Fact Check: No, eating morel mushrooms won't make you susceptible to coronavirus

Adrienne Dunn
Morel mushrooms

The claim: The CDC said morel mushrooms will increase the chance of contracting the coronavirus by 200%

A viral post circulated on Facebook claiming the Centers for Disease Control warned that morchella, or morel mushrooms, could increase chances of contracting the coronavirus by 200%.

There is no scientific data to back up this claim and a search of the CDC website turns up no results for "morchella."

As coronavirus deaths in the U.S. reach 1,000 and cases worldwide top 500,000, differentiating facts from fiction — and knowing what posts were made in jest — becomes even more important. 

The facts: The information is false, and the post was meant as a joke

The information, which has been posted by several users and shared thousands of times, was intended as humor. Lori Thornton-Macrander, whose individual post about the mushrooms has been shared over 3,000 times said, "If you read (the post), you can tell it's a joke."

While created as a joke, there is no guarantee that everyone who viewed the post got that message. 

And in a separate posting of the false information, users in the comments were unsure if joking about the virus was appropriate. 

"Sorry I suppose humor is helpful to deal with stress but I’m not ready to joke about this virus yet," one person wrote.

Our Rating: False

The information in this viral post has been rated false. The CDC has not issued a warning about morchella mushrooms and the post was intended to be a joke. 

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