Traveling Back through the Door County Advocate archives: July 6

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75 Years Ago: 1938

? Two popular young men, both well-known athletes, were killed instantly Wednesday morning when the Ed Paul Distributing Co. semi-trailer truck that they were riding to Milwaukee for a load of beer telescoped into a tavern, apparently from trying to prevent a collision with the car ahead of them. The young men are Guy Jackson, 24, and Norman Paul, 17.

? Occupants of cars from all over the country mingled with the thousands who filled Baileys Harbor to overflowing for the 81st Fourth of July celebration Sunday and Monday. Hotels were filled and campsites crowded.

? Outside pickers are streaming into Door County this weekend by thumb and other conveyances and the balance will be here this weekend to harvest the peninsula's annual crop of cherries. The Reynolds Preserving Co. began operating Wednesday and the Fruit Growers Cooperative will start next Monday or Tuesday.

? Albert Kalmbach, Door County's oldest active businessman, has retired after being engaged in fishing for 71 years. His business has been sold to James Anderson and three of his sons who will operate it under the name of Anderson Bros. Fish Co.

? Earl L. Johnson, 49, manager of the Martin Orchard Co., died Saturday afternoon after being stricken with a blood clot following an appendectomy.

? Deaths: Walter H. Derong, 38, Baileys Harbor; Oscar Hocks, 49, Jacksonport; Mrs. Gilbert Magistad, 57, East Maplewood; Ray Janosky, 37, West Kewaunee; Mrs. Mary Bechtel, 74, Sevastopol.

? Births: Daughters to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sargent, Sturgeon Bay, July 3; M/M Milton Clafflin, Little Sturgeon, July 3.

100 Years Ago: 1913

? Herman Langhoer, who resides near Ephraim, is missing. Mr. Langhoer left home about a month ago for Sturgeon Bay and has not been heard from since. His family has been looking for him and fears the worst. They are asking for anyone that can help in finding the missing man.

? A terrific storm broke over Sturgeon Bay at an early hour on Saturday morning, the winds assuming the proportions of a cyclone in some parts and the rain falling in a perfect deluge for an hour or more. Trees were knocked down, crops were severely damaged and electrical power was lost in the city. The water in the bay is said to have risen several feet during the night of the storm, and several unsecured docks were carried away. The new barn of Fred Berger, Sturgeon Bay, was pushed off its foundation an inch or more due to the force of the wind. There was an identical report regarding the barn of August Miller in Sevastopol.

? Deaths: Milton Breidenhagen, 1-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. William Breidenhagen, Sturgeon Bay.

? Births: A son to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Chambers, Detroit Harbor; daughters to Fire Chief and Mrs. F. J. Stroh, Sturgeon Bay; M/M Otto Hanson, Clay Banks; M/M Matt Jacobson, Sister Bay.

? Licensed to wed: Richard P. Kalms, Baileys Harbor, and Emma Staver, Sister Bay; Emil G. Roeser and Eveline G. Nys, both of Sister Bay.

125 Years Ago: 1888

? No general celebration took place in Sturgeon Bay on the Fourth. There was a parade of the sons of veterans and the fire department in the morning, but barring this no public demonstration was indulged in. The necessity for a good brass band was probably never more felt in Sturgeon Bay then on the Fourth. There was nothing in the semblance of music but the martial band, and as a consequence there was no life or animation anywhere.

? When Mrs. Peter Weber of Nasewaupee attempted to board the steamer Welcome, she walked into the water between the wharf and the boats. Mrs. Weber had a little child in her arms when she fell. She dropped the infant as she fell, but it was found floating calmly on the water, its clothing keeping the child from sinking. Passengers and crew heard the woman's cries for help, and mother and child were soon safe and sound on the boat.

? The mother of Mrs. Charles Plinske, of Forestville, died on Friday, June 29 from the effects of a runaway which occurred the week before. The deceased and her husband were traveling from Manitowoc when a bolt broke, causing the horse to run away and the vehicle to capsize. The weight of the vehicle fell on the poor woman and resulted in severe injuries that took her life. She was 74 years of age.

? Wed: Gilbert H. Dickson, Sheboygan, Anna B. Hunt, Sturgeon Bay, July 4; Frank Witak and Katie Jakobusky, both of Sturgeon Bay, July 2.

150 Years Ago: 1863

? The celebration of the anniversary of our National Independence was a great day for the citizens of Door County. One of the most pleasing features was the crowds of schoolchildren, who kept the day alive with all the zest and patriotic ardor of the older guests. It was the most numerous and imposing gathering ever had in Door County, and the Advocate predicts that these celebrations will continue to grow in years to come.

? The Times of Gettysburg confirms the report that our army almost annihilated the rebels, who left nearly 50,000 killed and wounded on the fields around Gettysburg in Pennsylvania.

? We hear that the wolves in the Nasewaupee area have of late been troublesome. There have been numerous reports of calves being attacked by the beasts.

? Grading for the railroad has commenced at Fort Howard opposite Green Bay.

? Schools in Door County will receive $351.50 in state aid.

? A report on our brave boys in the 12th Regiment notes that on arriving at Vicksburg, the 12th was sent at once to the front and put to work in the rifle pits, where they did good service, and give a good account of themselves. Vicksburg fell on July 7 and it can be said that the "Gallant 12th" had a part in this victory over the rebels.

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If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

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