Milwaukee Brewers apologize for terrible traffic to Ed Sheeran's Miller Park concert

Piet Levy
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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The Milwaukee Brewers have apologized for terrible traffic to Miller Park Wednesday night ahead of Ed Sheeran's sold-out concert for about 40,000 fans.

"We are aware that there was significant congestion on several major routes as people traveled to Miller Park last night, and the process of moving cars into the lots was slower than anticipated," Tyler Barnes, vice president of communications for the Brewers, told the Journal Sentinel via email Thursday.

"Our goal is to always provide the best fan experience possible and for many fans last night, we did not deliver," Barnes said in his statement. "There are several factors related to hosting a concert that are different than a baseball game that created challenges. Regardless, we need to do better and we apologize for the inconvenience."

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Ed Sheeran performs at a sold-out Miller Park on Oct. 24, 2018.

We warned that getting to the show would be a bear, like it was for a sold-out Miller Park concert for Paul McCartney, which also was on a weeknight, back in 2013. 

I vividly remember sitting in a long line of cars that night; it made as great an impression in my brain as McCartney's killer rendition of "Hey Jude." 

And bad traffic is a given for the most massive Milwaukee shows. I sat in my car for an hour on the road leading to the parking lot at Summerfest for the Rolling Stones in 2015. The year after that, the lots were full at the Big Gig well before McCartney's show, and getting around the Third Ward was atrocious. 

The Sheeran traffic was just as bad as those nights, possibly worse.

When I hopped in my car at the Journal Sentinel parking lot downtown, Google Maps said it would take me 12 minutes to get to the Brewers ballpark, about three miles away.

An hour and forty minutes later, I parked.

Sheeran himself played an hour and forty-five minutes, by the way.

Along the way to the show, I saw dozens of people abandon cars to hoof it to the ballpark, leaving their patient drivers to bravely deal with the traffic nightmare.

And people, with nowhere to go and little to do, voiced their frustrations on Twitter.

"Ed Sheeran single-handedly destroyed Milwaukee's traffic," Thi Cao tweeted, using the hashtags "#gridlocked" and "#wearenotready."

"Ed Sheeran is nowhere near good enough to be causing 90-minute traffic delays," Steven JD Schinkal tweeted. 

"The traffic for the Ed Sheeran concert might be craziest I’ve ever seen in Milwaukee," Cole Stevenson said.

And a few people tweeted sarcastic thanks to Sheeran for significantly delaying their commute home.

The congestion was so bad the Milwaukee VA Medical Center revealed on Twitter Thursday afternoon that its police department let about 500 concertgoers park in its lot.

Sheeran himself acknowledged how bad traffic was getting to the show. But it was a great concert, and there were clearly tens of thousands of happy fans.

But the next time there's a blowout Miller Park concert on a weeknight, plan to leave several hours early.

And if your commute is anywhere near the stadium, maybe just call in sick that day.

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