Bug Tacos, Snake Soup and 7 more foods on a stick: Wisconsin State Fair adds 66 new food and drink items

Chris Foran
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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What's new on the menu for the 2019 Wisconsin State Fair? More food on a stick, more food with rainbow colors and more, um, creepy, crawly things. 

The fair announced Wednesday that there'll be 66 new food and beverage items at this year's State Fair, which runs Aug. 1-11 at State Fair Park in West Allis. Last year's fair had more than 80 new menu items. 

Predictably, some of this year's new foods are on a stick, including: 

  • Breakfast On-a-Stick, available at the Bud Pavilion and described as "one battered and deep-fried sausage, wrapped in a pancake, on-a-stick, served with a cup of syrup."
  • Brownie Waffle Stick, a Belgian waffle baked around double chocolate brownie with white chocolate chips, and served on a stick, at the fair's Waffle Chix stand. (The Brownie Waffle Stick is one of eight new foods nominated in the Sporkies, the fair's annual food competition presented by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.) 
  • World's Hottest Jerky On-a-Stick, available at the All Things Jerky stand.  

And then there's creepy-crawly stuff, such as: 

  • Grasshoper Slushie On-a-Stick, also at the All Things Jerky stand. That's right: "a gourmet frozen fruit pop made with pineapple, kiwi, and orange juice. Filled with REAL GRASSHOPPERS!" the fair's website boasts. 
  • Bug Tacos, made with "real crickets and worms," available at the fair's Exotic Meat Grill.  
  • Snake Soup, also at the Exotic Meat Grill, which says it's "full of flavorful veggies and rattlesnake meat. Rattle not included." 

If you like your fair food on the more colorful (and less creepy-crawly) side, you're in luck, with new items including:

  • The M&M Donut Sundae at Fluffy's Handcut Donuts, which is an oversize doughnut topped with vanilla cream frosting and covered in mini M&Ms.
  • The Unicorn Beer Float at Slim McGinn's Irish Pub. It's a beer float made with Lakefront Funnel Cake beer topped with two scoops of cotton candy ice cream and sprinkles on top. 

Deep-fried? Check. New stuff this year includes:

  • Fried Booyah! — empanada dough filled with the popular Green Bay stew and simmered in beer and homemade stock — at Water Street Brewery.
  • Deep Fried Fire Roasted Apple Pie Sundae, available at Saz's Taste of Wisconsin. 

For a full list of the new food offerings at the 2019 Wisconsin State Fair, go to

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