert, Army
Kossl, Andrew Alois, Army
Kraft, Walter Frederick, Merchant Marines
Krohlow, Kenneth William, Army
Krueger, Oliver William, Army Air Corps
Kuebler, Raymond George, Army
Lambert, Glenn Keith, Army Air Corps
Last, Donald Kenneth, Navy
Leinweber, Conrad, Army
Lem, David George, Army Air Corps
Lemke, Ervin Edward, Army
Lietzke, Andrew John, Navy
Lincoln, Glen Arthur, Jr., Army
Litke, Robert George, Navy
Loeber, Paul Edward, Army
Loker, Rex, Army
Luce, William, Army Air Corps
Ludwig, Clafford Walter, Army Air Corps
Luedke, Edwin Gustav Paul, Army
Luebke, Robert Karl, Army
Mace, Melvin Charles, Jr., Army
Malchow, Roy Chester, Army
Manthei, Everett G., Army

Marhefke, Clifford Joseph, Army Air Corps
Marin, Arthur Emil, Army
Marks, Thomas Roman, Army
Marsh, Stanley Case, Navy Air Corps
Marten, James I., Army Air Corps
Marx, Clyde Frederick, Army
Mccallan, Donald James, Army
Mcclue, Howard Leslie, Jr., Marine Corps
Mckellop, Neal, Marine Corps
Merkely, Ronald J., Army
Merrill, Kenneth E., Navy Air Corps
Milhelser, Orville J., Army Air Corps
Miller, Leornard E., Army
Miller, Leroy Arthur, Navy Air Corps
Moore, Richard, Army
Morrison, Vernon W., Marine Corps
Mueller, Joseph I., Army
Muza, Earl V., Navy
Nash, Robert Dana, Army Air Corps
Nelson, Arnold Hans, Army
Nerby, Robert J., Army Air Corps
Novakofski, Raymond A., Army
Nowicki, John, Navy
Nugent, Robert Alois, Army Air Corps
Nusser, Raymond A., Navy
Olmsted, James Richard, Army
Ott, Ralph Arthur, Army
Palacek, Alvin Patrick, Army Air Corps
Parker, Vilas Dinsmore, Army
Parsons, Clarence Harold, Army
Partridge, Roger Eugene, Army
Peachey, Gerald R., Navy
Peerenboom, Clyde Michael, Marine Corps
Penzenstadler, Frank R., Army Air Corps
Pertmer, John Richard, Army Air Corps
Peterson, Leo R., Coast Guard
Peterson, Richard T., Army Air Corps
Phelps, Lawrence Edward, Army Air Corps
Pomerenka, Richard N., Army
Pope, Benjamin E., Army
Posorske, George J., Army
Potts, Paul L., Navy
Pozolinski, Michael, Army
Priebe, Gordon William, Army
Reimers, Frederick Reed, Jr., Army
Reinhardt, Marvin Nyle, Army Air Corps
Reickmann, Walter W., Army
Risley, William R., Army
Robinson, James, Army
Schilling, John Edward, Army Air Corps
Schmidt, Edgar Hubert, Army Air Corps
Schmunk, Richard Alvin, Army
Schneider, Victor Carl, Army
Schnetzer, Lyle
Schnitzler, Harold Carlyle, Army
Schultz, William C., Army Air Corps
Schumacher, Frank M., Army
Schwerbel, Ralph C.
Shea, Richard Jeremiah, Army Air Corps
Shepard, William Milson, Army
Sherman , John Arthur, Army
Shorey, John Austin, Marine Corps
Simon, Leonard E., Army
Skafte, Raymond D., Army
Smith, Louis M., Army
Solomon, Charles, Army
Spaulding, Ronald G., Navy
Sprister, Roy, Army
Stadler, Robert Hermon, Navy
Stamborski, Edward Phillip, Army
Staniak, Robert J., Army Air Corps
Steffen, Robert P., Army Air Corps
Suren, Raymond Arnold, Army
Sykes, David Edward, Army
Tadych, Robert John, Army
Talbot, Harrison Allen, Marine Corps
Thomas, John J., Army
Thompson, John , Navy
Thornton, James W., Army Air Corps
Thuer, Clarence C.
Timmerman, Elton W., Marine Corps
Timmerman, Nile Frank, Army Air Corps
Tonn, Harvey W., Army
Trettin, Duane L., Army
Vader, Edward Raymond, Army
Van Ravenstein, Edward, W., Army Air Corps
Van Vleet, Marvin Louis, Army
Walter, Dale Spencer, Army
Wambold, Henry, Army
Weitz, Henry, Army
Welton, Mert J., Army
Werner, Richard W., Army
Wickert, Howard C., Army
Wilfling, Raymond G., Army
Wilmet, Bernard E.
Wilson, Larry, Navy
Winans, Wayne Elmore, Army
Wisniewski, Edward R., Army
Witzke, George E., Army
Wood, Howard, Army
Zehren, Robert M.
Zelinski, Edward B., Army
Zellmer, Lloyd J., Army Air Corps
Zitlow, Donald F., Army
Zwickey, Irving A., Army Air Corps
Zwicky, Robert H., Army


Bernier, William
Burdick, Herbert H., Army
Gonia, Harry, Army
Henderson, Richard E., Marine Corps
Klatt, Charles , Navy
Langlitz, Lyle, Army
Lansing, James, Airforce
Lashck, Edward
Macel, Gerald
Marsh, Harold, Army
McCguire, James, Army
Mikkelsen, Hugh
Ratzburg, Richard H., Air Force
Reichenberger, Norm, Army
Seegert, Raymond
Senz, Charles, Army
Swiechowski, Edward, Army
Washburn, Melvin, Army
Yost, Frank, H., Army


Allmers, Robert G., Army
Anderson, Richard L., Marine Corps
Baitinger, David J., Army
Barancyzk, Albin A., Marine Corps
Bearwald, Orland O., Army
Beck, Robert J., Marine Corps
Blanco, John A. Jr., Army
Blank, Robert G., Army
Bonneau, Dean L., Army
Bumgarner, Thomas E., Army
Dahl, Timothy A., Army
Dazey, Thomas F. Jr., Army
Dobish, James T., Marine Corps
Eiden, Edward V. Jr., Army
Fishcher, James R., Army
Greshamer, Leon G., Army
Hawley, Kenneth B., Marine Corps
Heider, Andrew L., Army
*Hentz, Richard J., Army
Howard, Gene J., Army
Jacobson, Harvey G., Army
Jahnke, Ronald E., Marine Corps
Kasten, Daniel H., Army
Krueger, Charles W., Army
Langenfeld, Christian A., Marine Corps
Last, Donald R., Army
Liebhaber, Kenneth G., Marine Corps
Lind, James J., Army
Lopez, Manuel T., Army
Manske, Paul E., Army
Mehne, Richard A., Army
Paulson, John P. Jr., Army
Ratajczak, Robert E., Army
Smith, James L., Air Force
Stecker, John C., Marine Corps
Stoddart, Gregory W., Army
Valdez, Francis P., Army
Vander Heyden, Charles, Army
Watson, David J., Army
Westphal, Scott B., Army
Zobel, Steven L., Marine Corps


Jansky, Benjamin D., Army
St. John, Jon B. II, Army
Vroman, Brent Marine Corps
Wallace, Andy, Army

Note: Some listings did not include any branch of service. Please report any errors or omissions to Source: Winnebago County Veterans
Office, Associated Press

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Football fans

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Football fans

If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

Special Reports