Letter: Save the Rapids Mall by shopping locally

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EDITOR: In the past few weeks, you may have heard that some stores in the Rapids mall closed or moved to a different location. That is true, and losing Younkers was not good for the mall, nor for the other stores in the mall. Also note that this situation is not only at the mall, but also that Eighth Street had lost a number of businesses, as well.

However, there are many stores in the Rapids Mall that continue to offer their services and need your support. Without your patronage, some stores don’t have much of a choice but to close or move.

The stores presently in Rapids Mall are: J.C. Penney; Hallmark; Bath & Body Works; Bethesda Thrift Shop; 1Sparkle Cupcakes; Silvio’s Restaurant; Subway; TLC Travel; The Senior Craft Shop; The Tea Shop; Paper City Bank; The Bogs Cranberry Creations; CC Services (clocks); Craft World; General Nutrition Center (GNC); Karate America; Rapids Rehab; Regis Hair Salon; Timeless Quality Imaging; Weight Watchers; Wisconsin Rapids Community Theater; Junction City Clothing Company; Pete’s Meat Market; and Cure Candles.

The Rapids Mall will only die if the members of the community choose not to support these stores in the mall and support shopping centers in other towns. Keep the Rapids Mall alive — shop locally — and new stores will want to come into the mall to service you. It’s all up to you!

Chuck Weiss,

volunteer manager, Bethesda Thrift Shop

Wisconsin Rapids

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