10 of the all-time best Packers songs

Kendra Meinert
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Cheeseheads with Attitude

There’s nothing like a playoff run to amp up the appetite for a good Packers song.

Green Bay rappers Wisco Kidz found that out when they dropped "Run the Table" the morning after the final Packers game of the season and racked up more than 150,000 YouTube views in the song's first week.

Lucky for Packers fans, the catalog of green-and-gold anthems over the decades runs deep — some original, some parodies, some serious and some silly, with the best ones always heartfelt. Here are 10 of our favorites, in order, dating back to the '80s.

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1. "The Bears Still Suck" by Happy Schnapps Combo

» Year released: 1991

» Sample lyrics: “How many times must we take this disgrace/Another Bears fan throwing insults in our face/The Packers are the greatest team to ever play the game/Even if from time to time they’ve been a little lame.”

» Best name-dropping: Jim McMahon and Porky Pig — and not in mutually exclusive mentions, we might add.

» Why we love it: Sure, you could make an argument that it’s technically more of a song about the Bears than the Packers or that it’s only relevant but twice a season, but then you’d be missing the timelessness of its sentiment. It’s as classic as the oldest rivalry in the NFL, with a chorus that pours forth from Packers fans mouths with the same kind of ease as “Go Pack Go!” — right down to the “They really, really, really, really, really, really suck.” The late, great Jim Krueger of Manitowoc, who also wrote “We Just Disagree” for Dave Mason, left Packers fans with a gift that perfectly captures the spirit of the border war without ever being mean-spirited.

 2. “I Love My Green Bay Packers” by Eddy J. Lemberger

» Year released: 1993

» Sample lyrics: “Pity Chicago, Detroit and Tampa Bay/They all come up as lackers/We take our opposition/And crunch ’em like they’re crackers/That’s why I love my Green Bay Packers.”

» Best name-dropping: Rush Limbaugh and Willard Scott, two guys who don’t exactly add up to cool, but that’s what Oprah was for. A revised version attempted to update those names by subbing in Vanna White and Sharon Stone.

» Why we love it: It’s a polka. About the Packers. Written by a Milwaukee musician inspired after a visit to Minnesota for a game against “the dreaded Vikings.” In Wisconsin, what’s not to love about that? It even rhymes “shellackers” with Packers, for crying out loud. There’s also something just inherently happy about it that dares you not to bounce along no matter if the Packers are winning or losing.

3. “Packer Rock Anthem” featuring Lucas Cates

» Year released: 2011

» Sample lyrics: “Green and yellow in the house tonight/Cheesehead Nation about to have a good time/The other team be way behind/We’re gonna win the Super Bowl another time.”

» Best name-dropping: It’s an impressive roll call of the time: “Mike McCarthy that’s the boss/Woodson’s hits knock your helmets off/Jermichael Finley, he’s a beast/Watch out, Matthews off the leash/Thirteen times win the Super Bowl, Aaron Rodgers’ perfect throw.”

» Why we love it: Take LMFAO’s chart-topping “Party Rock Anthem, drop lines like, “In the stands, Lambeau rocking/Packers win, you can’t stop it,” shoot a slick video with a Madison singer who looks like Aaron Rodgers, throw in a few bikini-clad dancers outside Lambeau, and it’s no wonder the video has racked up 1.4 million videos on YouTube. It’s hard to imagine any tailgate party that doesn’t have this one teed up at the top of the soundtrack on any given Sunday.

4. “We Go Green Bay” by Bill Etten & The Heritage Band

» Year released: 1985

» Sample lyrics: “We go Green Bay/We go see Packers/We watch ’em play/When they score touchdown, we shout hooray/We all have so much fun, we go Green Bay.”

» Best name-dropping: There is none, which is somewhat admirable in itself.

» Why we love it: Written and recorded by a Yooper in Ishpeming, Mich., this toe-tapper about a road trip to Green Bay (“the biggest town we’ve ever seen”) gets points for keeping it simple and unpretentious, right down to the stops at Red Lobster for crab legs, Shopko Liquor for cheap beer and Port Plaza for an Orange Julius. It’s a 1980s time capsule that was a fixture on jukeboxes at little mom-and-pop bars across the state for years, never failing to spark a sing-along by the time the accordion kicks in.

5. “(I’m a) Cheesehead, Baby” by Cheeseheads with Attitude

» Year released: 1996

» Sample lyrics: “Go retrieve a beer from the tapper/With a Johnsonville brat we go visit the crapper/Take your shirt off when it’s 20 below/Sitting in the end zone cheering Go Pack Go!”

» Best name-dropping: CWA’s calling card of giving a shoutout to towns in its home state is on full display here, from Neenah, Kaukauna and Weyauwega to Rhinelander, La Crosse and Beaver Dam and countless points in between.

» Why we love it: A list of Packers party music wouldn’t be complete without at least one entry from the local masters of the infectious game-day parody. While “Packer Face (Everybody Vince Lombardi),” a takeoff on Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” would be equally deserving of a spot, it’s hard to deny the nostalgia factor of this parody of Beck’s “Loser,” complete with a YouTube video of dancing Packers fans in the ’90s. From the barnyard moo that opens it to the aw-shucks of the “Oh gosh, darn it, don’t you know, I’m a Cheesehead, baby” refrain to the random shout-outs to cheese curds and Friday night fish, it’s cool, kooky and “Straight Outta Wisconsin.”

6. “Green and Yellow” by Lil Wayne

» Year released: 2011

» Sample lyrics: “If we win, I’ma throw a Super Bowl party/And blow smoke like Vince Lombardi.”

» Best name-dropping: Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers get referenced, but the best name drop might be retired long-maned Pittsburgh Steelers safety and Head & Shoulders pitchman Troy Polamalu. “We knocked the Eagles and the Falcons and the Bears off/Now we ’bout to cut Troy Polamalu hair off.”

» Why we love it: One of the biggest celebrity fans of the team, Lil Wayne took the humble Wisconsin pastime of singing about the Packers to a national level, and with it, validation for Packer Nation. The rapper and New Orleans native grabbed Wiz Khalifa’s 2010 Pittsburgh Steelers anthem, “Black and Yellow,” and rebranded it for the Packers during the year the two teams faced off in Super Bowl XLV. The explicit lyrics in the freestyle rap might make longtime season ticket holders blush, but you have to admit, it’s nearly impossible to get that “green and yellow, green and yellow” chorus out of your head.

7. “Packer Backer” by Olivia Hotchkiss

» Year released: 2013

» Sample lyrics: “Everyone who knows us knows/That we’ll be taking shots during every touchdown/Because everybody’s like Packers are winning, playoffs soon beginning/Heading to the Super Bowl, you know how the story goes.”

» Best name-dropping: In one of those great nah-nah-nah-nah lines that make you want to stick your tongue out at the rivals, Hotchkiss sings, “With a team like Rodgers, Matthews, Jordy and Raji/Anyone that I name is better than anyone on your team/And we do care, cuz we’re not losing like the Vikings or Bears.” Zing!

» Why we love it: The Green Bay actress and model’s parody of the hit “Royal” by Lorde is proof you don’t have to shout it to sell it. Hers is classy, polished and a refreshing shot of girl power to the game-day genre.

8.  “Packarena” by Dan and Jane with the Armchair Quarterbacks

» Year released: 1996

» Sample lyrics: “Brett and a Brooks and an Edgar and a Reggie/Jackson and Chmura and a Holmgren and a Jacke/Jones and a LeRoy and a Newsome and a Dorsey/Hey Packarena!”

» Best name-dropping: See above — and then sing it out loud, because we know you secretly want to.

» Why we love it: It’s the definition of cheesiness, but hey, Packers fans have been known to embrace cheesy. Milwaukee radio station on-air personalities capitalized on the worldwide popularity of “Macarena,” the inescapable 1995 dance smash by Los Del Rio, to come up with their owner Packerized version of what’s regarded as the greatest one-hit wonder of all time. It could have been really annoying, except it was cleverly fun. And let’s not forget the Packers won Super Bowl XXXI that season, so just maybe there was something to be said for everybody who donned a Cheesehead and put their right hand behind their head, their left hand behind their head ...

9. "Go You Packers Go!" by The Wizenhiemers

» Year released: 1996

» Sample lyrics: “Titletown USA/This year they could go all the way/Well, some say that it’s too cold/If it’s too cold then you’re too old.”

» Best name-dropping: One very not-so-subtle reference to “The Bears Still Suck.”

» Why we love it: A Packers song that moves at breakneck speed and does something few other other Titletown tunes manage to do: straight-out rock. Just enough teeth on the lead vocals to make it invigorating to a hometown crowd and intimidating to the opponents.

10. “We Love the Green and Gold” by Pat McCurdy

» Year released: 2010

» Sample lyrics: “I like my job, I like my friends/I like to drink a couple of beers now and then/I like Wisconsin, it’s the greatest state/But I love the Green Bay Packers.”

» Best name-dropping: None, but extra points for a video that features a cameo by comedian Larry the Cable guy, who has been known to have some fun at Lambeau Field and spends his summers in northern Wisconsin.

» Why we love it: It’s as home-state proud as it comes. McCurdy plays it straight with the lyrics and a vocal delivery that’s all about puffing out your chest and singing along. By song’s end, you practically want to salute. But it’s the beloved Milwaukee singer/songwriter’s creative video that gives the song its colorful charm. It shows him partaking in just about everything that comes to mind when you think of Wisconsin — ice fishing, drinking beer, playing polka music, grilling, snowmobiling, bowling, etc.

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