Rodgers says decision on his playing status will be known Thursday

Dec. 24, 2013
Decision on Rodgers to come Thursday
Decision on Rodgers to come Thursday: Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has had a scan on his collarbone, but a decision on his playing status won't be revealed until Thursday, he said Christmas Eve on his radio show. (Dec. 24)
Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said he underwent a scan over the past 24 hours of his broken collarbone and will know on Thursday whether he will play against the Chicago Bears in the regular-season finale on Sunday.

"We’ve done a scan and we’re going through the process of evaluation," said Rodgers on his ESPN Milwaukee radio show Tuesday afternoon. "Probably not what everybody wants to hear, but I can say definitively there will be Thursday one way or another, it will be a definitive conclusion to this week’s unknown. We wanted to give everybody a rest for Christmas, be able to enjoy their Christmas."

Rodgers said he is encouraged that he's been feeling better every week.

"I’m feeling better and not thinking about my injury at all," said Rodgers. "I think ultimately it comes down to it’s big on the medical side. Is the bone healed or is there a large risk of going back out there that’s too great, that the organization would not want to put me out there? Obviously I want to be out there, I know what’s at stake. This is an important week for us. We’re somehow back in this position to be able to get into the playoffs. What a better way to do that than against the Chicago Bears?"

The Packers will capture the NFC North title for the third straight season if they defeat the Bears on Sunday at Soldier Field. Rodgers has a 9-2 career record against Chicago in games he has finished, including 4-2 on the road.

Rodgers talked about his injury and the healing process on his radio show.

On how the healing process has gone: “I thought as of last week there’d be a lot more healing that would have gone on. Learned a lot about the clavicle and the kind of blood flow or lack of that it gets as being a reason it didn’t look as good as we all wanted it last week. Yeah, it’s been a frustrating process, difficult. Obviously I want to be out on the field with my teammates fighting for a playoff spot. I think we all wish it wasn’t as dramatic as it has been. But we have to go through the process based on the radiation issues with some of the scans we’ve been getting. We’re kind of subject to how much we want to expose me to. Probably some frustration out there by the way things have been handled or the information sharing. But ultimately it’s my body and my injury. There’s going to be a lot of opinions about it, but those people are making opinions about somebody else’s body, someone else’s collarbone, someone else’s future, someone else’s career. That’s an easy position to do. It’s easy to be an unnamed source. I think there’s a lot of courage in standing up and talking about things and putting your name behind it and not hiding behind something or throwing potentials or scenarios or acting like you know what’s going on. Ultimately there’s four people who have a really good pulse of what’s going on. Everybody else is just making conjectures about what they think is really going on.”

On getting a second medical opinion: “Yeah, we’ve done that. As a doctor I appreciate (team physician Pat McKenzie’s) willingness to check with his colleagues and people we trust about what he’s seeing and make sure everyone’s on the same page. I appreciate doc even more through this whole process. Any negative comments sent his way are totally inappropriate in my opinion. If you want to be mad at anything in the situation, be mad at the fact my collarbone hasn’t healed the way we all wanted it to. No reason to throw in any hatred or hateful comments doc’s way or Ted’s way or Mike’s way. This is unfortunately a difficult injury that’s taken in all honesty the normal time to heal. Was hoping for an early comeback, and as of last week it hasn’t happened.”

On some people questioning Rodgers’ toughness in not returning sooner: “There’s four people who know what’s going on with this as much as anybody. Anyone else’s opinion out there is not informed, nice way to put it. Any type of hypotheses out there or guesses on what’s going on or the state of my mind or Mike, or Mike and I’s relationship, to me is highly inappropriate. Anyone who would be a source without putting their name to it and talk about my injury within the organization is a coward. I don’t think there’s anybody in the organization who would do that. Again, there’s four people who know what’s going on. I think we’ve been pretty open about talking about this injury. Some people might not appreciate that or think that we need to get more information out. But this is a process. It’s difficult on all of us. I know it’s difficult on the fans and my teammates, but we go through the process every week. I get excited about being back on the field and hopeful that the medical is going to pass and I’ll be able to play. But until that happens I’m not going to be out there.”

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