Post-practice McCarthy: If games started today, Cobb would be returner

Jul. 31, 2013
Randall Cobb at training camp practice on Tuesday.
Randall Cobb at training camp practice on Tuesday.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke with reporters following Wednesdays practice. Here are some highlights:

-Dezman Moses missed practice today with a toe injury. Nate Palmer (shoulder) and Fulton because of his knee. Jolly left with an ankle injury.

-Its the beginning of camp. Not concerned.

-We definitely have upgraded our research and our analysis approach to everything. Our strength and conditioning program is included in that. When players leave here, its a little to the unknown. Just communication between our staff and players. Weve had more players stay here during the four week break than weve ever had. I dont think overtraining is an issue.

-CBA took care of veterans day off. I think the schedule is pretty much set and were running with it.

-The one interception, a three-man rush. Were in a spread formation. He did exactly what hes supposed to do. He did slide to his right. Just a poor decision. The other one I think he got full a little bit. I would throw those mistakes in the area of experience and recognition. This is where he is.

-I really like what Matt Mulligan has brought to our football team, starting with the offseason program. Hes a very professional person. Goes about his business right way. Very serious in his approach. Definitely raised the bar in a couple groups in the weight room. On the field, hes gotten accustom to how we play on offense. Think hes off to a good start. Once a veteran gets here, once they get through installations, you can see it.

-Blocking is clearly a strength of his. How hes utilized will tell that story. We train all the tight ends the same.

-I thought the energy was better overall. Offense started slow in the first period but they picked it up. The video should be very good video. There was a lot going on schematically in our jog through and no-huddle drills. That work is very valuable. This will be very good tape for us.

-House looks good. Hes been here pretty much the whole time. He needs to practice like everyone else.

-Bakhtiari, I think David is off to an excellent start as far as the reps and the way were utilizing him.

-I dont think Finleys approach is any different. Jermichael knows football. Hes not in the media every day, thats a good thing. Jermichael loves football. He pours a lot into it. His training is top notch.

- Our return game, someone has to step up there. Randall Cobb has been excellent. If we played a game tomorrow, Randall Cobb would be my returner.

-Jeremy Ross is a good football player. He has an unique skill set. How hes utilized on special teams. I like what Jeremy is doing. Hes shown he can do big things. Hell learn from his mistakes in San Francisco. Hes a good football player.

-Kickers will go tomorrow. Every other day.

-Andrew Quarless is getting there. You can see it. Everyone knows the injury he sustained in New York. He still has some hurdles to clear. We have a segment in our offensive meetings where each position coach presents a fundamental principle. We got back to the grass-roots fundamentals. Theres some clips on there of Andrew as far as catching the ball.

-I think our inside linebacker depth is as good as weve had. Id say 2010 was a really good group. This is a group thats very competitive. Robert Francois has had a good camp. Jamari has made a number of flash plays. Sam is a little reckless but thats a good thing.

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Football fans

If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

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