McCarthy's day-after-game press conference highlights

Aug. 10, 2013

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Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy walks off the field after Friday night's preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals at Lambeau Field. / Evan Siegle/Press-Gazette Media


Packers coach Mike McCarthy held a press conference the day after his team's 17-0 loss to Arizona in the preseason opener at Lambeau Field.

“As far as the medical I do not really have any more information for you on Datone, he’s going to go through some more testing this afternoon. We’ve been in meetings throughout the afternoon so I don’t have an update on him or a timeline, so with that I’ll take your questions.

On David Bakhtiari: “I thought David played well. He did some good things but he’ll definitely grow from this experience. There’s definitely things he needs to work on and we need to work on.”

On Don Barclay: “I thought Barclay was clearly one of the top performers of the game for us. When we went through the grading we didn’t grade out very well as a football team, we graded out poorly as an offense. I thought Don Barclay’s performance was clearly one of the better spots in last night’s game.”

On what Barclay showed: “Just his flexibility. He plays the right way. He’s assignment sound, did an excellent job finishing, he won the majority of his blocks and his pass sets.”

On Tyrone Walker: “Tyrone Walker, he’s another one I would say was one of our top performers after grading the tape. I really think he’s been doing it all camp. He’s very instinctive, very athletic, has a pretty good understanding of what we’re doing on offense. He really picked it up quickly, you could see that right away. Was given some opportunities. He’s a solid route runner and he seems to have a pretty good connection with all of our quarterbacks.”

On making adjustments this week: “Well, I mean We’re definitely on the high end of time commitment to fundamentals, so I don’t know how much more time we could really commit to those fundamentals. It’s more the actual drills you do within your fundamental periods is where you adjust. As far as our practice schedule. The players will be off tomorrow. This will be on our one week to get back into an in-season schedule. So we will use this week to transfer into that. Monday’s practice will be a review practice. We will be in helmets. There are a number of things conceptually that I want to go back and review and then we’ll start Tuesday as if it was a Wednesday in a normal work week and get our players on an in-season schedule because obviously after we play St. Louis, we’re working six-day weeks. That’s really what we’re going to accomplish with that. Really our preparation will be more in-season type schedules, more game-planning type practices as far as cards and so forth. So we’re shifting gears this week.”

On the running game: “I thought the attempts were there. It wasn’t clean and I think really the word clean, it’s something I spoke on in the team meeting we just had. It’s a reflection of preseason football. I showed them a tape of some of the things I thought we did very well. There’s some outstanding combination blocks, some really good finishes, B.J. (Raji) and Ryan Pickett I thought both played very well, splitting the double team and letting the linebackers run. So there’s things that are very clean but also in some of those runs, you’ve got two dominant blocks and then you have a guy that misses a block or the read’s not exactly right. So to answer your question, it wasn’t very clean. It wasn’t consistent enough. We didn’t have enough plus 5 yard runs. It’s a starting point and like anything you have to get the attempts. We’ll continue to work all of our backs and our run blocking unit will get better/

On T.J. Lang: “I was very pleased with what T.J. Lang gave us last night, especially playing through what he played through. I’ll probably be smart with him this week. I can’t recall his grade specifically, but I thought he was solid. I thought the first group on offense played well.”

On the performance of the secondary: “Secondary-wise, I mean, OK. There were some winners and there were some guys that didn’t win. The tight coverage, our coverage wasn’t as tight as it needed to be in certain spots. Their ability to hit a couple of those outs on us from tight splits and there are some things, we’d probably do a better job at if it was during a normal week of preparation. So I thought Carson Palmer threw it well and got our guys turned early in the first quarter on two of those types of throws. They did some good things. We didn’t handle the deep ball a couple times. Really, the big negative for the defense was the adversity defense. After both turnovers, it turned into 14 points. Specifically, the interception, the next play to give up a touchdown, that’s something we’ll have to emphasize as we move forward.”

On the limited work the kickers received in the game: “There’s nothing to do about it. I don’t ever go out and not expect to score any points either. That’s where I would start with the disappointment. With the kicking battle, that’s something we’re going to have to pick up the volume in practice. We addressed that last week. We had to be smart with those guys and don’t over-kick them early in camp, but their volume is definitely going to pick up because we need more information and both kickers need more opportunities. What happens in the games, happens in the games. I’m not going to go for 60-yard field goals. Shouldn’t go for it on fourth down maybe, either, too. So, I thought that was a good call.”

On backup quarterback reps in the coming week: “Don’t know yet. We have to work the quarterbacks through the practice this week. So, we haven’t even set them for Monday’s practice yet.”

On Graham Harrell needing to push the ball up the field: “Plays are called and balls are distributed accordingly. Did I give him a lot of opportunities to go down the field? No, no, I did not. So that’s something you could look at in hindsight, as far as creating opportunities. Graham has to play better, and it’s tough. Playing quarterback in the preseason, it’s never clean, and it’s been like that as long as I’ve been in this league. You’re going to have things go wrong. You’re going to have guys run the route too deep and your guy who doesn’t get off the press and they run into each other, then you have to go on to the next receiver. It’s those types of things where you have to play through odd looks. Play through situations that someone gets beat and throw the ball away, and things like that. It’s a challenge for any of those guys that get in there at that time because you’ve got some guys playing in their first NFL game, you’ve got some guys playing right tackle that haven’t even practiced there. That’s the way the preseason goes. For quarterbacks particularly, you have to play above that.

On the non-touchdown call in the first quarter: “The ball was over the goal line; (referee) Carl (Cheffers) said he could not see his knee. His hip was three feet off the ground so, I mean, I couldn’t see his knee either. You can figure that out. At least three feet off the ground.”

On Davon House: “You give him the benefit of the doubt. I thought he’s practiced very well. I thought Davon has really come on in practice. Obviously, you’d have liked to have seen him play better and he will play better. Guys coming off of injuries, it’s different out there. They made a couple plays on him and he’s just got to respond and keep playing. You’ve got to have a short memory as a corner. That’s life in the NFL.”

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If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

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