McCarthy: Fourth-quarter production must improve

Sep. 16, 2013
Packers receiver Jermichael Finley.
Packers receiver Jermichael Finley.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media on Monday afternoon following Sundayís 38-20 win over Washington. Here are some highlights from his news conference:

-More accurate to give more injury information on Wednesday than Monday.

-Have not seen Eddie Lacy today.

-It was definitely a helmet-to-helmet Ė Washington safety definitely led with his helmet. Same thing with hit on Starks. Different result.

-Officiating is not my cup of tea. Weíll leave it up to the league office. Iím sure theyíll have an opinion on both plays.

-I thought we played well up front. I thought our first- and second-level blocking was very good. Offensively, the production speaks for itself. Thatís what happens when you stay in clean plays and execution is at a high level. It was a good day for the offense.

-Iíve never lined up the call of a football game is boy, Iíd love to have a 100-yard rusher today. Thatís assumed, but those are statistics that speak to a direction we are working to, but itís not something I fixate on. Every team is built differently. Systems of football are built today. If you donít have a system that takes advantage of players, you need to take a look at your system. Our point production has been where it needs to be. Youíre always working on run-blocking, run decision, pass protection.

-Going into last week and this week, the plan was to have Eddie and James kind of play to a certain pattern of things weíre trying to do. Weíll continue that way, too. I had a number of things for Johnathan this week. We just didnít get to.

-Ted and I met today on a number of different things. Weíre putting a game plan together based on what we have here.

-Fourth quarter is really something I donít like for our whole football team. The offense got better this week with the four-minute drill but defense and special teams need to perform better. Defense had a great start. Itís just unnecessary production when you look at the tape. Itís something that looks worse on a stat sheet than reality of football game. Thatís why you finish. Thatís something we can learn from with that victory. That was a sound victory for our football team. I like the way weíre playing in the physical aspect of it, but our mental performance isnít anywhere it needs to be and our fourth-quarter production

-I like our secondary and the way these guys are rallying. We can do a better job this week of defining roles. I thought Davon House played a heck of a game Ė won game ball on special teams.

-We have to do a better job getting them ready. When team isnít as sharp as it needs to be we take that personal.

-Part of our plan is there will be a three-step drop package in every game. The ability to push the ball vertically. The defense has something to say about the way we attack them. We saw a lot of three shell, I thought it would be a two-safeties-back-there-type game and that wasnít the case.

-The emphasis has always been there. Players are doing a better job (on yards after catch). All those things factor. We talk about extended plays, chart them, practice them. Itís where a lot of big plays are generated. Itís all about emphasizing how you want your team to play.

-I wouldíve never known that was the best performance and frankly I donít really gauge the statistics of the game. I have statistics given to me at halftime Ė and theyíre outliners on how are team is producing. I knew we had a good day. It was obvious we had a good day but wouldíve never known.

-I think Finleyís maturing as a player. Three, four, fifth tackler and he did it on the boundary. Heís just improving and thatís an area heís done a much better job in. I think itís definitely mental because physically you wouldnít put him out there if you didnít think he was physically ready. Heís caught a few of those routes in his time here. Heís getting better at that. Experience, reps and confidence has really helped him.

-We had some movement we didnít handle very well on early sacks. Then we had the one where we had one mental and two physical errors on same play Ė think it was the fourth one.

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Football fans

If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

Special Reports