Comedian Charlie Berens and Packers legend LeRoy Butler go fishing on Lake Winnebago and film their experience on YouTube

Kendra Meinert
Green Bay Press-Gazette
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Charlie Berens, left, and LeRoy Butler hit Lake Winnebago in search of fish for "LeRoy & Charlie’s Catch & Don’t Release Cooking & Fishing Show."

The best catch in comedian Charlie Berens’ latest video might be LeRoy Butler, inventor of the Lambeau Leap, in a Fleet Farm cap.

The retired Packers safety joined Berens out on the water for the inaugural “LeRoy & Charlie’s Catch & Don’t Release Cooking & Fishing Show." It debuted Thursday on YouTube.

Of course, it's set in Wisconsin, just check out the caps of everybody on the boat. In addition to Butler repping “The Official Store of Dad,” there’s Berens making a most Midwestern statement in his "Ope” cap and his dad, Dick, in a cameo as the skipper, rocking the official “Up Nort’ Manitowoc Minute” cap.

All bases covered.

When Butler joined "Manitowoc Minute" creator Charlie Berens in March as a guest on his “CripesCast” podcast, talk turned to their shared love of fishing and maybe collaborating on a fishing video one day. The premise: Berens will teach Butler how to catch fish, and Butler will teach Berens, a guy who confesses to burning Jell-O, how to prepare fish.

They set out together on Lake Winnebago, a location Berens jokingly told the Green Bay Press-Gazette he would only disclose because they didn’t catch much. His grandparents, Grandma Sue and the late Grandpa Bob, have had a place on the lake since the 1960s.

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No spoilers here on how many fish get hauled in, but there's a whole mess of laughs — not to mention a bag of burnt peanuts, a beer cooler disguised as a minnow bucket and fatherly warnings to not “bottom the engine out.”

One of the cutest segments has to do with life back on land, specifically the Green Bay Packers’ ongoing drama with quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who didn’t show up for the team's mandatory minicamp this week. As Butler and Dick Berens wait for the fish to bite, they shoot the breeze.

Berens: “Say LeRoy, you ever talk to Brett Favre?”

Butler: “Not lately.”

Berens: “Say LeRoy, you ever talk to Aaron Rodgers?”

Butler: “Not even the Packers have talked to Aaron Rodgers”

Berens: “Say LeRoy, you ever talk to Mark Murphy.”

Butler: “He’s busy waiting on a call from Aaron.”

No telling how long Packers fans will have to wait for answers on that front, but for fans of the comedy team of Butler & Berens (& Berens), they'll be back for a forthcoming second installment to try to land the culinary portion of the laughs.

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