Jim Zima's bowling column: 858s of Bisick, Thyes are the season's top series

Olson's 823 best for women

11:39 PM, Jun. 2, 2013  |  Comments
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Aaron Bisick and Brian Thyes tied with 858s for the season's high series in the Green Bay-Bay Area USBC Bowling Association while high series honors in the Green Bay Area USBC Women's Bowling Association went to Sue Olson with an 823.

Bisick recorded his on Dec. 6 in the Ten High Hardball Busters at Riviera Lanes while Thyes bowled his on Jan. 2 in the Green Bay Major at Willow Creek Lanes.

Olson's 823, the only 800 recorded by a woman for the 2012-13 season, was bowled on March 21 in the Thunderwhales at the Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley.

United States Bowling Congress honor scores for men (800 series, 300, 299 and 298 single games) were up slightly this from 2011-12 season while honor scores for women (700, 300, 299 and 298) showed a slight decrease in 700s and 100 percent increase in perfect games.

Men: It took an 825 score to make the top 20 list, and only one bowler, Mark Herman, made the list twice. He is tied for sixth with an 836 and is in a four-way tie for 17th with an 825.

A total of 81 scores of 800 or higher were bowled, up seven from the 2011-12 season but far below the record of 96 shot during the 2004-05 season.

While Bisick and Thyes had the highest series, Jeff Lee had the most 800s with six followed by Rory Johnson with four and Terry Clark three.

Ron Brudnicki, Lloyd Dellise, Matt Heesaker, Mike Herman, Mike LaFave and Scott Weber had two apiece.

A total of 177 perfect games were bowled, up six from 2011-12 and again far below the record of 223 bowled during the 2009-10 season.

Jeff Lee again led the way with five 300 games. Mark Simonet, Herman, Heeasaker and Rory Johnson had four while LaFave, Paul Kannich, Zak Francois, Brudnicki, Bisick and David Moureau recorded three apiece. In addition, 17 bowlers logged two apiece.

There were a total of 79 games of 299, a sharp increase over 2011-12 when 58 were bowled. The record is 108 registered during the 2004-05 season.

Rory Johnson had four of the 299s to go along with his four perfect games. Butch Miller, Matt Mead, Jay Martin, Eric Puyleart, Lee, LaFave and Heesaker all came up one pin shy of perfection twice.

There were 19 games of 298 compared to 18 in 2011-12 and far off the record of 36 set in 2004-05. No one had more than one.

Women: While Sue Olson set the pace with her 823, Wendy LaFave dominated the top 20 list with six scores, tying for second with a 762 and placing ninth (759), 11th (751), 12th (750), tie for 14th (746) and tie for 16th (743). It took a 741 to make the top 20.

Olson and Becky Mencheski both made the top 20 list twice. Olson, in addition to her top score, was third with a 781 while Mencheski was 14th and tied for 19th with 746 and 741, respectively.

Olson had a second 800 series, an 806, but it was in the Flyers League at Ashwaubenon, which is an unsanctioned league and does not qualify.

Women totaled 100 scores of 700 or higher compared to 101 in 2011-12. The record is 112 during the 2009-10 season.

LaFave set the pace with 12 followed by Olson with 10, Kim Hoffmann with nine, Becky Mencheski with eight and Micole VanArk with six.

Ashley Brunette had four while Beth Polomis, Briana Cubito and Caitlin Polarek had three apiece. In addition, eight women had two apiece.

There were four perfect games, two each by Olson and VanArk, compared to two last year. There were no 299s, compared to five last year, and no 298s, same as last year. Records are not available on women's single games.

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