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Thank you, Sturgeon Bay

With Harvest Festival and the Street Art Auction behind us, the staff and board of the Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center want to say thank you to all of our community partners and the residents of Sturgeon Bay. The Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center is a not-for-profit independent organization that coordinates the parades, festivals, fireworks, flower pots, holiday lights and so much more. We are here to make Sturgeon Bay a vibrant and more beautiful year-round place for you, your family, employees and our visitors.

We couldn't do it without our many partners and supporters.

A special thank you to our Sturgeon Bay city leaders, our Park, Utility, Police and Fire departments that go out of their way to accommodate and make all of our cities functions run so well.

We also want to thank the Door County Visitor Bureau for their promotional and financial support. We wish a very special show of gratitude to all of the Sturgeon Bay businesses that are members of the SBVC. Our members help us to successfully achieve all that we do throughout the year.

Lastly, thank you to all of you that attend our happenings, generously volunteer your time, or simply come out and enjoy all of the great things we have to offer in our fantastic community, Sturgeon Bay.

Thank you for another great year and season Sturgeon Bay. We did it together - as a community.

Todd Trimberger

Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center

Alert to town of Union taxpayers

Were you away of the proposed dredging at Chaudoir's Dock? Are you curious if this sediment will be tested and where it will be deposited?

A phone call to the Department of Natural Resources informed us that Door County got a permit about a year ago. The DNR employee thought the project was done. The county did not plan on testing, but because of the concern the sediment will be tested.

We found out that about 400 truckloads of sediment will be dumped in Andre's Pi, located just south of County D and accessed by Pleasant Ridge Court. This was in the Door County Advocate on Sept. 25.

Doesn't this make you wonder? How will this affect our wells? The pit consists of a lot of sandy soil, which will allow this to seep into the ground. What about our environment? Has anyone thought of the impact to the birds and other wildlife?

We all need to make an effort to talk to our town and county board members. Please call the DNR and state your opinions. After all, this will affect all of us in Union. Cary Webb: (920) 662-5453, Greg Tilkens (920) 662-5433.

There will be an informational meeting the last week in October.

First, the county puts in a shooting range. Then they put a tower, which no one knew anything about in Union. Now they want to make this a dumping ground. There has to be a more appropriate place.

What's next? Please make a phone call.

David and

Beatrice Jeanquart

Town of Union

Follow the rules near school buses

Just a friendly reminder to the good citizens (and visitors) of Door County, regarding encounters with a school bus executing a student pickup or drop-off. When you see those red lights flashing and the STOP arm extended, your vehicle doesn't move until the STOP arm is retracted and the red lights have ceased flashing. The penalty for non-observation of this law is upwards of $300 and four points.

I am a school bus driver and have been for six years. I currently drive for the Sturgeon Bay district. I drop three young students at the corner of Michigan Street and Third Avenue at about 3:20-3:25 p.m., and I'm very disappointed to have to reveal that almost no one at that intersection complies with the STOP arm law when those students are disembarking from the bus.

I have made it a point to drop them at the corner where they will not actually have to cross the street to reach their family's business, but that does not exempt the law. Suppose one of them decided to cross the street for some reason, and there you are, coming right at them.

Although I strongly stress to my students to always watch for my OK before crossing a street, children forget and will often just dash out without checking for oncoming traffic.

A student pickup or drop-off only takes about 30-45 seconds to complete. A large fine and four points isn't really worth the few seconds you'll save by breaking the law or, far more important, endangering the safety and possibly the life of one of our children, is it?

Sharon Thill

Sturgeon Bay

To Seaquist Orchards

Last spring, I watched with quiet joy as you transformed the large tract of land south of Ellison Bay and west of Wisconsin 42 from fallow to promising new cherry orchard. The newly planted trees reminded me of so many little girls, all dolled up; dressed in ruffled white petticoats and with multicolored ribbons sparkling in the sun.

Every time I drove past, I involuntarily smiled because the sight evoked warm memories of my childhood. I felt glad to witness our county's orchard culture and tradition alive and well.

I am so sorry for your recent loss. I just wanted to add my voice to the many in our community who deeply appreciate what you do and who now share your pain and bewilderment.

Nancy Barnowsky Goss

Ellison Bay

Anarchists get what they wanted

In the 1960s after returning home from serving three years in the U.S. Army, I was called a commie pinko anarchist for protesting the war in Vietnam. Currently on Capitol Hill, U.S. Rep. Michelle Bachmann stated "she and her Republican colleagues were very excited about the prospect of a government shutdown, it's exactly what we wanted and we got it."

Who is the anarchist?

Pete Thelen

Baileys Harbor

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Football fans

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Football fans

If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

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