Comedian Bert Kreischer embraces Green Bay by hanging with Aaron Rodgers, squeezing into a small Packers jersey, going shirtless at Lambeau

Kendra Meinert
Green Bay Press-Gazette
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Bert Kreischer brings his shirtless comedy to the Resch Center for a show at 7:30 p.m. Friday for a stop on the Berty Boy Relapse Tour.

There’s that whole cliched bit about touring acts tossing on a Packers jersey during the encore to endear themselves to Green Bay audiences, and then there’s going to the measures Bert Kreischer did before he even got on stage.

We’re talking next-level commitment — and snugness.

In advance of his show Friday at the Resch Center, the comedian released a video, with "Green Bay, I'm bringing crop tops back" as the caption, showing him trying to squeeze into a Packers jersey many sizes too small. It’s a hilarious reminder that those things definitely don't run one size fits all.

“I said, ‘Hey, get me a Packers jersey,’ and this is what they got. You think I can fit in this?” Kreischer asks in the video.

It’s a children’s Ha Ha Clinton-Dix jersey. Size: small. The struggle to get it over his head and belly, which is often on full display during his shirtless stand-up shows, is real. 

He gets it done (with an assist) and then proudly shows off the finished look, the skintight jersey not making it anywhere near the vicinity of his belly button.

“I’m bringing all of me. I’ll see you there,” he says of the Resch Center show. “Oh, if any Packers want to come to the show, I’d love for you to sign this jersey for me.”

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Comments on the post, as you might guess, were almost as good as Kreischer’s giggle at the end of the video. Countless fans pointed out, not so much that he might want to think about a bigger jersey, but that he needs one from a current Packers player. 

“Someone get this man a @DavidBakhtiari #69 jersey stat!” one person wrote.

Clinton-Dix hasn’t been with the Packers since 2018, but he tweeted his approval of the look: "Fits great to me I love it." 

There were some jabs about how showing up in Green Bay in a jersey that’s, shall we say, a little ill-fitting might make him blend right in. Not all of them were snarky.

“Wisconsin supports this message. Welcome with open arms and belly’s out,” one person wrote.

Somebody else made sure to tip him off to visit nearby Kroll’s West to get a butter burger while he’s in town. 

Earlier in the week, Kreischer tweeted at Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in case he’d like to do dinner before the show. Rodgers’ friend and former teammate A.J. Hawk took the liberty of answering on his behalf: “He would love to.”

No word if the two actually did dinner, but Kreischer did post a photo on his Instagram on Friday that shows him with Rodgers on his tour bus with the caption, "(Expletive) LEGEND!!! Thank you @aaronrodgers12!" 

Kreischer also shared a video along Oneida Street to say how excited he was to be performing across the street from Lambeau Field. He got up early to take a jog around the stadium and planned to take a tour in the afternoon. A stoked and shirtless Bert shows up inside the bowl in another video. (Please note: Both videos contain profanity.)

The 7:30 p.m. Resch Center show was a stop on the Berty Boy Relapse Tour. Kreischer was originally set to perform in April 2020 at the Weidner Center, but when touring was halted by the pandemic, the date moved to March 27 to the arena, where it was postponed a second time due to COVID-19.

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