Traveling Back through the Door County Advocate archives: Aug. 28-31

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10 Years Ago

Sept. 2, 4, 6, 2003

? After 19 months and often frustrated progress, Palmer Johnson's largest yacht, Cover Drive, was launched as quietly as a sigh of relief. The Cover Drive, built by Palmer Johnson Yachts for retired cricket star Timur Mohamed, is a 125-foot yacht considered unique among the shipbuilder's yachts, with its trim, streamlined hull.

? The Door County cherry harvest should amount to about 13 million pounds this year, according to Dave Schartner, president of Wisconsin Cherry Growers Inc.

? Thanks to a federal grant, Dennis Schopf, of Schopf farms in Carlsville, will be able to convert cow manure to electricity. Schopf was one of 11 Wisconsin farmers to receive the grant, which totaled $240,589 and came through the U. S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Development program.

? Bay Shipbuilding Co. Inc. of Sturgeon Bay last week broke out of economic doldrums and signed a contract to build a new tug-barge combination. The project, the first new construction job at the yard since last October, will assure continued employment for about 500 workers through December 2004.

? At the movies: "Chicago" starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renée Zellweger and Richard Gere, and "Bruce Almighty" with Jim Carrey, Jennifer Aniston and Morgan Freeman.

? Deaths: Edna M. Brunk, 97, Racine; Barbara Pierre, 72, Brussels; James R. Peterson, 62, Marshfield; Harriet J. Rockteacher, 89, Brussels; Carlarae Dobratz, 70, Egg Harbor; Harold J. Wiesner, 95, Sturgeon Bay; Benjamin A. Boers, 92, Wallace, Mich.; Alvina Reed, 101, Sturgeon Bay.

? Births: sons to Lawrence and Kristine Sawdo, Sturgeon Bay, Aug. 16; Troy and Cora Mondeau, San Diego, July 30; Rich and Kerstin Ellefson, Washington Island, Sept. 3; a daughter to Jody and Carrie Viste, Fish Creek, Aug. 15; DJ and Deborah Jeanquart, Sturgeon Bay, Aug. 22.

? Licensed to wed: Lee Howell and Sabrina Papadopoli, July 18; Bartley Miller and Erika Jacobson, both of Georgia, July 5; Michael Sundquist and Vicki Oie, both of Nebraska, July 5; Adam Hardy and Sarah Strange, July 12; Adam Nikkelson and Sandra Joski, both of Minnesota, July 5; John Estevez and Gayle Peterson, Minnesota, July 4; Richard Cross and Nita Wehrly, both of Iowa, July 8; Jerry Reynolds and Skye Barlament, July 26; Thomas Ellenbecher and Emily Rudd, July 19; Justin Blaiser and Christa Gould, July 19; Greg Pieschek and Bobbie Jo Krause, Kewaunee County, Aug. 8; Ronald Lenz and Michelle Sathoff, both of Minnesota, July 11; Marc Scanio and Lisa Vogen, both of Illinois, July 12; Alan Schroeder Jr. and Ann Gilbert, both of Arkansas, July 19; Jonathan Grafflin and Laura Main, both of Texas, July 19; Mark Hostetler and Mary Feucht, both of Ohio, July 19; Joseph Lesnik and Jane Cromer both of Minnesota, July 24; Christian Kates and Rebecca Sexton, both of Colorado, Aug. 9; Timothy Stahl and Danielle Schlicht, July 26;Donato Cabal and Andrea Setterholm, both of California, July 26; Ian Deshotels and Jessica Peterson, Aug. 9; Luigi Massa and Tiffany Schrader, both of Texas, July 26; Kevin Raye and Donna Mead, Brown County, Aug. 23; Bradley Dehnert and Laura Lindsay, both of Illinois, Aug. 2; Benjamin Lindberg and Britta Olson, both of Illinois, Aug. 23; David Pizzala and Kelly Wertanen, Aug. 23.

25 Years Ago

Aug. 31 - Sept. 2, 1988

? Nearly 100 Door County wells, compared to the current number of 20, could exceed the federal limit of acceptable levels of lead in drinking water once the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency lowers the limit from 50 parts per million to 10 ppm. Lead arsenate, a component in a pesticide that was sprayed over county fruit trees for nearly 60 years, until 1960, is the culprit.

? Members of the city council, the Fred Peterson family, and the YMCA board of directors, and staff heralded the re-opening of Peterson Pool on Third Avenue with a ribbon cutting. Renovations include new windows, flooring, lockers and a roof.

? The state Building Commission approved construction of a 3,630-square-foot nature center, auditorium and office at Whitefish Dunes State Park, which will cost $240,000.

? At the movies:"Young Guns" with Kiefer Sutherland, Charlie Sheen and Lou Diamond Phillips and "A Fish Called Wanda" with John Cleese.

? At the drive-in: "Walt Disney's Bambi" and "Big Business" starring Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin.

? Deaths: William Hanson, 47, Neenah; Anton Jessen Jr., 83, Sturgeon Bay; Glen Bell, 86, Madison; Evelyn Chike, 88, Algoma; Raymond Jensen, 77, Waukesha; Chester White, 88, Sturgeon Bay; Bertram Skinner, 92, Racine; Ovid Albertson, 74, sister Bay.

? Births: sons to Doug and Kim Welch, Sturgeon Bay, Aug. 24; Robert Tom and Debbie Kinney, Sturgeon Bay, Aug. 26; a daughter to Earl and Jeri Krauel, Sturgeon Bay, Aug. 25.

50 Years Ago

Sept. 3-5, 1963

? Two persons were injured and two cars heavily damaged when a county police squad car rushing to the scene of an accident collided with another car at the intersection of Third Avenue and Michigan Street at 3 a.m. Sunday.

? Now that the summer rush is over, Sturgeon Bay grocery stores will return to being closed Sundays, beginning on Sept. 8.

? Construction of the new $311,000 jail was unanimously approved by the Door County Board. The county will pay half the cost of the construction, a federal grant of $155,000 having been secured under the Area Redevelopment Act. The remainder of the money needed will be borrowed from the Bank of Sturgeon Bay.

? The temperature dropped to 36 in low places this Thursday morning.

? Bill Boettcher set a new course record of 65 at Maxwelton Braes this week.

? Southern Door's high school enrollment is 408 with the freshman class of 119, the largest.

? A Scandinavian pedaled to victory through Belgian territory in the European-style race held as part of the National Belgian Kermis in Green Bay Saturday. Rodger Nelson, a 37-year-old Milwaukee resident, won the race that covered 76 miles, a good part of it through southern Door County.

? Door County declined to participate in the surplus program under which public welfare clients as well as other needy families would receive monthly food supplies of free surplus food items. Albert Kroll, chairman of the county welfare committee, said the need was not sufficient at the present time, particularly in view of the improved employment picture.

? At the movies: "The War Lover" starring Steve McQueen and Robert Wagner and "Flipper" starring Chuck Connors.

? Deaths: Edward Gebauer, 65, Milwaukee, formerly of Sturgeon Bay; Emma Knudson, 81, Chicago, born in Carnot; William Knutson, 78, Sister Bay; Emily Kellner, 78, Denmark; Fred Mikels, 90, Sturgeon Bay; Theodore Grosskopf, 73, Sturgeon Bay; Norman Jacobson, 44, West Allis.

? Births: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Richard McCormick, Sturgeon Bay, no date listed; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth VanDuyse, rural Sturgeon Bay, Sept. 1.

? Licensed to wed: Thomas Kroll, Egg Harbor, and Elizabeth Arbter, rural Sturgeon Bay, Sept. 7; Charles J. Heim, Manitowoc, and Betty Jack Mack, rural Sturgeon Bay, Sept. 11; Glen Olson and June Linden, Sister Bay, Sept. 7.

75 Years Ago

Sept. 2, 1938

? During an electrical storm early Wednesday, the Baileys Harbor barn of Herman Ristau was hit and destroyed by fire.

? Mr. and Mrs. Ewald Bittorf of Egg Harbor have taken over the Wilson grocery in the first ward of Sturgeon Bay.

? Edwin Casperson, funeral director and a member of the Sister Bay School Board, died Wednesday at the age of 54. He was an active community leader. He worked for F.A. Denett on Chambers Island until 1927 when he opened a first-class funeral home. He also held many village offices and was director of the Gibraltar Union Free High School district.

? Raymond Miller, rural Sturgeon Bay, and R.B. Bieri, county highway commissioner, won grand champion ribbons for their cattle at this year's county fair.

? The Friends Church in Sawyer celebrated the 25th anniversary of the composition here of the hymn "The Old Rugged Cross" by the Rev. George Bennard.

? Dr. Dan Dorchester won the jury verdict in a suit brought by Frank W. Oleson, Washington Island, alleging the administration of an inoculation was a battery causing his son's death. Dorchester's Green Bay lawyer successfully argued the inoculation was necessary to prevent an epidemic of diphtheria.

? Enrollments at Gibraltar High School totaled 226 students.

? Real estate valuations increasing to a total of $3,171,390 will allow the Sturgeon Bay Common Council to increase the city budget by $1,600.

? Deaths: Mrs. Darrell Haver, 30, Sturgeon Bay.

? Births: sons to Mr. and Mrs. Cleon McAllister, Sturgeon Bay, Aug. 28; M/M Howard Walker, Sturgeon Bay, Aug. 28; daughters to Mr. and Mrs. George Bretl, Naswaupee, Aug. 30; M/M Harold Smith, Gardner, Aug. 28; M/M Thomas Osborne, Sturgeon Bay, Aug. 27; M/M Gustave Weckler, Sturgeon Bay, Aug.24.

? Licensed to wed: Anthony Jandrin and Madeline Beaurain, Lincoln, Sept. 7; Hewitt D. Cofer and Virginia O'Connor, Chicago; Melvin Buehler, Forestville, and Clara Kerscher, Sturgeon Bay.

100 Years Ago

Sept. 4, 1913

? The schooner J.W. Westcott, became waterlogged in a heavy sea off Baileys Harbor Thursday afternoon. The lifesavers arrived just in time and managed to get the vessel to Sturgeon Bay where she was beached.

? A terrific wind squall struck here late Thursday afternoon that fairly picked up the waters on the bay and caused several water spouts. There also came near being a tragedy during the storm, as a small rowboat with a man and two ladies were caught in the middle of the bay and came near to capsizing except for the timely rescue of a gasoline boat.

? Frank Graass has rented the old Pinney building across from the library for his increasing seed business.

? John Falk the past week caused a cement walk to be constructed in front of his business block on Cedar Street, this being the only place that was not supplied with this kind of walk.

? Gus A. Heise of Ellison Bay is having an addition built on his residence.

? The Egg Harbor barn of Carl Goll was struck by lightning and destroyed by fire on Tuesday night.

? In the Sister Bay area among those making plans to erect Kno-Freeze pattern silos are Emil Will and Herman Grasse.

? Chan Mackey, Nasewaupee, has completed the construction of a new barn, and the foundation of a new house has been laid on the premise.

? Sawyer has one of the three living survivors of the Mexican war in the state of Wisconsin in the person of Mr. Phillip Jacobs, who is 88 years of age and of fine health.

? The little hooker, Reliance, brought in a load of lumber for the Washburn yard the first of the week.

? Deaths: Adolph Mahlberg, no age listed, Gladstone, Mich.; Ezra Ellis, 71, an old soldier, Sturgeon Bay; Betty Anderson, no age listed, Detroit Harbor; John Greenfeldt, 58, Marinette County.

? Licensed to wed: Frank Leroy and Emma Spittlemeister, Egg Harbor; Charles R. Ortell, Sturgeon Bay, and Susie Curtis, Sevastopol.

125 Years Ago

Sept. 1, 1888

? George Dunn, engineer of the little steamer Volunteer, was drowned about 11 o'clock Tuesday while the boat was off Horseshoe Bay as she made her way to Sister Bay. It seems the unfortunate man lost his footing and fell overboard in sight of captain and crew. As the boat made its way back to the man, he threw up his hands and disappeared from sight. The man was about 40 years old and leaves a wife and two children in Green Bay.

? Hans Ellason has departed his home in Nasewaupee for his old home in Norway.

? Mrs. John Eishold, who has been sick with typhoid since last spring, is so low she is liable to die at any moment. She is 72 years old.

? This area was visited by a frost Monday night that proved sufficiently severe to freeze some of the berries in Casgrain's cranberry marsh.

? The city schools open on Monday next for a term of 10 months.

? M.F. Laplant got his left foot jammed Wednesday while observing the men at work on Marsh's new building.

? Traffic through the ship canal continues to increase, and it looks as if the stagnation for the summer months would be more than compensated for between this time and the close of navigation.

? Deaths: A Duchateau, 52, Green Bay.

? Wed: Theodore E. Torrison and Anda M. Ern, both of Nasewaupee; Herman Bourgeois, Dyckesville, and Mary Arle, Sturgeon Bay, Aug. 28; Captain C.O. Pederson, Washingtton Island, and Julia Anderson, Ephraim, Aug. 24.

150 Years Ago

Sept. 3, 1863

? Z.T. Morbek of Ephraim wants 20,000 cedar posts before the close of navigation.

? The troops at Vicksburg were paid off last month and the boys are sending home the Greenbacks, including the men of the "Bully" 12th.

? From the army of General Rosecrans we learn that the Army of the Cumberland has crossed the Tennessee River at four points with cavalry and infantry repelling the rebels in the Stevenson, Ala., area.

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If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

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