Government invasion of privacy inexcusable

6:46 PM, Jun. 26, 2013  |  Comments
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Edward Snowden is an American hero, and we are ever so close to the Fourth of July that this should be recognized more than ever.

As you may recall, Snowden is the person responsible for leaking information showing that our own government has been collecting the phone logs, without permission, of literally thousands, if not millions, of Americans. It also showed that our government has access to data thought to be either secure or public without government eye through such companies as Google, Facebook and Yahoo. Any group of dissenting people against the actions of their government can and will be monitored like a police state in the modern United States. More than ever, you are being watched very carefully.

So why am I not surprised upon hearing this information?

Well for one, I have known that our government has not only had the capability to do this for some time, even pre-9/11, but that we have a government that answers to nobody - especially not the people. Regardless of administration, we have had a government for decades now, bought, sold and puppeted by global banks and corporations. No more proof is needed of this than the useless bank bailouts of 2008. Ever since these bailouts, nothing has changed, and a case can be made that the economy has gotten worse.

The excuse that it's for "national security" and that they are only doing it to prevent terrorism, is a complete and total cop-out once the facts are known. All a person has to do is research "Able Danger", as well as many other documents and programs within the government and the CIA that places the government's knowledge of the 9/11 attacks well within their grasp before the attacks occurred. I am not a conspiracy buff or a "truther" to claim this; I am simply stating easily accessible facts.

Our government has started wars for profit and created false flag attacks to put our troops in them. (Gulf of Tonkin incident and the U.S.S. Liberty attacks to name a couple) - the same government that lets private banking interests control our national money supply to keep us forever in debt in a system where there is mathematically more money owed to the Federal Reserve than what is in circulation in our money supply. The same government with a Congress that adheres to the interests of lobbyists and corporations over the people.

And we're surprised by the NSA logging and wiretapping our phone calls, as well as invading our privacy?

Wake up. If there was a time to wake up more than ever, the time is now. I have made many statements about avoiding cable news and converting to alternative news sources. Become involved in not just community involvement, but groups for true change, such as the Zeitgeist movement, for example. Stop trusting your government, and if your congressmen and women cannot answer the tough and needed questions, then stop asking, stop voting, and stop supporting them. Our mere involvement in this corrupt system is what drives it, and the day we decide to stop taking part, is the day it starts to crumble.

My voice in this town may be small, but word is spreading. The idea to have no agenda that aligns with either political party. The idea of doing what's humanly right for the country and not humanly profitable. A shift in consciousness that will hopefully signal the start to something major, and the shift to progression where we can call ourselves Americans again, and not slaves to a corrupt and broken government.

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Football fans

If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

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