Fond du Lac County seeks foster parents

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Fond du Lac County foster children need your support and direction in their lives to be able to become capable adults in the community. Can you be that significant person in a foster child's life? Your commitment to a foster child now can have a lifetime of benefits for the child and for you.

Too many children in Fond du Lac County have to leave our community due to a lack of foster homes. You are needed to help keep children in their community. Foster homes are needed for children of all ages. However, there is a particular need for foster homes for teens. Nurture the future... foster a teen!

Another specific group that we have a particular need for foster homes for is siblings. Being removed from the home of a parent/caregiver can be very difficult for children. In additions to being separated from a parent, approximately 75% of children nationally that are placed in out-of-home care are separated from at least one of their siblings. This separation is just one more loss for these children. Give Siblings Their Right to Reunite. This is a slogan of an organization dedicated to fighting for sibling's rights in out-of-home care called Camp To Belong. To learn more about Camp To Belong and the importance of the sibling connection visit where you can view a short, powerful documentary produced by Turning Points.

Foster parents provide a safe home for children short-term until the child can be returned home safely. There are currently sixty-four licensed foster homes in Fond du Lac County and seventy-eight foster children within those homes.

There is a combination of receiving homes, respite homes, and general foster homes. Receiving homes take children on an emergency basis for a short period of time until the foster children move to a long-term general foster home. Respite homes take children for short periods of time to give birth or foster families a break.

All foster homes go through the same licensing process. It takes approximately two months to license a foster home. Foster parent orientation training is provided along with other on-going training opportunities. Foster families are made up of working parents, single adults, and married couples; some own their home and some rent. Foster families receive a monthly subsidy to help care for foster children and childcare assistance is available to foster families where both parents are employed outside the home.

Fond du Lac County foster families are supported by Department staff, community service providers, community organizations, and the Fond du Lac County Foster Parent Association. The Foster Parent Association has monthly meetings for foster parents to get together and use as a support system as well as plan events throughout the year. Each year, the Foster Parent Association has a summer picnic and a Christmas party for foster families.

There are many reasons why people choose to be foster parents. Some of these reasons include: wanting to give back to their community; some know a friend or family member they want to help; some want to offer children a permanent home when they aren't able to remain with their birth family. Whatever a foster parent's reasons are they serve a very important role within our communities and deserve a great deal of appreciation and praise.

If you'd like more information on becoming a foster parent, contact the Department of Social Services at 929-3400. After gathering more information and getting your initial questions answered, we can connect you with a foster parent that you can talk to directly to see what foster parenting is like firsthand.

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If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

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