Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said reports that he lost 11 pounds during the offseason primarily due to yoga aren't entirely accurate.

"I wouldn't put a whole lot into that story," said Rodgers during an interview with Press-Gazette Media this afternoon at Lambeau Field.

Rodgers explained that he is lighter this year compared to past offseasons and attributes it to a better diet, working out and yoga exercises.

"I've come into most offseasons the last three or four years before this one between 225 and 230," said Rodgers. "This offseason I was better about my diet and I did yoga. (I was asked) what I did differently, I said I did more yoga this offseason. But (it wasn't mentioned) the fact that I've been trying to eat a lot better the last few years as I've gotten older. So I just (said), 'Last year I came in around 230 in April and this year I was a little under 220.' Eating well, working out and yoga combination.'"

The current Packers roster lists Rodgers at 225 pounds, the same weight he played at last season.

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