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Toft House purchase up for consideration

The Baileys Harbor Town Board has called a special town meeting on Wednesday to consider the purchase of the historic family home of Emma Toft, who along with Olivia Traven and Jens Jensen was a founder of the Ridges Sanctuary. The building is presently privately owned and used as the Red Geranium Gift Shop.

Baileys Harbor is one of the oldest settlements in Door County and, like its neighboring towns and villages, recognizes the importance of a structure that signifies the historic background of our unique community.

Baileys Harbor's purchase to the Emma Toft House would tie in with the soon-to-be-built Ridges Interpretive Center. Visitors to that center would also be interested in visiting the home of a Ridges founder.

The association of this house, with one of the most historically significant persons in Baileys Harbor history, would make this property eligible for grant money through designation to the National Register of Historic Places. The Emma Toft House would also attract visitors and be eligible for grants as a site on the Scenic Byways route that passes through Baileys Harbor.

Communities across America have preserved their historic structures as part of their local history. There is documented evidence that the existence of and access to these structures along with preservation of historically important documents and artifacts, enhances the cultural aspects of the community and is an aid to tourism and its associated financial benefits.

Preserving and offering public access to this property would be a permanent asset to Baileys Harbor. We urge Baileys Harbor residents to attend the town meeting and join us in supporting the purchase of the Emma Toft House.

Roy and Jo Cole

Baileys Harbor

BadgerCare should be expanded

Thank you, Chairwoman Susan Kohout and the other members of the Door County Legislative Committee, in your efforts to consider the issue of expanding BadgerCare for our neighbors earning less than 133 percent of the federal poverty level standard through a Medical Assistance waiver request to the state of Wisconsin at your Sept. 11 meeting. And thank you for informing me that more advice and information was needed in order to recommend that the full Door County Board consider this option.

I appreciate your recent message that our County Board's trusted adviser, the Wisconsin Counties Association (WCA), supports a very comprehensive version of this strategy to fund BadgerCare for not only our 1,372 hard-working neighbors who have been displaced from BadgerCare coverage but also for the over 100,000 people who have been displaced from BadgerCare across Wisconsin. I have learned that the WCA modified the pathway for bringing MA funding to Door County by asking the governor to change his mind and allow MA funds to expand BadgerCare for all counties of Wisconsin, not just Door County.

I trust that the county boards association deliberations and resolutions to support the Medical Assistance influx of funds detailed why the BadgerCare expansion is not only better for Wisconsin's state budget but also for each of our neighbors needing health insurance. Namely, the federal MA funds will reimburse Wisconsin for 100 percent of the expenditures for this expansion, improving our state budget by $119 million. And for our neighbors, BadgerCare expansion will provide a bridge to the Affordable Care Act options until that system stabilizes.

Can I suggest that you ask Rep. Bies and Sen. Lasee to reverse their past votes and, therefore, secure support from the governor to revise the current policy that restricts BadgerCare to only the 100 precent poverty level and allow MA funding for BadgerCare expansion? Can concerned citizens rely on the county's elected government to change this current state policy that threatens our working, low-wage neighbors and their employers and our tourist-based economy? We have "invested" our federal tax dollars; help us get a morally defensible and economically justified local return on that investment.

Wayne Kudick

Fish Creek

Vinehout is people's choice

With the official entry of a Democratic Party candidate Monday vying for the opportunity to run for the office of the governor of Wisconsin in 2014, I am going out on a limb right now, absolutely not the least bit afraid of falling and recommending your cash and encouragement be directed to Kathleen Vinehout to ask her to please decide to get in the race.

Mary Burke, former Doyle appointee and former Trek executive, is already clearly understood to be the candidate of choice by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Don't be neoconned or neoliberaled into thinking that there is no alternative to either political faction's favorite. Look where blind party loyalty to either major faction has gotten any of us, presently: Economy-breaking perpetual war on terror, corporatist war on our environment, on our health-care opportunities, on our families, on our education systems, and with point-blank certainty every time, to the detriment of hard-working, rank-and-file, everyday people of this state and country who are simply seeking a small measure of the same "certainty" so loudly deemed as necessary by those well-heeled behind-the-scenes power brokers, to keep themselves pulling all the strings and to keep themselves completely insulated from the destruction they continue to subject all the rest of us to, party affiliation notwithstanding.

A peoples' choice candidate requires people to speak up without further delay.

Disclaimer: This personal recommendation and call to action comes to you via the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. No money was exchanged to influence this particular bit of free speech. Use it or lose it. That is your only real choice.

Donald Freix

Fish Creek

Exit stage left

Isn't it about time that the Republican Party shows the tea party the door and lets them start their own party?

It seems certain people in Congress are more concerned about losing financial backing for their next election than the fate of the American people.

Carol Schmidt

Baileys Harbor

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Football fans

If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

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