Reader Reaction Forum: What do you think about state budget?

10:01 AM, Jun. 29, 2013  |  Comments
Clamp on money
Clamp on money

GOOD: I think any budget that lowers taxes and brings spending in line with what we as a state can afford is a good one. I wish the state would share a line-by-line budget to show where our money is going. We see enough of the wasteful spending at the federal level with the abuses at the Internal Revenue Service and the first family's lavish vacation lifestyle.

Terrance P. Buck,

Town of Menasha

BAD: Not much, I'm afraid. As a former University of Wisconsin educator and public school teacher, I deplore the expansion of voucher schools, the lower increase in per-school public school funding than proposed and the cut in UW funding. As to the income tax cut, it looks like it will benefit the wealthy much more than the average taxpayer, and if someone can explain our governor's denial of Medicaid funding, I'd be willing to listen. Why does the Republican-controlled Legislature have to pass these important measures in the middle of the night, why aren't there public hearings around the state and why does this state not embrace a referendum procedure?

Dave Jordahl,

Grand Chute

JOBS: Wisconsin is "open for business." How does the budget accomplish that? What in this budget will change the abysmal job growth record recently? By having more tax cuts that will cause a structural deficit in two years? Statistically, tax cuts don't generate jobs, by the way. Will selling state assets on no-bid contracts generate jobs? Will social legislation that tells young talent that you're not welcome here encourage them to come here or stay here? The budget process itself is an abomination, filled with garbage legislation that would never survive on its own or in the light of day. It's corrupting and corrupt. And, those triumphant legislators, with little sense of history, know not what they've done. Someday, they'll be out of power and the people who replace them will remember the process and they will have their day. So sad, so sad.

David Allen,

Grand Chute

ADD-ONS: I think it's terrible that other things are always added on. Things that would never pass as a bill on its own are added on the sly. Seems like politics as usual to me.

Peg Schwalbach,


OPPOSED: I oppose much of the proposed budget. It contains policy legislation that should be considered on merits as separate bills, not attached to a bill that must be approved. Charter schools are a great idea but not at the expense of a good state educational system, and not politicized. Allowing the governor to sell public buildings is not, in the long term, economical. Tax reductions, touted to help middle-income earners, will undoubtedly result in surprising benefits for specific individuals or groups. It needlessly centralizes control at the state level at the expense of local authorities. Changes in mining regulations are not well thought out. It was crafted by one political party, for that party's benefit, not for the betterment of Wisconsin in general.

Harold Silver,


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If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

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