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Sept. 18

High series: Steve Wipperfurth 754, Mike Cuculi 687, Bill Hall 670.

High games: Hall 277, Wipperfurth 267, Charlie Christensen 263.

High team series: Apple Valley Pro Shop 3165.

High team game: Apple Valley Pro Shop 1098.


Sept. 18

High men's series: Ray Gozdecki 527, Dean Johnson 438, David Zucherman 413.

High men's games: Gozdecki 196, Johnson 166, Zucherman 150.

High women's series: Judy Zucherman 460, Colleen Gozdecki 418, Lainy Plinke 379.

High women's games: Zucherman 160, Gozdecki 150, Plinke 131.


Sept. 17

High series: Todd Cater 733, Scott Dix 696, Geoff Hansen 668.

High games: Hansen 277, Cater 266, Nathan Becher 257.

High team series: Apple Valley Pro Shop 3143.

High team game: Apple Valley Pro Shop 1129.



Sept. 15

Low gross score: Gary and Sandy Cashmore, 41.

Low net scores: 1. Pat and Debbie Hellen, 33; 2. Jim and Joanie Musiel, 37; 3. John and Judy Busey, 38.

Event winners: Sandy Miller, women's longest putt; Bob Joseph, men's longest putt; Carol Karbowski, women's closest chip; Jim Musiel, men's closest chip; Jane Wojchiechowski, women's straightest drive; Jim Wojchiechowski, men's straightest drive.


Sept. 19

Year-end awards:

Low gross average: A flight: Cheryl Cizek, 49.55. B flight: Paula Cashin, 55.83. C flight: Jacky Davies, 60.33.

Low net average: A flight: Cizek, 38.55. B flight: Cashin, 38.08. C flight: Davies, 40.33.

Putting average: A flight: Cizek, 16.64. B flight: Cashin, 17.58. C flight: Davies, 17.67.

Most pars: A flight: Cizek, 10. B flight: Cashin, 4. C flight: Susan Reynolds-Smith, 2.

Best single game gross score: A flight: Cizek, 45. B flight: Cashin, 49. C flight: Davies, 52.



2013 statistics

Batting: Cody Giesseman, Institute, .511; Tom Sawyer, Sister Bay, .450; Woody Schartner, West Jacksonport, .434; Matt Ash, Egg Harbor, .393; Jason Fuller, Egg Harbor, .379; Jeff Sperber, Kolberg, .375; Eric Lardinois, Kolberg, .355; Caleb Cornell, Washington Island, .352; Adam Schartner, Institute, .347; Stewart Larsen, Sister Bay, .346; Eric DeJardine, Egg Harbor, .344; Brian Crook, Egg Harbor, .339; Bob Tenor, Kolberg, .320; Brett Anschutz, Baileys Harbor, .313; Alan Karas, Maplewood, .310; John Price, Maplewood, .310; Jason Shimon, Maplewood, .310; Kirk Wilke, Institute, .306; Ray McDonald, Washington Island, .340; Greg Klaubauf, Kolberg, .300.

Home runs: Stewart Larsen, Sister Bay, 5; Woody Schartner, West Jacksonport, 4; Jeff Sperber, Kolberg, 4; Brian Crook, Egg Harbor, 2; Matt Ash, Egg Harbor, 2; Eric DeJardine, Egg Harbor, 2; Craig Gunnlaugsson, Washington Island, 2; Ray McDonald, Washington Island, 2; Troy Jorgenson, Washington Island, 2; Travis LeRoy, Kolberg, 2; Jesse Miller, Kolberg, 2; Kurt Ray, Kolberg, 2; Bob Tenor, Kolberg, 2.

RBIs: Jeff Sperber, Kolberg, 21; Woody Schartner, West Jacksonport, 20; Matt Ash, Egg Harbor, 18; Stewart Larsen, Sister Bay, 17; Brian Crook, Egg Harbor, 16; Jake Junion, Egg Harbor, 13; John Price, Maplewood, 12.

Runs: Eric Lardinois, Kolberg, 19; Travis LeRoy, Kolberg, 18; Jeff Sperber, Kolberg, 18; Eric Bley, West Jacksonport, 17; Stewart Larsen, Sister Bay, 17; Jason Fuller, Egg Harbor, 16; Kyle Volkman, Institute, 16; Mike Stoneman, West Jacksonport, 15; Matt Ash, Egg Harbor, 15; Joe Sawyer, Egg Harbor, 15; Caleb Cornell, Washington Island, 14.

Pitching records: Woody Schartner, West Jacksonport, 10-2; Dave Jilot, Egg Harbor, 9-2; Will Henriksen, Sister Bay, 7-4; Troy Jorgenson, Washington Island, 6-6; Rob Schartner, Egg Harbor, 3-0; Adam Bretl, Kolberg, 2-0; Jeff Sperber, Kolberg, 2-2.

Innings pitched: Woody Schartner, West Jacksonport, 105; Troy Jorgenson, Washington Island, 104 2/3; Kyle Volkman, Institute, 87 2/3; Will Henriksen, Sister Bay, 84 2/3; Dave Jilot, Egg Harbor, 78 1/3; Brett Anschutz, Baileys Harbor, 66 1/3.

Pitching strikeouts: Woody Schartner, West Jacksonport, 115; Troy Jorgenson, Washington Island, 98; Will Henriksen, Sister Bay, 86; Kyle Volkman, Institute, 83; Dave Jilot, Egg Harbor, 59.



Sept. 18

Van's Bar 12, Greystone Castle 8. Leading hitters: VB-Nick Watermolen (3), Kyle Farber (3). GC-Glen Longley (2), Jordan Farber (2).

Coast Guard 12, Draft Haus 4. Leading hitters: CG-Jake Timmons (2), Ben Lesher (2), Kyle Winton (2), Tyler Goss (3), J.J. Heck (2). DH-Nick Johnson (2, HR), Michael Schmidt (2).

Coast Guard 10, Van's Bar 5. Leading hitters: CG-Timmons (2), Kyle Dupree (2), Goss (2), Heck (2). VB-Watermolen (2, HR), Brandon Hartwig (2), Matt Zelter (3).

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Football fans

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Football fans

If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

Special Reports