'The Bachelor': Tensions rise among pageant-queen contestants; four more women head home

"The Bachelor" star Colton Underwood and host Chris Harrison were joined by actor Fred Willard, Terry Crews and his wife Rebecca for an athletic group date for week three of the reality dating show.

Colton Underwood's season of "The Bachelor" is in full swing, which means one thing: The drama is starting to erupt. Demi, Tracy, Caelynn and Hannah are at the center of conflict this week, and things can only get worse from here. 

Clashing pairs emerge

Katie, Heather, Hannah B., Courtney, Kirpa, Tracy, Demi and Caelynn put on their best athleisurewear for a crash course in pirate combat. ("Bachelor" producers running out of good date ideas? Never.)

After a few rounds of battle, Caelynn – a clear frontrunner – is crowned the winner and gets to "save" a swashbuckling "Captain Colton" in front of a live audience. Her success bothers her former Miss USA roommate, Hannah B.

Buckle up! 

Tracy and Demi continue to clash that evening: Tracy, 31, tells the rest of the women that her ideas about only dating a certain type of man have changed as she's gotten older, which Demi (who's eight years younger) interprets as another opportunity to snark about Tracy being one of the of the few remaining contestants who's older than Colton. She imagines (out loud) how "uncomfortable" she would feel being surrounded by younger women.

The discomfort doesn't stop there: After stealing Colton away from Courtney, Demi blindfolds Colton.  Oblivious, he stands up and is immediately met with a paddle to the backside. Eat your heart out, Sandra Bullock.

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Solid one-one-one time

Elyse is rapidly emerging as a potential star for the next season of "The Bachelorette." That is, if she doesn't win. (And if history is any guide, she's far too smart and interesting to win.) She and Colton board a helicopter and head for  what appears to be a completely empty San Diego amusement park – until a group of kids comes running around the corner.  

After a day of carnival games, rides and a ton of ice cream, Elyse is sold on a future with Colton – and Colton says he feels the same way, handing over a rose to prove it. 

"To see a guy who you're potentially starting a relationship with and building a connection with around kids is probably the sexiest thing ever," Elyse says later. "I don't think any of these kids are going to be forgetting today, and I know for sure that I'm not going to be." 

Terry Crews and Fred Willard team up for the new greatest athletic competition

Tayshia, Nina, Catherine, Sydney, Onyeka, Cassie, Nicole and Caitlin are called for the next group date. Colton brings the group to a gym, which serves mostly to provide more glimpses of him shirtless and doing push-ups.

Inside, he introduces "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actor Crews and his wife, Rebecca – who turn out to be the first special guests the women are openly excited about meeting. The couple reveal a new athletic competition: "Bachelor's Strongest Woman," a romance-themed obstacle course, with commentary from actor Willard and host Chris Harrison. 

"My back is hurting just watching this," Willard says, as Onyeka pushes a 100-pound prop wedding cake. 

Sydney, a dancer and fitness instructor, crushes the "engagement ring" tire flip and feels strongly that the week's second group-date rose should be hers. She, Catherine and Onyeka make it to the top three, but it's Onyeka who ultimately takes home the trophy (and later on, a big slice of cake). 

That night, Colton makes it clear he's very interested in Cassie. 

"When I'm around Cassie, I get butterflies in my stomach," he says. "She's cute and sexy at the same time. We have this natural chemistry."

On the other end of the spectrum, Caitlin struggles to make a deeper connection with Colton: "I'm not really sure what to open up about, other than my life has been, like, good," she tells him.

That wasn't enough, and Caitlin becomes the season's first eliminated pre-rose ceremony contestant. Nicole nabs the group-date rose, though Colton's reasoning is left out, so we can see more footage of Caitlin's exit. 

Miss Un-congeniality: Hannah B. makes a splash

A pool party replaces the cocktail party this week, and Hannah B. and Caelynn start to fully unpack their Miss USA drama, which ends up consuming most of Colton's time. 

"There is a beautiful monster inside of me, and today I'm going to have to let her out," Hannah B. tells Heather before letting out a long roar, which will inevitably become the meme of the season.

Caelynn tells Colton that Hannah B. became manipulative and mean after Caelynn won first runner-up at Miss USA.  

"I'm not deceitful," Hannah B. tells him. "I'm not manipulative. It's just lies that aren't true. … She's manipulative and fake. She can put on a show of whatever version she wants to be for whatever goal is in mind … I – honest to goodness – believe if you picked her at the end, you would never see the full person. It breaks my heart for you."

Colton is frustrated and conflicted, and steps away to vent to a producer, but he's unable to come to any real conclusion about how to move forward. 

Rose ceremony: three more women gone

Hannah G. gets the first rose, a nice confirmation after not getting any time on a date or at the pool party this week. 

Nina, Catherine and Bri (the only other woman who didn't get a date this week) are sent home, which means Hannah B. survives another week – that dreaded 2-on-1 with Caelynn has to be coming soon.

Contestants hit the road for the first time next week, and it looks like a trip to Singapore brings out the worst in Hannah B. and Demi. 

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