'Big Bang Theory' star Johnny Galecki trolls 'Jeopardy!' contestant who botched his name

Have you truly made it if you become a "Jeopardy!'" question and the contestant botches your name?

You know you've made it when you become a "Jeopardy!" question – but does it take a little away from the accomplishment if the contestant gets it wrong?

That was the situation "Big Bang Theory" star Johnny Galecki found himself in Wednesday while watching a clip of "Jeopardy!" where he was name-dropped. A contestant named Zorn rang in to identify the actor who plays "Darlene Conner's significant other/Leonard Hofstadter" and answered "Glick."

Well, he was sort of on the right track: the actor's name does have all of those letters in it but unfortunately for Zorn, he wasn't playing "Wheel of Fortune" or "Hangman" so it cost him $1,600.

In a comment that could have easily been written about the Hofstadter family, where Leonard, a PhD in applied physics, is considered the underachiever, Galecki commented via Instagram, "The saddest part is, Zorn is my older brother."

Galecki gave the contestant who answered correctly props, writing "💪 game, Meredith. ❤️"

What would have made the whole thing truly priceless would have been if the contestant had been named Gorn and the question was about Jim Parsons, whose character has recurring nightmares about the "Star Trek" aliens.

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