Sunday's game will have special meaning for Rodgers

Sep. 4, 2013

Aaron Rodgers grew up in northern California, so playing at Candlestick Park in San Francisco has special meaning.

“It’s a special place where there’s been a lot of big games played before,” said Rodgers.

“Still follow the Niners. They’re close to (my) home there. Still have a lot of friends that are still on the fence at times when the Packers play the Niners.”

Other highlights from Rodgers’ press conference in the locker room today:

On seeking revenge against the 49ers: “It was never about revenge. It was about reckoning. That’s a Tombstone line right there, people. It was never about revenge. We’re way past that.”

On if he expects offensive tempo to be good despite so few preseason snaps with starting receivers: “We’re pros. We’re paid to be professional and paid to play well, so I expect it.”

On what he’d like to have back from 49ers’ playoff loss: “Yeah, more points. I mean, we had 24 points on offense. That’s not bad against that defense but we need to score enough points to win and we didn’t do that. A couple drives there in the third quarter that really were frustrating, didn’t get enough points there. Had some opportunities. Playing a great team like this that you know can put up points, you have to maximize opportunities, especially when you’re in the red zone and get seven points.”

On his mindset with new players on the team this season: “I expect guys to be prepared, first of all. There’s going to be mistakes, there’s going to be drops, there could be a couple errant passes, but the mental mistakes are the ones that we have a hard time with, because those are directly tied to your preparation. So we expect guys to be prepared and stay the plan and take notes in meetings and when you get on the field be able to transfer that over. There’s going to be some mistakes from the young guys; we know that. Mentally, that’s where we’re looking for them to be as close to perfect as possible.”

On whether it’s hard to flip the switch to the regular season: “You know, I’ll just say this, when we had the lockout season, a lot of people were talking about how the quality of play in the league was going to be down. It wasn’t. From the start. I mean, we started fast against New Orleans. I don’t think that their 1s have taken a ton of reps on offense, and we haven’t, obviously, but I expect us to play well. I mean, that’s what we’re paid to do. We’ve taken a lot of practice reps, we’ve played a lot of football together. There’s going to be some guys and some stressed positions based on their matchups, but we expect to come out and put up some points and be effective.”

On what impresses him most about the 49ers defense: “They do everything really well. They’re very well coached. Had some matchups against this defensive coordinator. I mean, he’s always prepared. He always has a plan for those guys. They’ve played together for a while now. They’re talented at every position from the defensive line, linebackers and the back end, and they’re a year older in the system. They’re plugging in a couple guys here and there but they’ve been deep ever since we’ve played them and they just keep getting better.”

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Football fans

If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

Special Reports