Mike Pence's 'Billy Graham Rule' has internet yelling sexism

Joe Tamborello
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Vice President Mike Pence demanded an apology from The Associated Press after the agency published his wife's personal email address. Instead, he got a letter expressing "regret."

One line from a Washington Post profile of Second Lady Karen Pence is garnering reactions from many on social media.

Ashley Parker’s profile of Indiana’s former First Lady cites a 2002 Mike Pence interview with The Hill. In it, the former Indiana congressman and governor said he never eats alone with a woman other than his wife, Karen. Pence also said he wouldn’t attend an event where alcohol would be served without her by his side.

Evangelist Billy Graham followed a similar rule, not traveling, meeting or eating with another woman alone. It is sometimes referred to as "The Billy Graham Rule." The practice is still common among many evangelicals.

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This 15-year-old paraphrase resurfacing has led to many tweets. A simple search of “Mike Pence” shows some of the reactions. Many question Vice President Pence’s self-control and see the practice as sexist.

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