Check it out: Picture puzzles and illusions

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"Where's Waldo?" (series) by Martin Handford

With the wackiness of Where's Waldo and the clues of I Spy, "Look! A Book!" and "Look! Another Book!" by Bob Staake are two quirky and fantastical seek-and-finds. Both titles feature Seussian-style rhyme and minutely detailed spreads of jubilant nonsense. Circular cut-outs reveal select answers to the youngest listeners. Yetis cavort under cotton candy clouds while an assembly line of toy robots emerges from a gumball-machine-like contraption. These exuberant and enchantingly offbeat volumes are just the ticket for ages 4-8.

Check out the related "I Spy" display case at the Central Children's department for an in-person picture puzzle made up of more than 100 tiny toys and trinkets. Every week of the summer, we will introduce a new riddle clue to test your child's eyes and rhyming skills as they search for a particular object.

Toddler - Kindergarten

"Each Peach Pear Plum" by Janet Ahlberg*

This sprightly little classic is a literary "I Spy" for young children, who will delight in looking for nursery rhyme characters among the enchanting illustrations of orchards, cupboards, and bucolic fields.

"Look and Remember: A Photo Memory Game" by Kristen McCurry

Like all the books in the new series Eye-Look Picture Game, this entry features generously sized pages, clear and bright photographs and simple text. Perfect for developing kindergarten readiness, these well-designed books won't strain or overwhelm young eyes.

"Where's Walrus?" by Stephen Savage*

A Where's Waldo-esque picture search for the toddler and preschool set, featuring a mischievous walrus who escapes his enclosure and gallivants about town with a perplexed zookeeper in hot pursuit.

"Catch that Baby!" by Nancy Coffelt*

"A Closer Look" by Mary McCarthy*

"The Great Dinosaur Search" by Rosie Heywood

"The Great Easter Egg Hunt" by Michael Garland

"Hide and Seek Animals" by Sarah Davis

"I Spy" (series) by Walter Wick

"Littleland" by Marion Billet

"Look! A Book/Look! Another Book" by Bob Staake

"Not all Animals are Blue: A Big Book of Little Differences" by Beatrice Boutignon*

"Mystery Mansion: A Look Again Book" by Michael Garland

"1,001 Things to Spot" (series) by various authors

"Snowmen at Work" by Caralyn Buehner

"Spot-It" (series) by Sarah Schuette

"Spot 7" by Kidslabel

"Super Snow Day Seek and Find" by Michael Garland

"Up Close Mysteries: Zoomed-In Photo Puzzles" by Kristen McCurry

"Where is Curious George?" by Cynthia Platt

"Where's the Dinosaur?" By Keith Moseley

"Where's Waldo?" (series) by Martin Handford

* Good for toddler selection


"Imagine a Day/Imagine a Night/Imagine a Place" by Sarah Thomson

These volumes feature surreal illustrations by masterful painter Ron Gonsalves framed by Sarah Thompson's poetic, thought-provoking text. Captivating scenes include a library in which each book is a door to its own world and an open suitcase that summons the seashore. These otherworldly collaborations for ages 6 and older may inspire stories or at the very least, some constructive pondering.

"Amazing Optical Illusions" by Illusionworks

"Do You See What I See: The Art of Illusion" by Angela Wenzel

"Ecomazes: Twelve Earth Adventures" by Roxie Munro

"The Eleventh Hour: A Curious Mystery" by Graeme Base

"Ellsworth's Extraordinary Electric Ears and other Amazing Alphabet Anecdotes" by Valorie Fisher

"The Great Castle Search" by Jane Bingham

"Great Global Puzzle Challenge with Google Earth" by Clive Gifford

"I Spy" (series) by Walter Wick

"Look! A Book/Look! Another Book!" by Bob Staake

"Look, Look Again" (series) by Matt Bruning

"Magic Eye" (series) by Magic Eye, Inc.

"Optical Illusions: The Science of Visual Perception" by Al Seckel

"The Scary Places Map Book: Seven Terrifying Tours" by B.G. Hennessy

"Supervisions" (Series) by Al Seckel

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Football fans

If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

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