Rhonda's View Rendezvous: Take peek into community in 1903

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Rhonda Whetstone
Rhonda Whetstone
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Many times as I am researching, I get carried away just reading all the interesting things I find. Sometimes they lead to a story, other times they are simply a peek into life in the past. Today I share with you from the Grand Rapids Tribune, Wednesday, Aug. 19, 1903. Terminology has not been changed.

"Mrs. Charles Gothke and Miss Addie Skeel have leased the Fontaine building across from the Tribune office and will open therein a restaurant known as the "Yellow Front" and will be kept open every night until twelve o'clock.

"The pier in the center of the river, now occupied by the tool house of the bridge builders, will be converted into a band stand by Martin Jackson as soon as the bridge work is finished.

"The Marshfield fair opens on Monday. A carnival company is among the attractions, besides the usual things to be found at an agricultural and stock fair. The Northwestern will run an excursion to Marshfield on account of the fair. The train will pick up at Nekoosa and Grand Rapids. Fare is $1.05.

"The opera house was filled to overflowing on Thursday evening to see the production of 'A Royal Slave.'

"J. Gage, who run a store at Kellner until recently, has accepted a position in Sickles' tonsorial parlors. Mr. Gage formerly run a shop of his own in Nekoosa.

"James Hewlett is engaged in remodeling the McCarthy Blacksmith shop on the corner of Oak and Center streets and when completed he will start a saloon there.

"Annie Oakley, the most famous woman rifle shot in the world, who appeared with Buffalo Bill's wild west show a few years ago, was sentenced to the New York bridewell on the charge of stealing the trousers of a negro in order to get money with which to buy cocaine. She had been using drugs for several years. Her husband, who was a son of Col. Cody (Buffalo Bill), died in England several years ago, leaving one son, who is now with his grandfather.

"Warning. My wife having left my bed and board without just cause or provocation, I hereby warn all persons from trusting or harboring her on my account. Dated at Rudolph, Wis., August 19, 1903. Henry Pagels.

"W. A. Dawes has removed his shoe shop from the Wipperman building to the Kuntz building near the Pioneer Wood Pulp Company's office.

"Walter Dickson, the livery man, is minus a horse and buggy since Thursday, and altho the officers of the law have been searching for the outfit almost continuously since the occurrence, they have not been able to find it. A young fellow called at the stable and asked for a rig but when night came, the man and rig failed to show up.

"Fred Erickson was arrested on Saturday for being drunk and disorderly and on Monday morning was brought before Justice Cooper. The judge imposed a fine of $2 and costs, and as Fred was unwilling to pay the $5.91, he was remanded to jail for five days to think the matter over.

"Ernest Hobbs was arrested on Friday on a charge of vagrancy, and as he was unable to give any connected account of the manner in which he is living he was given fifteen days in the county jail. Ernest is nobodys enemy but his own, and thru the excessive use of stimulants he has become almost a total wreck. It is hoped that he can be braced up and induced to lead a different life.

"Three burglaries were reported to the police on Sunday morning, and there is little doubt but what all of the depredations were committed by the same persons. A tool house of the Wisconsin Central road was entered and a number of tools purloined. The warehouse of the Ruder Brewing company was broken open and a quantity of beer carried away, and the Pink Front saloon on Cranberry street was entered and several things of value taken. The two slot machines in the saloon were smashed opened and all of the money extracted. There is little question but what the work was that of tramps as the professional burglar does not waste his time carrying off beer."

I thought perhaps Fred and Earnest had something to do with the burglaries, but then Fred would have had the money for his bail and it does not sound like either man wanted tools to do work.

I hope you enjoyed your look at what made news this month, 110 years ago.

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Football fans

If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

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