DT Nix brings big personality into meeting with Packers

Feb. 23, 2014
Louis Nix III: I am back and I got a little wiggle
Louis Nix III: I am back and I got a little wiggle: Former Notre Dame Defensive tackle Louis Nix III speaks to the media at the NFL combine.
Notre Dame defensive tackle Louis Nix brings a big personality to the table along with his large size. / Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers are back in the market for defensive linemen and few come with larger size or personality as Notre Dame’s Louis Nix.

He’s lost 23 pounds since the end of the Fighting Irish’s season, but the 6-foot-2, 331-pound defensive tackle still carried one of the largest personalities at this week’s NFL combine.

Known for his humor on Twitter, Nix handled all topics ranging from his surgically repaired knee to cutting the fast food out of his diet. When asked about formal interviews, Nix guessed he has had about seven.

When asked if the Green Bay Packers were among those, he paused.

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“I hope so. I have to check. Did I interview with them?” Nix asked himself aloud.

Standing at one of the podiums inside Lucas Oil Stadium, the likely first-round pick in May’s draft proceeded to pull his schedule out of his lanyard and check as the media watched on for a good 15 seconds.

“I have to look back. Let me see,” said Nix, glancing over three separate sheets.

“Ah, yes. I will. Yeah.”

Nix is considered the best pure nose tackle in this year’s draft class. Here are some other quips the Jacksonville, Fla., native shared with the media:

On losing 23 pounds since going to Arizona-based training facility, API, in January:
“I did the preparation for the 40 and 5-10-5, but I had to do extra stuff on my own. About 60 minutes a day – the elliptical. And eat right. A lot of salads involved.”

Why’d you put it on?
“I didn’t put it on, it was already there for a while. I enjoy my weight sort of to say, but people wanted me down, so I lost weight.”

How’s your knee?
“How’s the knee, it’s fantastic. How’s your knee?”

What did you measure in at?
“I think they had me at 6-2. I think I’m 6-3 though. I was 331.”

Is that where you want to be for the draft?
“It depends on who you ask. If somebody wants me to stay there, I’ll stay. If they want me to get sexier, then I got it.”

Is it hard to keep healthy knee at 345-350 pounds?
“Oh no, I see a lot of big people walking around with nice knees. I hope it helps my knee and I plan on staying low. Hopefully my knee stays good like it is now and I’ll be good.”

When do you expect to be drafted?
“Wherever a team decides to take me.”

In the first round?
“Honestly, in a perfect world, I wish I was the No. 1 pick but I don’t see that happening. I’m not a quarterback or Jadeveon Clowney.”

Favorite team growing up?
“Growing up I was a Jaguars fan, but right now I’m trying to get a job so I don’t have favorites right now.”

Any stand out?
I was stark struck by Pete Carroll. I had seen Tomlin and (Baltimore coach John) Harbaugh, he was kind of nice. Sort of.”

Are you the best true nose in this class?
“What do you think?

Reporter replies with yes…
“Thank you.”

Are you a hold the point guy or have some wiggle?
“I think I can wiggle a little bit. I have dance moves. That should prove a lot.”

What do you hope to show teams?
“That my knee is well. I can run on it. I have a little wiggle like I said. Just show that I’m back and myself again. Less weight though.”

Feel different lighter?
“Yeah man, my stomach doesn’t stick out as much. That’s kind of nice. I like that part. My thighs got a little smaller. I just feel sexier, man.”

What favorite food did you have to cut out?
“I’d say Five Guys. I enjoy my Five Guys and Cajun fries. I’m starting to like salads now. They’re starting to taste good.”

Favorite dressing?
“No dressing. I eat it like chips. I just pick it up and yeah.”

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Football fans

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Special Reports