Davante Adams thinks he'd win an NFL dunk contest; his 360 highlight just might back him up

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We've seen Davante Adams make jaw-dropping plays on the football field. 

Apparently he's got some House of Highlights-worthy moves on the basketball court too.

During an appearance on Bleacher Report's "The Lefkoe Show" this week, the Packers wide receiver intimated from all he's seen, if there were to be an NFL slam dunk contest, he's confident he'd win it. 

"I've seen you dunk," Lefkoe tells Adams. "You get (expletive) up."

Lefkoe brought up the idea of a dunk contest because he's heard from so many players that think they could win it.

"But it's a lot of talkers," Adams says. "I don't think many people are going to show up because, I mean, like we talked about film — the film is out there. So you're not going to show up just to show up, you want to win that thing." 

The Packers' sixth-year wideout also said he wants the NBA's annual dunk contest to be opened up into a celebrity dunk contest. He thinks his through-the-legs 360 would win it.

Here's the lengthy interview with Bleacher Report. The dunk talk starts around the 27-minute mark. (A heads up: The interview contains some NSFW language.)

As far as the film being out there, here are a few examples of Adams showing off his hops:

Here's a clip from 2015 where Adams executes that through-the-legs 360:

Another YouTube video features a compilation of different Adams dunks. It was uploaded in 2014, his rookie year. Assuming he can still pull these off, seems like a good case for at least that NFL dunking crown.

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