Should Gov. Scott Walker prepare to run for president?

8:50 PM, Jun. 23, 2013  |  Comments

GET EXPERIENCE: Being the GOP's poster child for conservatism is one thing, but running for president as a one-term governor from a small Midwestern state will not play well in the national primaries. The GOP opened the floodgates during the 2012 primaries with far too many candidates who were on ego trips, pursuing national fame, knowing they never had a chance to win at least one primary. What has Gov. Walker done that makes him material to be the most powerful leader in the world? He needs to first convince Wisconsin voters that he deserves a second term as governor. Then age and experience factors must be considered. Does wisdom honed over time have any merit these days? Recent presidents have been too young and inexperienced. Do we want to continue down that road? The office of president of these United States is no place for on-the-job training.

Frank Hurst,



GO FOR IT: Absolutely! A run for the presidency takes at least two years. Just because he throws his hat in the ring doesn't mean he'll be the nominee. At lot can happen during the primaries to derail a candidacy. If the Obama campaign is any measure of investigative review, he won't be asked for any records or grades because they don't matter.

Lou McKellar,


GO FOR IT: Do you believe in "stealth" government? Did you think Act 10 was enacted in an open way with public hearings and input? How about the recent overnight passage of the budget bill, passed when legislators were so tired, they lost common sense and inserted provisions for bounty hunters, expanded school vouchers and big tax cuts for the already wealthy? This is the Scott Walker "bought and paid for" style of government dictatorship by majority domination. True, presidential politics have different rules, but Citizens United has made it possible for presidential candidates to be funded by such groups as Americans for Prosperity, which dominated all the campaigning on television, mailings and billboards in the last presidential election. Consequently, I would dread the thought of Scott Walker running for president.

Jean Thompson,

Grand Chute

ONE JOB AT A TIME: I welcome Gov. Scott Walker running for president as he is as prepared for the effort as he will ever be. His running for president will surely make the challenges to his opponents, both Republican and Democratic, less onerous, but if he actually does run, we must insist he resign as governor. The justification for requiring his resignation is the the reality that Walker attempting to do two meaningful activities simultaneously is well beyond his existing personal and professional capabilities. His running, however, would definitely provide great comedic pandemonium for the state and republic for over the next two years. Notably, if he should win, he would join Harry Truman as the only president of the United States in the last 125 years not to have graduated from college.

Michael Muoio,


SCARY: He is welcome to prepare for the White House if he so chooses. As for being elected, if a person has a history of starting wildfires, it's probably not wise to employ them as a forest ranger. The idea of Gov. Walker becoming our president, frankly, scares me.

Stan Prellwitz,


VICE PRESIDENT? Why not continue with his apparent undeclared candidacy? What does he have to lose by frequently visiting neighboring Iowa or speaking to major GOP audiences, thus advancing a conservative agenda and testing his popularity for higher office? As governor, he has articulated and effectively encouraged conservative policies. He has proven himself to be a tough administrator, while learning to curb his somewhat excessive initial enthusiasm. He has garnered national attention and respect from fellow GOP leaders and media spokespersons. His re-election seems likely (though recent Wisconsin jobs data aren't in his favor). I suspect Walker would be more than happy with the vice presidential nomination, but a successful candidacy for president is not out of the question. I've seen at least four equally unlikely Republican or Democratic candidates nominated and elected.

Michael Collins,


TIME TO MOVE: Should I prepare to become a Canadian? As ludicrous as this sounds, Walker has done nothing but be a divisive person in this state. He doesn't promote a well-educated, well-trained workforce with chances for poor people to ascend that social economic ladder. This fellow has very strange ideas of what a republic should be and has somewhat strange ideas for job creation and attracting businesses to this state. He keeps costing the state money by refusing to accept Medicaid help from the federal government yet granting the wealthier people of Wisconsin tax breaks and giving a few crumbs to the middle class. The office of president needs to be a person of strong leadership who can talk to both sides, needs to be a consular and a leader. Walker is at the very least a sneak, a bully and a scoundrel. So if he runs, I have my passport and destination set: Vancouver, British Columbia.

Leo Nickasch,

Town of Neenah

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If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

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