Hayward making progress but still out for Sunday

Oct. 11, 2013
Casey Hayward
Casey Hayward

Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media following Friday's final practice before Sunday's game in Baltimore.

Packers injury report: Barrington (hip) probable; Mulumba (ankle) probable; Pickett (hand) probable; Bush (hamstring) questionable; Hayward (hamstring0 out; B. Jones out; Matthews out; Starks out; Van Roten out

On inside linebacker depth:
Yes, I do. Weíre ready to go. A.J. and Jamari, I thought, have had a good week. Sam Barrington needed the day off, just based on the last two days of practice, but I feel good that heíll be ready for Sunday.

On playing Super Bowl champions:
I didnít ask Ďem. I thought our preparation is in tune with who they are. We notice itís a very good football team, the defending champion, but weíre really focused on what theyíve done on film and really the environment that weíre getting to go play in. I thought our crowd-noise preparation has been good this week. Weíre going into a very loud stadium. So those types of things Iím focused on. The game management, the potential of how our 46-man roster is going to look is a little different this week obviously, young players playing for the first time, so thatís really where our focus has been more about, (on) what we need to do to win this game. But I think itís going to be a heck of a football game. I donít know whatís going to happen with the rain, what exactly type of game itís going to be, but I think two very good football teams are getting together on Sunday.

On Hayward:
Iím stating the obvious, I think Casey is further ahead this week than he was last week, but heís not ready to go. Weíll do the testing process Monday or Tuesday like we normally do, and then weíll see where he is as we prepare for Wednesdayís practice. Coaches will have information probably Tuesday morning because thatís how we go about it as far as game planning and how that affects our game plan.

On Johnny Jolly:
Iím glad heís here. Iím very proud of him, personally. Heís a unique individual. Heís added an attitude and edge to our football team thatís definitely contagious, and heís playing good football. I think weíre utilizing him correctly as far as his reps and when heís playing. Iíve been very pleased with what Johnnyís done.

On run defense:
I think it says a lot, and heís a big part of it Ė the emphasis, the attitude. And really, just the depth of our defensive line is obviously deeper than itís been, just reflective of all of the guys we kept on the 53.

On three-to-four week timetable on Clay Matthews:
Well, thatís what theyíre telling me. But as we know, these things, itís an injury obviously in an area where you have to be smart because you donít want a recurrence. But thatís what I was told yesterday when I had a chance to sit down with Pat and those guys.

On return situation:
Well, the advantage is of any position on your football team, in particular when itís a returner, receiver, quarterback, anything that has to do with the handling of the football, the people responsible for either blocking for that individual in the return or in this instance continuity definitely happens when the same person is doing it over and over. And the other part of it is when you donít have that you have more guys that have opportunities, thereís a competitive opportunity for guys to compete for that opportunity, so they bring more to it. So thatís really the pros and cons of those two situations.

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Football fans

If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

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