Summerfest's new menu items include bacon cannoli, tater tot poutine and 'walking nachos'

Nancy Stohs
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
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Bacon cannoli, tater tot poutine, deep-fried double-stuffed Oreo s’mores, “trailer fries” and “walking nachos.” 

These are just a few of the more than 70 new foods that will await hungry fans at Summerfest this year. 

This new menu item from Ward's House of Prime swaps tater tots for fries.

According to Summerfest officials, this year exceeds even last year’s 50th anniversary fest for the scope of new foods, beverages and merchandise. 

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Five new food stations will join the lineup on the grounds: BelAir Cantina, with its various tacos and nachos, chips with guac and salsas, sweet plantains and horchata ice cream; Cedar Crest frozen custard, with six flavors in cones or dishes (separate from its ice cream location); Klement’s Sausage & Beer Garden, with assorted grilled sausages plus beer; Koepsell’s Kettle Corn (two locations); and Little Sweetie’s Specialty Treat Wagon, featuring cotton candy, Icee slushies, specialty popcorn and candy treats.

Thirsty festgoers will find two new PepsiCo Beverage Stations, offering its usual soft drinks plus such new products as its Bubly sparkling water, and two new Red Bull stations.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the more intriguing new foods unveiled at a Big Gig press event Wednesday at Miller Brewing Co.:

Bacon cannoli from Solo Pizza and deep-fried stuffed bacon-wrapped jalapeños from Saz’s. You knew there would bacon. The former is a beer candied bacon shell filled with beer candied bacon cheesecake and garnished with beer candied bacon bits; the latter are stuffed with barbecue pork and cheddar and served with spicy white barbecue sauce. 

Bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapenos, coming to Summerfest from  Saz's.

Walking Nachos Supreme from Chubby’s Cheesesteak, served smartly in a bag.

Tater tot poutine, with white cheddar cheese curds and gravy, from Ward’s House of Prime.

Deep-fried green beans: Healthy, yes? Sort of? These are from Millie’s Spaghetti Factory.

Deep-fried double-stuffed Oreo s’mores from Saz’s: Three cookies coated with sweet vanilla cornflakes, deep-fried, drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with marshmallow fluff and graham cracker crumbles. There’s also a sundae version with Cedar Crest vanilla ice cream. 

Trailer fries: Basically, a tub of French fries loaded with nacho cheese, spicy pork verde, pico de gallo, guac and cilantro crema. From Vagabond.

It's hard to see the fries for all the toppings in Vagabond's trailer fries.

Falafel platter from Greek Village: falafel disks served on pita with tahini sauce, plus fries. 

Deep-fried turducken on a stick: Trinity Three Irish Pubs brings you roast chicken layered with duck confit (fancy, no?), roast turkey, stuffing and amber beer gravy, deep-fried and drizzled (for a Wisconsin touch) with cranberry reduction. 

And for vegetarians, there will be two new veggie burgers: the Beyond Burger from AJ Bombers and the Impossible Burger from Ward’s House of Prime.

The complete list of new foods and beverages can be found at 

Summerfest takes place from June 27 to July 1 and July 3 to 8 (closed on July 2). Hours are noon to midnight. General admission is $21, or $14 from noon to 4 p.m. on weekdays. Eleven- and three-day passes are also available, and there are special ticket offers. 


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