McCarthy: No update on seventh-round rookie WRs

Jul. 27, 2013

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Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke with the media after Saturday's training camp practice. Here are some highlights:

Both seventh-round rookie receivers Charles Johnson and Kevin Dorsey withdrew from practice with injuries. Wide receiver Sederrik Cunningham (wrist) did not participate.

On Charles Johnson and Kevin Dorsey's injuries:
Charles Johnson and Kevin Dorsey donít have an update on. Donít have a final evaluation of any of the three.

What did you think of practice today?
Sloppier than yesterday. No-huddle had two extensions with the two penalties. The two transition days have been a good start.

On Barclay fumbles:
In fairness to Barclay, thatís obviously new for him. That particular scheme is the hardest footwork from an assignment standpoint. Iím more irritated with the play selection.

On trying to utilize Barclay in multiple spots:
We think Don Barclay is a heck of football player. Heís earned an opportunity to compete for a starting position. With Evan, heís established himself but you want to create competition. Carrying seven offensive linemen into regular season, all part of the elements.

On James Starks' performance:
I think James is doing a lot better in the pass-protection check down area. Heís had a couple very natural yesterday and today. The running part of it, you have to make good decisions.

On getting remade offensive line more snaps:
Offensive line is a rotation. After practice is evaluated. We have discussions.

On how Johnny Jolly has looked since OTAs:
Johnny is in better shape today than he is in OTAs. Heís done a good job as far as his four weeks away from here. Still has work to do. Watching his reps, but we have a tape we show in the highlight segment of what you want to see in the practice structure. Johnny was on that tape.

On Cunningham's injury:
Sederrik Cunningham got hurt on the long catch. Suffered a wrist injury.

On Alex Green:
I think the biggest thing with Alex is confidence in the knee. I thought he had an excellent first day. He looks like heís back running with the confidence as a rookie. I thought you saw (burst) on the one-cut zone he had yesterday. The biggest issue has been the volume.

Tyrone Walker standing out?
We like (Tyrone Walker). Letís get to tomorrow. This short stuff is fine. Itís a good transition period with the football team. Tomorrow, we need to get a closer look. Weíll get a better indication.

On anticipation for padded practice:
Thatís what training camp is for Ė padded practices. The fundamental work is critical. The ability to connect with each and every player. Getting it done the way it needs to be done, padded practices are important. Weíre doing a good job schedule-wise and smart how we space out things. Tomorrow is a very important practice.

On schedule for kickers:
The kicking will occur every other day. Thatís our plan. Reps will be higher than past years.

On using Johnathan Franklin on punts:
Johnathan Franklin as the new guy Ė No.1 is the responsibility of handling the football and the confidence of everybody. He has to make good decisions with the football and with the scheme. He definitely is off to a good start. I like what I see with Johnathan Franklin.

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Football fans

If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

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