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Sep. 17, 2013
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Fishing and tree canopies: there is a connection

I was shocked to read recently that for years the Department of Natural Resources has neglected to release any fish fingerlings into the harbor at Gills Rock. This should have been done on a regular basis, and for the DNR not to have done this is absolute insanity and incompetent bureaucracy. Where were those fingerlings released instead of up here at the Wisconsin capital of sport and commercial fishing in an area entirely dependent upon fishing for our local economy?

It is, or should have been, completely unnecessary for many of our local fisherman to have to appear at a recent meeting of the town of Liberty Grove to appeal to our local representatives to pull some strings in Madison to make this happen, and yet there they were in full force.

I have complete sympathy for everyone involved in the tourist and commercial fishing industry in Gills Rock (my home village) and elsewhere in the Door Peninsula. Nothing makes me happier than when I see the local businesses up here, many of which I support, doing well.

I want everyone up here to thrive, so, of course, I want the commercial and sport fishermen to do well. This brings more tourists and visitors to Northern Door and deposits more money into the local bank accounts of many other local businesses as well, including hotels, inns, restaurants, gas stations, book stores, and the like.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of the job that the Door County Visitor Bureau is doing when I see all of those Minnesota license plates on cars driving down our highways and byways.

However, there is another issue which I would like to relate to the plight of our local Gills Rock and Ellison Bay fishing businesses. All of those visitors who give you all of your business when the fishing is good have to stay somewhere, have to drive from somewhere to get to your dock.

Many of our rural roads in Liberty Grove are currently unspoiled and remind me of the Door County of old with their lovely tree-covered canopies. This is one of the things that makes Door County so special, that the drive to a fishing dock in Gills Rock is as beautiful as it is. One of those drives happens to be Garrett Bay Road, a road that for some inexplicable reason our Town Board will soon put out for bids to destroy in a visual sense by cutting the trees back so far that the gorgeous canopy above that drive will be lost.

I would ask that the DNR release those fish, but I would also be so bold as to ask that the Weborgs and the Voights and the other sport and commercial fishermen ally with us in maintaining the tree canopies on our beautiful interior roads.

Timberline Road has already been trashed, now Isle View Road, and soon Garrett Bay Road. When will it end? How many of our lovely scenic roads have to be clear cut before we wake up?

Sport fishing, commercial fishing, and the wooded landscapes along with verdant fields all come together as a complete package to make Door County the special place that it is. Let’s enhance both the fishing and the arboreal drives to keep Door special.

Carl Zapffe

Gills Rock

Mideast disinformation

It seems that every other month this forum is subjected to a form of pure leftist, mindless liberalism that should only appear in big-city newspapers. Sadly, I believe someone will occasionally write in espousing such far-out left-wing rhetoric that is only intended to elicit negative responses in protest. Unfortunately, this someone is from Washington Island.

This latest installment, “Mideast policy should be revisited” (Advocate, Sept. 7), is a perfect example. The writer of this letter itemized select Mideast events trying to chronicle a period of U.S. foreign policy, mostly under Republican leadership, that the writer believes is unjust. Not surprisingly, this writer in wrong on every count.

Going as far back as 1952, the writer factually skewered every historical Mideast event he quotes. The late Shah of Iran was democratically elected by Iranians. In the 1980s, America supplied both Iran and Iraq with weapons. The writer obviously forgets the Iran-Contra Affair.

The USS Vincennes was outside the 12-mile territorial limit when it was attacked by both the Iranian Navy and Iranian Air Force-commandeered Airbus. Former President Bush never needed to fabricate any WMD “evidence” because all of that and jet fighters were spirited to Iran for virtually pennies on the dollar by enterprising Iraqi Shiites. How was it possible for Iran to obtain so much technology and material in so short a time if it were not for Iraq and Pakistani scientist A.O. Khan?

If Iran’s radical Islamist ruling body wanted an end to U.N. sanctions, all they have to do is stop enriching uranium beyond civilian electrical generation. The contention that Israeli-American cooperation is the root cause of Muslim anarchy in Gaza, West Bank or Lebanon is just plain anti-Semitic nonsense.

It seems that every time he weighs in with opinions, upon analysis the exact opposite is factual and verifiable. Especially where he wrote that President Reagan ordered the invasion of Lebanon. That was a U.N.-brokered peacekeeping force that also included the French and the Italians. And by the way, America invaded Afghanistan because signal intelligence proved bin Laden lived there and funded 9/11 before the attack.

In the future, please stop believing George Soros’ website before writing into this forum.

Chuck Irwin

Sturgeon Bay

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Football fans

If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

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