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Bies lagoon bill would make bad law

2013 Assembly Bill 602 is a classic example of bad judgment because this bill ignores the hard-won progress made by the entire country, the Wisconsin Legislature, and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in recognizing the importance of wetlands to our environment. This is another "one-time" bill to amend the Wisconsin statutes to exempt one parcel for an individual and this action would open the door for more singular legislation setting a precedent for other lots to be filled.

The DNR has repeatedly, and we can be sure for good reason, rejected requests and appeals to further fill this wetland area. This is an action by the DNR to help protect the remaining wetland areas that are essential for groundwater filtration. Wetlands are under assault all over Wisconsin under shortsighted plans that collectively destroy these natural filtration systems. Mature willow trees and willow brush are positive indicators of natural wetlands.

We all can empathize with the plight of the lot owner who found himself with an unbuildable lot in the Purves Lagoon subdivision. But much of this subdivision should have been recognized as an inappropriate, if not improper, use of this land decades ago when this subdivision was established.

We would ask that the city of Sturgeon Bay in planning would keep a wetland, regardless of size, conservation and protection effort as part of their wellhead protection plans for future water needs for the next generations.

The Door County Environmental Council opposes AB 602 as a precedent establishing effort that will lead to more requests for special consideration.

Jerome M. Viste

Executive director

Door County

Environmental Council

Sturgeon Bay

Voter fraud is serious business

Recently a married couple was offended for being called on the carpet for possible voter fraud in Liberty Grove. I'm not sure about you, but I view voter fraud very dimly, and the honest voters of Liberty Grove or any other municipality for that matter should be outraged.

The proposed 2014 Liberty Grove Highway Department budget was defeated by just one vote. Remember those two votes in question; if you feel your roads might not be as well kept as they were last year, ponder the aforementioned votes in question.

The couple made light of a 28-day consecutive residency requirements within the ward in which you intend to vote. I asked state Rep. Garey Bies for assistance in cleaning up language if he felt it was necessary so that this scenario could be avoided in the future. He and two attorneys in Madison went right to work on it and gave me other sections of the statutes and an elector's responsibility regarding residency and registration when changing in-state voting districts.

"Subchapter 1" Who May Vote - SS 6.02(1)(2) states a person be 18 years of age and requires a 28-consecutive-day residency requirement in the ward in which one intends to vote. In section SS60.12 "Special Town Meetings" 60.14 (1)(1) states "Any qualified elector of the town, as defined under ch. 6, may vote at a town meeting.

The couple in question admits that the Nov. 18 meeting was a "special meeting" as they signed the registration sheet indicating they met residency requirements. When the town officials checked the large voter registration files used in regular elections, the aforementioned couple were not listed as registered voters in Liberty Grove.

Section 6.40 of Wisconsin administrative code addresses "Transferring registration." It also lays out the responsibilities the elector who is changing voting wards (within the state) is required to comply with.

They must file with the municipal clerk documents affirming they will reside 28 consecutive days prior to an election and the address where they were last registered, along with other elector duties expected. The municipal clerk of the new voting ward must take that information and notify the old voting ward so they may be removed from that registration file.

This seemingly prevents people from skipping all over the place and voting in multiple wards or states - therein preserving the integrity of the elections process no matter where one is. Section 6.36 of WI Administrative Code speaks in detail about the "Official registration list" and provides more interesting reading.

I realize that for some, detailed reading of the law is boring, but I don't find that the case when my quest is to find the truth. One thing I did not find is what happens when people violate voter registration across state lines, which may be the case in this instance. Should the need arise, I will pursue that to the best of my ability. When I was on the Liberty Grove Town Board, my quest was to do the best job possible in each situation; I wouldn't do any less now.

Again, I sincerely appreciate the assistance from Madison from Rep. Bies and the state attorneys. There seems to be no need to clean up legislative language. Those who would cry "Foul" only need dig a bit deeper into the law in search of the truth as it applies to all, not just law one can manipulate words and distract true intent of in a public forum so as to suit their personal desires.

Ann Miller

Liberty Grove

Era of violence is hard to fathom

This letter is written in regard to the latest shooting in public. Has anybody else noticed there is a pattern, in that they're all done by a person of the male gender?

Maybe we should focus our attention not on mental health, or gun control, but on the parents of the assailant and their parenting skills.

Something is missing from the male makeup that they have to resort to guns, actions that affect others and eventually could be fatal for himself.

I know this is an age of political correctness, but it has to be considered, since it's hard to name one place where one can go safely in public now.

Sally Wilson

Sturgeon Bay

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Football fans

If you've ever answered "Who has the ball?" with "It's halftime," you might recognize The Airhead. Check out the characters in our cartoon gallery of oddball fans.

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